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Definition of "Humanist"

1.     a person having a strong interest in or concern for human welfare, values, and dignity.

(according to

The simplified core of the Humanist moral code is:

The Golden Rule
~ Treating others the way we'd like to be treated ~

A "Humanist" believes in doing his or her best to influence the world to be a healthy place where everyone on earth is offered every possible opportunity to live a happy and successful life.

“Humanism” is not a religion or a religious concept ...and could more accurately be described as a compassionate philosophy that encourages people to be kind and thoughtful.

Cicero (106 - 43 BC) was most responsible for defining and popularizing the term "humanitas" which translates to modern English as "humanism".  Cicero used "humanitas" to describe a philosophy of kindness and benevolence toward one's fellow human beings as well as a philosophy which places a high value on scholarship and intellectual integrity. 

For Cicero (who was a lawyer) what most distinguished humans from brutes was speech, which he believed should enable reasonable people (applying "humanitas" or "humanism") to settle disputes peacefully and live together in harmony under the rule of law.

The next well-known revival of humanistic outlook was promoted by the Jesuits.

The Society of Jesus
(a.k.a. the "Jesuits") was founded in 1539 by Ignatius of Loyola and the Jesuits are currently the largest male religious order within the Catholic Church. The Jesuit order founded schools which supported scientific innovation, the arts, and advocated humanitarianism.

Many Jesuit priests throughout history have taken heroic risks, many sacrificing their own lives in their selfless efforts to protect their communities from genocidal tyrants. German Jesuits
famously resisted Hitler, and Latin American Jesuits created "Liberation Theology" during their efforts to protect and free oppressed people from murderous dictators in more recent decades.

The Jesuits deserve a lot of credit for re-introducing humanism into western culture and for placing such a high value on humanitarianism and quality education. This humanistic trend in the Catholic Church resulted in the election of Pope Francis in 2013 (the first Jesuit Pope) which has sped up this positive humanitarian transformation of the Catholic Church.

According to the
Jesuit's website:

"Our Christian faith teaches us that our purpose as human beings is not self-centered.  Rather, goodness is other-centered."

...we seek to "find God in all things." We dedicate ourselves to the “greater glory of God" and the good of all humanity.
" the greater good of all people from all faiths and cultures."

...we also aim to be “contemplatives in action,” people who bring this spirituality into the wide world. That includes our work on behalf of global justice, peace, and dialogue."

The Jesuit order is one of the largest humanist organizations in the world. The Jesuits have made the Catholic Church more humanistic, and have made our world a better place.

  Whether they realize it 
or not, most people who identify themselves as "Christian" or "Jewish" ...along with many of the most compassionate members of nearly all other religions ...tend to believe in humanist values, and naturally/automatically tend to be humanistic.  

Secular Humanism" was born in 1933 at a University of Chicago conference of 35 ministers, theologians, several college professors, a few notable psychologists, a dean, and a rabbi. At this time the custom of writing "Humanist" with a capital "H" was adopted and great pains were taken to define "Humanism" in secular terms so as to not assign greater importance to any one religion over any other. The idea was to create a humanitarian philosophy that could be embraced by all good people of all belief systems, including all religions and people who are not religious.

The idea was to provide common ground on which all good people of all religions and benevolent non-religious belief systems could communicate respectfully with one another and make plans to do good things for the world cooperatively. Modern Humanism was designed to break down the barriers between all the different religions and end conflicts.

The word
"secular" technically means "religiously neutral", but critics of secular Humanism have led many to believe that "secular" means "anti-religious" and that the word "Humanist" was coined to give atheists a way to covertly attack religion and belief in God.

