The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights are Humanist Values...

 George A. Titsworth IV


Jasmine M Odom

Director of Programming


I sure do appreciate all the kind words my friends and family have given me during this difficult time.  I'm still in shock from the way my daughter was assaulted by an adult Internet predator/stalker.  It feels good to see such an outpouring of support come from the Humanist community.  My heartfelt thanks to all my friends.

-George A. Titsworth IV

Christine Altman Westphal is celebrated film director Robert Altman's daughter.  She's been kind enough to offer to help promote

George Titsworth and two mentors, KKFI 90.1 FM co-founders Gil Werner (left) and Tom Crane (right)

George Titsworth and his children during happier times

George also has a great reputation for treating the people he deals with professionally very well, and for choosing professional activities that help the world... more about George's efforts to promote the adoption of Green Energy and Green Building technologies at: