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The post below expressing my concerns that Alicia might be murdered was published March 20th...

Alicia was later reported dead from an "accident" March that supposedly occurred 29th! Founder's Daughter Kidnapped!

My daughter (Alicia) has been the repeated victim of "medical kidnapping" and I was restricted in what I could publicize by corrupt court gag orders until Alicia turned 18.  Meanwhile I've been living in fear of thinly veiled threats to "suicide" my daughter (murder her, but declare it a "suicide").  This kind of thing has delayed this website's development for over 12 years now...

The following is a note from this site's founder, George Titsworth:

Development of this site has been delayed for several years because I've been the victim of attacks by people who are supported by corrupt U.S. government officials in their tactic of repeatedly forcing me to defend against (provably) false criminal charges ...ever since I registered in 2004.

These attacks have not only been leveled against me, but have also focussed on my children (especially my daughter). So my top priority for the last several years has been freeing my daughter from an ongoing "medical kidnapping" situation in which she was taken into custody by CPS, first at the age of 6, and again at age 14. At age 14 Alicia was sent to a mental hospital after she became enraged at the CPS people regarding the injustices our family has been subjected to.

The first mental hospital made it a requirement that Alicia take a dangerous (and physically addictive) combination of drugs before they'd let her out, and Alicia has told me that staff members at (at least) one of these hospitals purposely taunted/baited her into rages which were used as continued justification to keep her locked up. Upon reaching the age of 18 Alicia quit Prozac cold turkey ...which will make anyone lethargic and cloud their thinking ...but otherwise she was doing great and getting happier by the day. Nevertheless, based on her experiencing the normal side effects of quitting a drug they forced on her against her wishes, an (apparently) corrupt family court has now (apparently) declared Alicia "incompetent" and are (apparently) falsely imprisoning her as an adult!

I wish I knew for sure where she is or if she's okay, but this is the cruel nature of the attacks I keep getting hit with make me worry about my daughter's safety while keeping me in the dark about where she is or if she's even still alive. These despicable corrupt family court officials have psychologically tortured me, so I am inclined to believe Alicia's accounts of them psychologically torturing her.

I've never seen any of these behavior problems from Alicia that the Child "Protective" Services ghouls have claimed. I can in fact prove with numerous recorded phone conversations between Alicia and me since she turned 18 that she's a very kind, sweet-natured, well-mannered person. Incidentally (coincidentally?), someone hacked into my computer and attempted to delete these recordings I'd made of friendly phone conversations with Alicia at about the same time she disappeared on October 24th, 2016 (I had already backed up most of these files, and managed to recover the "deleted" files of my most recent calls with Alicia).

George Titsworth and his kids before this website attracted political persecution

When I registered this domain name I was intending to stay non-political. Even after the corrupt government attacks on my children ...I would have still been inclined to stay non-political if my daughter would have been left alone upon reaching adulthood ...but she (Alicia) disappeared on October 24th, 2016!

In the last conversation I had with my daughter, she indicated that she'd been convinced she needed to clear something up related to a corrupt family court effort to declare her incompetent and take her adult rights away. This happened while I was cut off from her for a week while driving up from Mexico (where I'd found peace from the constant provably false criminal allegations I've been hit with since 2004). We (my daughter Alicia and I) were planning to move to Ireland as soon as I could get Alicia a passport, but this plan was delayed as a result of Alicia being placed on criminal probation upon turning 18 (which blocked her ability to get a passport) related to a window she'd broken at the age of 17.

I don't know exactly what's happened to Alicia, but my lawyer tells me that it appears from the content of my last conversation with her, she'd been tricked into believing she needed to go back to the corrupt county jurisdiction where her window break probation had been issued (in order to clear up an obstacle to her getting a passport) at which time she most probably had her adult rights taken from her. And it appears that ever since that time, she's been in the custody of a "guardian" who's preventing her from communicating with the outside world (in violation of her rights).

Alicia is no less competent than the average 18-year-old girl, and has a loving family who are eager to support her through college. So if you are an alternative Internet news producer, I invite you to report on Alicia's situation and on the all the other attacks we've suffered ...hopefully some publicity can free Alicia and stop the attacks on my family.

George A Titsworth IV Founder

(is envisioned to be)

An Alternative to Ordinary TV integrated into a Social Network

The plan for this site is to set it up as a feature-rich interface that makes it easy for groups of people to communicate with each other via webcam, while also watching Internet videos together, or while playing multi-player video games as a group.
Users will be able to invite friends to come to their "virtual TV rooms" to watch videos they've selected ...or go to someone else's TV room and enjoy their video selections ...leave comments, chat, or hang out in real time on webcam with friends while simultaneously watching Internet video programming together or playing games. It will be set up so that users can find friends with common interests using complex searches anywhere in the world.  

News from a Humanist Perspective

News opinion shows from Humanist perspectives as well as talk shows will be presented on as well as this home page so email George if you'd like your show featured.

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