Carl Sagan was American Humanist Association's "Humanist of the year" in 1981

In the last couple of decades the "secular Humanist" brand seems to have indeed been taken over by angry atheists who appear to be focused on convincing people to stop believing in God (or gods) in any sense, and to reject all things related to religion.
In 2008 the AHA paid for billboards that read, "Why believe in God? Just be good for goodness sake." In 2009 the AHA put up a billboard reading, "Don't believe in God? You are not alone." In 2010 the AHA started putting out the "...good without God" billboard series. Some of the examples are, "Millions are good without God" and "I can be good without God." as well as, "Are you good without God?" Thereby, repelling all Humanists who believe in God!

The British Humanist Association now has an online test that is supposed to determine how Humanist a person is, but if you answer that you believe in God by any definition, or in any way contemplate the possibility of your consciousness continuing on after your body is destroyed ...your "Humanist" score goes down. It's in reality an atheism test, and seems to send a clear message that they see "Humanist" as being a softer way to say "atheist".

By the new standards of the mainstream Humanist organizations, people like: Albert Einstein, John Lennon, and Carl Sagan would not qualify as true Humanists! The AHA and the BHA now represent giant obstacles to the original goals of modern Humanism, and have made Humanism the exclusive domain of atheists. It appears they're attempting to steal the word "Humanist" from the good people who pioneered this initially inclusive movement.

Most early "secular" Humanists professed a belief in God, however they typically preferred to define "God" as being "love" or "all goodness" in the universe rather than an anthropomorphic personal God. People who called themselves atheists were generally tolerated, primarily because most "atheists" were considered to be dealing with spiritual wounds resulting from being harshly indoctrinated as a child to believe in a punishing anthropomorphic God.

So a genuinely humanistic view is to be tolerant of these wounded people in the hopes that once they've experienced enough compassion they may well lighten up and stop imagining all religious people are the same as the religious zealots who hurt them. Unfortunately, nowadays the mainstream Humanist organizations seem to be intentionally encouraging hostility among "Humanists" toward religious people by painting all religious people as being responsible for all the damage done throughout history by totalitarian religious movements. As if the kindly Christians who believe God is simply "love" are the same as the Puritans who burned people at the stake if they didn't accept their image of God as a vengeful punisher.

All sincere Humanists believe in love, and try to be a good people. So if by "God" a person means "love" ...then even a secular Humanist would be obliged to respect and work for this definition of God.

God is love.  Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.

(1 John 4:16b, NIV)

A lot of atheists who call themselves "Humanists" would not be inclined to meet on this common ground, and would instead cite the most objectionable descriptions of "God" in the Bible ...insisting stubbornly that all religion must be abandoned completely.  Thus to identify oneself as "atheist" is to automatically bait a tremendous number of good people who would otherwise be interested in joining cooperative efforts to do good or the world.  So it is this kind of adversarial stance toward religion that has been articulated by many prominent "atheists", this unwillingness to recognize common ground and establish peaceful relationships with religious people, that makes it impossible for anyone who identifies as an "atheist" to be a true representative of Humanism.

These same atheists who call themselves "Humanists" seem to also often think that all it takes to do good is to eliminate "bad" and to refrain from bad behavior. But being good and making the world a better place takes positive actions. is guided by an inclusive view of Humanism ...and welcomes all sincere Humanists of all religions and belief systems. Atheists are welcome too, but a foundational assumption of is that no legitimate Humanist (not even a secular Humanist) would identify as an atheist.

Many people have become confused into believing all "Humanists" are atheists, because in mid-2011 the AHA added the tag line "Advocating progressive values and equality for humanists, atheists, and freethinkers" to their home page (actually linking visually the two words together and specifically representing atheism). And to link Humanism with atheism even more strongly, in early 2012 the AHA added the motto: "Good without a god" right under the American Humanist Association logo on their home page.

This is why isn't affiliated with the AHA, because by this time (after all these years), actual Humanists would have recognized these "without God" mottos are inspiring hostile feelings toward Humanism from many religious people, changed the mottos, and worked to clear up any other misunderstandings caused by this mistake. A sincere Humanist strives to make peace and seek cooperation in endeavors to make the world a better place. Sincere Humanists would want an ordinary person to be able to casually self-identify as Humanist, without risk of being hit with hostility from confused religious people, or being perceived as someone who's hostile to religion.

