George A. Titsworth IV


 Jasmine Odom

Director of Programming

For more than 12 years now, the founder of (George Titsworth) has been forced to defend against a series of dishonest character assassination attacks..

         well as multiple attempts to set him up for underserved criminal trouble by teams of people telling lies in coordination with each other!

These attacks have resulted in George becoming involved in two FBI investigations.  One of the FBI investigations was following up on evidence that appeared to indicate that the Phelps County Sheriff's Department was using undercover "narcs" to make illegal profits selling drugs like methamphetamine and oxycontin ...after confiscating these drugs from smugglers (or "mules") caught in the Sheriff's Constitutionally questionable drug checkpoint on Interstate Highway 44.

George was running a community website for his small Ozark Mountain town of Newburg, Missouri at that time (you can check it out by entering "" into the search box at and selecting web backups from 2004).

 George and his kids in their Newburg house.

 The trouble started after George innocently suggesting the formation of an Old West Theme neighborhood watch program in Newburg which community members would ride around town on horses, dressed up like an Old West posse of deputies ...with the goal of making things less comfortable for a group of brazen drug pushers who'd shown up in the previous few months and gotten into a routine of parking their cars and openly selling illegal drugs across the street from the Newburg Post Office.

George thought he had essentially universal support for the Old West Theme town initiative he'd suggested for Newburg ...but shortly after he mentioned to the new Mayor of Newburg and the County Sheriff's Department representative that his Old West Theme neighborhood watch idea would make it essentially impossible for these new drug pushers to continue making dangerous street drugs so readily available to the town's teenagers ...George and his kids started being harassed by the local school, government and police.

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On December 22nd 2004, George and his kids were run out of their home by an armed mob which surrounded their house, calling out things like, "BOY ...come out NOW! and git what you DESERVE!!" ...these kinds of statements were often followed by a gunshot into the air as if to punctuate their speech!

George had been warned by a Newburg citizen a few days before this armed mob surrounded his house that the local Ku Kux Klan leadership didn't like his Old West Theme town idea and that George was in danger from them.  This fellow said his family had lived in Newburg since the 1800s and he still had family members who were members of the KKK, and he warned George that the KKK in Phelps County was able to get away with essentially anything, because they'd taken over the Volunteer Fire Department ...and because the Phelps County Sheriff was a Klansman himself.

So George ended up escaping from the lynch mob that night by calling a lawyer, and having his lawyer call out the Missouri State Police (George's repeated personal attempts to get the State Police to come out had failed up to that point).  Officer Mark Bulowski responded to the call.  Officer Bulowski had recently transferred from the Minnesota State Police, and was kind enough to give George and his kids a police escort to the County line.

When George and his mother got back to his house in Newburg they discovered ...some house windows had been broken ...the refrigerator and deep freeze had been unplugged, causing the food to rot inside ...houseplants were uprooted and dirt spread all over ...bleach had been poured on the carpets so as to discolor and eat holes in them ...everthing of value in the house had been stolen ...nearly everything else had been destroyed or at least visibly damaged.  Officer Mark Bulowski responded to George's call to the State Police to report the break-in and damage to his house.

Officer Mark Bulowski expressed sympathy for George's situation and offered to start an investigation into George's claim that he and his family had been run out of their home.  Officer Bulowski explained that he'd read and agreed with George ...he also said he'd noticed evidence supporting George's claim that a mob had indeed surrounded his house the night he gave George an escort to the County line ...a broken bottle in George's driveway well as a bunch of people parked on the streets nearby George's house acting as if they were working on their cars & trucks (at 10:45pm).

Officer Bulowski confided in George that these investigations rarely resulted in arrests or charges being filed against anyone ...but said that he'd start an investigation to "rattle the cages" of the people who'd assaulted George order to give George a better chance of being able to move away safely.  George considers Officer Mark Bulowski to be a very honorable and honest police officer, and very much appreciated his help. 