For these reasons (among others) is in no way affiliated with (or controlled by) the American Humanist Association, but instead promotes the kind of inclusive Humanism good people like Albert Einstein, John Lennon, and Carl Sagan subscribed to.

The AHA's "Good without God" motto appears to have been twisted from an Albert Einstein quote...

Albert Einstein expressed a belief in God, but felt people should want to be good for its own sake.

Numerous scientists and highly educated people have embraced "Humanism". So many in fact, that 22 of the 54 
living Nobel Laureates consider themselves to be Humanists.

Albert Einstein (the genius who came up with the
theory of relativity) was an early modern Humanist leader. Einstein served on the advisory board of the First Humanist Society of New York and was an honorary 
associate of the British Humanist Organization.

The following are a few of Albert Einstein's written comments about his Humanist morality...

"The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions.  Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it.  Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life.  To make this a living force and bring it to clear consciousness is perhaps the foremost task of education."

"I do not believe that a man should be restrained in his daily actions by being afraid of punishment after death or that he should do things only because in this way he will be rewarded after he dies.  This does not make sense.  The proper guidance during the life of a man should be the weight that he puts upon ethics and the amount of consideration that he has for others."

"I cannot conceive of a personal God who would directly influence the actions of individuals, or would directly sit in judgment on creatures of his own creation.  I cannot do this in spite of the fact that mechanistic causality has, to a certain extent, been placed in doubt by modern science.  My religiosity consists in a humble admiration of the infinitely superior spirit that reveals itself in the little that we, with our weak and transitory understanding, can comprehend of reality.  Morality is of the highest importance—but for us, not for God."

The next modern humanist movements were
"Reconstructionist Judaism" in 1955 which was conceived of by Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan and "Humanistic Judaism" founded in 1963 by Rabbi Sherwin Wine.

Rabbi Kaplan believed that, in light of advances in philosophy, science and history, it would be impossible for modern Jews to continue to adhere to many of Judaism's traditional theological claims. Furthermore, Kaplan believed that God is not personal, Kaplan's theology defines God as the sum of all natural processes that allow people to become self-fulfilled.

The following are some of Mordecai Kaplan's feelings about God...

"To believe in God means to take for granted that it is man's destiny to rise above the brute and to eliminate all forms of violence and exploitation from human society. In brief, God is the Power in the cosmos that gives human life the direction that enables the human being to reflect the image of God."

Kaplan also considered the idea of God having chosen the Jewish people for any purpose, in any way, as "morally untenable", because he felt anyone who has such beliefs "implies the superiority of the elect community and the rejection of others."

Humanism is the creation of highly intellectual theologians who were interested in promoting the kindest possible interpretation of their respective belief systems in an effort to be as good as possible to all people and to work with all other good people of all other religions/belief systems in a joint effort to make the world a more just and peaceful place for all of us to celebrate life.

The mission of is to provide a platform where Christian Humanists, Jewish Humanists, and secular Humanists can all celebrate life with one another and cooperate in adding as much good to the world as possible.

As for secular Humanism, there's not supposed to be anything against religion in the following International Humanist and Ethical Union declaration. It is supposed to be a religiously neutral declaration of values designed to provide common ground on which people of all religions can respectfully communicate and cooperate in efforts to do positive things for the world...

Amsterdam Declaration 2002

Humanism is the outcome of a long tradition of free thought that has inspired many of the world’s great thinkers and creative artists and gave rise to science itself.

The fundamentals of modern Humanism are as follows:

1. Humanism is ethical.  It affirms the worth, dignity and autonomy of the individual and the right of every human being to the greatest possible freedom compatible with the rights of others.  Humanists have a duty of care to all of humanity including future generations. Humanists believe that morality is an intrinsic part of human nature based on understanding and a concern for others, needing no external sanction.

2. Humanism is rational.  It seeks to use science creatively, not destructively.  Humanists believe that the solutions to the world’s problems lie in human thought and action rather than divine intervention.  Humanism advocates the application of the methods of science and free inquiry to the problems of human welfare.  But Humanists also believe that the application of science and technology must be tempered by human values.  Science gives us the means but human values must propose the ends.

3. Humanism supports democracy and human rights.  Humanism aims at the fullest possible development of every human being.  It holds that democracy and human development are matters of right.  The principles of democracy and human rights can be applied to many human relationships and are not restricted to methods of government.

4. Humanism insists that personal liberty must be combined with social responsibility.  Humanism ventures to build a world on the idea of the free person responsible to society, and recognises our dependence on and responsibility for the natural world.  Humanism is undogmatic, imposing no creed upon its adherents.  It is thus committed to education free from indoctrination.

5. Humanism is a response to the widespread demand for an alternative to dogmatic religion.  The world’s major religions claim to be based on revelations fixed for all time, and many seek to impose their world-views on all of humanity.  Humanism recognises that reliable knowledge of the world and ourselves arises through a continuing process of observation, evaluation and revision.

6. Humanism values artistic creativity and imagination and recognises the transforming power of art.  Humanism affirms the importance of literature, music, and the visual and performing arts for personal development and fulfilment.

7. Humanism is a lifestance aiming at the maximum possible fulfilment through the cultivation of ethical and creative living and offers an ethical and rational means of addressing the challenges of our times.  Humanism can be a way of life for everyone everywhere.

Our primary task is to make human beings aware in the simplest terms of what Humanism can mean to them and what it commits them to.  By utilising free inquiry, the power of science and creative imagination for the furtherance of peace and in the service of compassion, we have confidence that we have the means to solve the problems that confront us all.  

We call upon all who share this conviction to associate themselves with us in this endeavour.

IHEU Congress 2002

The Amsterdam Declaration of 2002 was intended to be a religiously neutral statement that outlines common (secular) ground on which all benevolent religions/belief-systems can interact peacefully/respectfully with all other religions/belief-systems.

The declaration urges us to resist attempts by any one religion to use public schools to force-ably indoctrinate all people of all other religions. So a public education, to be fair to all, needs to be free of religious indoctrination ...but should ideally teach students about all religions in a respectful way.

This declaration says Humanists should be undogmatic and impose no creed on anyone. The declaration says that a Humanist believes that "the solutions to the world's problems lie in human thought and action rather than divine intervention" the kind of thing that is often twisted into an anti-religion position. But plenty of religious people respect evidence and acknowledge scientific discoveries by adapting their interpretation of their religious doctrine in the event a new discovery seems to contradict a religious belief.

Nothing about the IHEU's 2002 Declaration indicates that a Humanist can't respect what scientific discoveries tell us about the universe ...and still apply religious convictions to all those things science hasn't explained and for which there is no evidence one way or another.

Humanism imposes no creed on its adherents ...and Humanism also doesn't forbid a creed. If you believe in cooperating with all other good people to be good to our world and everyone in it're a Humanist ...even if you are also Christian, or Jewish, or agnostic.

In recent years many "Humanist" groups have been taken over by radical atheists ...who seem to be trying to impose their creed (atheism) on adherents of Humanism. These atheists have formed a blockade that has prevented the Humanism from having any meaningfully positive impact on our world for several years now.

This site stands in opposition to these hypocritical atheists who've recently hijacked the brand name of "Humanist" to be an exclusively atheist property ...and welcomes the participation of Christian Humanists, Jewish Humanists, and Humanists of all other belief systems.

This site welcomes all good people ...whether you're religious ...or not. is intended to be an Internet TV network and social networking site which Humanists around the world can use to interact with one another, an Internet-based-global-Humanist-Community-Center.

If you have any suggestions for this website, please contact:

George A Titsworth IV Founder 

Note from the founder:

The Unitarian church group I attended as a child was made up of people who'd split off into an independently incorporated church to avoid being merged into a centrally controlled Unitarian Universalist mega-corporation.  The people in my church tended to be very highly educated and financially successful.  They discussed very interesting topics at Sunday meetings, planned great activities and parties nearly every Saturday, negotiated group discounts for ski trips and summertime lake vacation getaways. 

My old church group was a lot of fun!

I stopped attending church at age 14, because my mother divorced my step-father and he attended every Sunday, which caused my mother to feel uncomfortable there.  I already knew all the kids at church anyway and hung out with them regularly until college.  When my kids were born, I looked up my old church only to find that the membership had dwindled down to a small handful of rather elderly people (all of whom I recognized from my time in the church and I like very much) ...but they met only for re-union picnics by that time and weren't actually a functional church group anymore.

I wanted my kids to have the same sort of kind, intelligent friends I enjoyed growing up with I checked out the Unitarian/Universalist churches and Humanist groups in my area.  The UU churches seemed impersonal compared to the Unitarian church I grew up in ...and the local Humanist groups seemed to be over-run with angry atheists who blocked these groups from doing anything of any meaningful value for the community ...and mostly seemed interested in bashing religion and disagreeing with religious people.

My hope was to find a nice Humanist group with members who had kids that planned fun potluck parties, ski trips, and that sort of life celebrating thing.  I found a friend with kids ...we did some fun things ...but I never found a group like the extraordinary people in the Unitarian church I grew up in.

So when the .tv domain names came out in 2004 I registered ...thinking I'd be able to find lots of nice Humanist friends with this domain name.  I had never let my kids watch regular TV at that point, and I was hoping to make a web portal I could use to filter the content my kids could have access to.  I wanted to set up a system with content filter options for anyone who'd rather not be confronted with unexpected unpleasant/offensive programming.

Back in 2004 envisioned turning into a video sharing site a lot like youtube turned into, that functioned as a social network a lot like myspace turned into.  I wanted to offer filtering options, while not censoring any content including a link leading to all flagged content that adult members could use to view and decide for themselves about any content that had been objected to.

My hope was to provide people with a platform that didn't censor anyone, but also gave parents the ability to filter the content their kids have access to ...and also have the option to avoid being surprised by any content the adults of a household would prefer not to be unexpectedly shocked by.

I would have developed this site much sooner, but I've been under intense attack ever since 2004!  I was chased from my home on December 22nd, 2004 by an armed mob (which turned out to be backed by a corrupt county Sheriff).  

My children remember this traumatic experience, and I've been feeling awful about what their lives became ever since our house was destroyed by these attackers.  

I was fortunate enough to make contact with an honest State Trooper that night who escorted my children and me to safety, but our home was destroyed by the time we got back...

Nearly everything of value had been stolen, and much of what remained broken...

My dog died suddenly of unknown causes just prior to this attack...

My refrigerator and deep freeze were unplugged and food thrown/smeared in various parts of the house...

I'd bagged my dog's body and put her in the deep freeze till I could pull myself together enough to manage a proper burial, so her corpse was rotting in the freezer when we got back...

My houseplants were uprooted and thrown all over...

My daughter's canopy (princess) bed was broken...

This was the last home my daughter ever really felt safe and happy in...

Ever since this home invasion, my kids and I have been running from one place to the next, narrowly escaping various kinds of attacks...

On a few occasions since this I've gotten nice homes set up again, but within a few months we've always had to scramble to get away from another attack...

This was my bedroom with the blue walls...

My son's bedroom I decorated in a cowboy theme to feel like the Andy's bedroom in Toy Story...

My kitchen and family room above and below from both directions...

The upstairs bedroom I'd set up for my mother when she visited (that's Mom sitting on the bed)...

So, in 2004 we were run out of our home by a corrupt Sheriff.  And it's not just me saying I've been a victim of corruption, this Sheriff was investigated by the FBI and federally indicted.  Attacks against me stopped as soon as this corrupt Sheriff knew he was the subject of an FBI investigation, and attacks resumed immediately after the federal indictments against him were dismissed.  So I won't mention his name, because he's also notorious for killing people who've exposed him on the web.

Everywhere I've gone in the U.S. ever since then I've been attacked by corrupt police and government officials.  There appears to be a culture-of-corruption woven into essentially all police departments all over the United States ...and it looks a lot to me like all these corrupt people (much like an organized crime syndicate) cooperate with one another to attack people who they've targeted.

I wouldn't have believed it myself until I was in the position to look back at how similar the attacks have been everywhere I've lived in the U.S.  I've been hit with false criminal charges on multiple occasions (false allegations have popped up everywhere I've moved to) ...home intruders have physically attacked me more than a few times.  I've had a literally unbelievable string of unfortunate setbacks (unbelievable that it could be random "bad luck"), and so have many of the people closest to me.  After doing an amazing job of outmaneuvering nearly catastrophic attacks for 10 years, my children were finally taken by (corrupt people in) CPS while I was dealing with disabilities and pain from being run over by a car!


My daughter Alicia "medically kidnapped"

My (then 14-yr-old) daughter became enraged after finding out I'd been falsely charged with 3 felonies, so she was taken to a mental hospital and told she wouldn't be permitted to leave unless she took the pills they offered her every day (she refused to take the pills for quite a while).  The combination of pills my daughter (Alicia) was given were physically addictive with side effects of withdrawal being a possibly lethal blood pressure spike and months of crippling depression while all of her serotonin receptors heal themselves.

I say Alicia was "medically kidnapped" because medical reasons were trumped up to justify the State taking her as a way in order to punish and control me.  There was nothing wrong with Alicia, but now she's dealing with the harsh side-effects of organ-damaging psych drugs ...and being diagnosed as "disabled" as if the normal side effects of quitting these drugs were somehow permanent.  

It feels a lot sometimes like I'm living in a horror movie!


For the last few years, the attacks have mostly been on my daughter.  I have a hard time thinking about anything other than getting her to safety, but mostly I've been able to do nothing other than wait and agonize.  I've actually gotten a few FBI agents to step in and help a few times, but they've always been pulled off the case and I was left to deal unprotected with the corrupt government officials that repeatedly showed me they can get away with anything they care to do. 

The attacks switched from being mostly directed at me to being mostly directed at my daughter after the last round of false criminal charges against me were dismissed (in 2014).

As part of my efforts to defend myself against being railroaded on false felony charges, I threatened to expose evidence of government corruption on this website, and I threatened to contact (and several other online media companies) with it.  I also traveled around and rallied community support.  It took a year of my life and more money to a defense attorney and PI than I paid for either of the houses I've owned ...just to get the court to acknowledge the clear/obvious evidence of my innocence.  

I've had to defend against several of these kinds of prosecutions since registering (it's been a hard 13 years), and it has bled me nearly to death financially.

My daughter's been held hostage by a corrupt family court from age 14 to 18 ...we thought she was going to be free when she turned 18 (aged-out of the CPS system) ...but when she turned 18 the (corrupt) family court started a dishonest proceeding to declare Alicia incompetent and (I think) they've "medically kidnapped" her again!

I haven't heard anything from Alicia since October 24th, 2016 ...when we were cut off in mid-sentence during a phone conversation.  It was a friendly, loving conversation with no argument other than me expressing concern for her safety and her expressing irrational certainty that she was safe.  I've heard nothing from Alicia since then (I'm writing this on March 6, 2017) ...over 4 months later at this point ...and I'm super worried about her.  If anybody reading is an honest FBI agent or knows how to reach one ...please contact me right away ...because the local police immediately threatened me with false criminal charges when I tried to help Alicia personally, and I have not been able to find anyone who will help Alicia.

So if you see Alicia Titsworth, please tell her I love her and am doing my best to free her ...and tell her to call me because I'm worried about her!  And then please contact me to let me know she's alright in case (because I think) her ability to communicate freely is being interfered with.

It's been this kind of stressful crisis continually popping up and hijacking my attention (and resources) that has gotten in the way of me developing (for 13 years now).

This website has given me a way to publicize my situation ...the threat of which I've used to get corrupt government officials to back off on a few occasions.  One of the reasons I've not been more public about my ordeals online has been to avoid "contempt of court" charges.  I immediately emailed 100s of people and published videos online which showed that the charges against me were false during the last false prosecution I defended against.  So, the judge ruled that by asking people to help me ...I was violating the privacy of the my accusers (by showing evidence they'd lied about me in the past) I was ordered to take down the videos and to say nothing more to anyone about any of the cases against me.

So part of why I've survived all the attacks is that I own this website, but owning could also be part of the reason I've been attacked so much ...ever since 2001 there seems to have been a massive corrupt government effort to silence alternative media voices (and take control of their platforms).

Whatever the case ...sorry Alicia that all this has gotten in the way of you being able to properly enjoy your childhood.  I really thought I was going to make your life more fun by registering back in 2004.  Hang in there ...there's a fairly limited amount of time these corrupt officials will be able to get away with falsely imprisoning you ...and I am committed to helping you get back on track living the happiest rest of your life possible.

I simply assumed we'd have a lot of fun developing with a lot of nice people who I figured would pop up and express interest every time I welcomed people to volunteer. 

It was never my intention to do anything particularly political with this site ...but I guess nowadays it's considered to be a dangerously political act to have a way to influence a lot of people and not be part of the mainstream political establishment.

In 2004 I was unaware that a corrupt element within the United States government intended to attack/destroy all non-mainstream/non-state-sanctioned media operators.  If I'd understood this I would have stayed away from the Internet (other than to shop) and kept a really low profile.

Things have gotten worse and worse ever since 2001 was going great for me before that it's like nobody has any fun anymore.  I registered this site to build a community in the hopes that I'd find a lot of friends, but now nearly everyone I know avoids me for fear of being harmed by the next attack.  My hopes of protecting my kids from seeing shocking/confusing things not conducive to happiness were foiled immediately kids were subjected to horrors I couldn't even have imagined in 2004 ...and have had access to unfiltered Internet and cable TV content since shortly after I began my efforts to protect them from this negative programming.

The good news is that a massive wave of people are using youtube to expose so much evidence of U.S. government corruption, that it's put these monsters on the defensive and is overwhelming these evil people to the point that they don't have the resources to attack as effectively as they used to.

It looks a lot like things might change for the better.  I figure I might as well go ahead and cautiously develop this platform ...not in a specifically political way ...but to facilitate communication and life celebration among the good people who decide to use it.

I've been trying to get that across for a long time to the people who attack alternative media operators ...I'm not inclined to be particularly political ...and don't intend to try to expose corruption unless forced into a position where I must do so to defend myself or my family.

I have a hunch a fairly large percentage of the U.S. population has been attacked at this point, so as the dust settles I have high hopes of finding understanding friends interested in cooperating in efforts to recover from these dark first couple of post-Y2k decades.  

Sure do wish to know where my daughter is and if she's safe though ...that's still got me distracted.  If enough people wake up to the reality of evil ...stop being so accepting of evil and start backing up the people who are doing good things ...the danger to all of us would quickly go way down, and we'd all be able to enjoy life a lot more.

At any rate, now that you know the situation, I hope it doesn't simply scare you away, and that you'll consider teaming up with me to do positive things for the world ...and that you'll be kind enough to help free my daughter from her criminal (government corruption assisted) attackers, so that she can have a chance to enjoy the benefits of the extraordinary efforts I've put into facilitating her happiness.

George A Titsworth IV Founder

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