As it turns out, Officer Bulowski's investigation did apparently turn up evidence of local police and government corruption ...Newburg community members also sent evidence of county-level and municipal-level corruption to Federal authorities ...and an FBI investigation resulted.  Suddenly Officer Bulowski disappeared!  And shortly after Officer Bulowski's disappearance ...the FBI made it known that they'd opened an investigation into the matter ...and (according to what my mother told me) that they'd taken Officer Bulowski into the Witness Protection Program because they had reason to believe that Officer Bulowski was at risk of being murdered as a result of some of the evidence of corruption he'd uncovered. 

Leading up to these developments George had had a series of run-ins with Kansas City area police officers who began giving him questionable traffic tickets ...specifically ...a speeding ticket one day ...and then a stop sign ticket the next day on a deserted street from a police officer who suddenly popped his lights on if this police officer had been waiting with his lights off for George to leave Tom Crane's house (Tom Crane founded a liberal community radio station KKFI 90.1FM).  For a while George was seeing police officers a lot more often than normal ...often he'd see one cop elbow his partner and point at George ...then they'd turn their patrol car in George's direction and follow him for a while.  However, as soon as the FBI made it known they were investigating the Phelps County Sheriff's Department ...George rarely saw Kansas City police officers ...they never seemed to be looking his way at that point ...and suddenly police cars would normally turn and drive the opposite direction from where George was heading!

Sadly, shortly after the FBI let us know they were investigating, one of George's best friends (Jeff Greer) was found dead in a motel room with gunshot wound to his head ...ruled a "suicide" ...this friend just happened to be the computer expert who was hosting ...and it seemed odd to George that Jeff would decide to kill himself right then ...seeing as how Jeff was feeling so proud of himself for the part he'd played in getting the Phelps County Sheriff investigated by the FBI.

It was a link to the Clerk of the Federal Courts contact page had been placed on the day after George was run out of Newburg by the lynch mob that got the Sheriff in so much trouble was this link the outraged townspeople of Newburg had used to send in the evidence which resulted in the FBI investigation into claims of Newburg and Phelps County government corruption.  

After Jeff died, was essentially "erased" from the Internet as a result of Jeff not being able to pay his server fees.  Shortly after that ...all of the websites containing stories critical of the Phelps County Sheriff also disappeared from the Internet!  But, as it turns out, you can still view all of these websites using and searching this system for the website backups it captures ...if you enter in's search box, you'll find links to other web backups of many websites telling shocking stories of police abuses of power by the Phelps County Sheriff's Department of that time. 

Almost immediately after Jeff Greer died ...George was hit with bogus criminal charges based on false allegations made by his daughter's mother (Yolanda Philgreen) and her son.  The allegations being made against George were obviously part of a fabricated "justification" Yolanda orchestrated as part of an attempt to kidnap their daughter (again).  Check below for the notarized "Peace Agreement" Yolanda had only recently signed after a year of begging George to forgive her for all of the dishonest things she'd done in previous custody battles which (fortunately) George had been able to prove to the courts by catching her in lies...

Once again George's luck held out, and Yolanda's son broke down under questioning and confessed that his mother had put him up to telling lies designed to get George in undeserved criminal trouble part of yet another one of Yolanda's dishonest attempts to win custody of George's daughter (Alicia).

From what George heard, the Phelps County Sheriff ended up being indicted by the U.S. Prosecutor for illegally re-selling drugs his department confiscated ...but the charges were dismissed before the case went to trial.  The Sheriff resigned ...but then ran again for Phelps County Sheriff in the following election ...and won!  Now this retired Sheriff is working for another Missouri county as a Drug Enforcement Consultant show their police force how to "maximize their drug enforcement budget" the way he did in Phelps County!  Keep in mind ...this Sheriff was accused of illegally selling the drugs his officers seized throughout Phelps County, and then using his "narcs" to set up his political enemys' children for drug busts.

George's response to all of this was to move to Santa Cruz, California.  He hoped the people in the San Francisco Bay area would be too politically progressive for organizations like the Ku Kux Klan to have any significant influence with the local government.  George found work in the Solar Energy Trade... 

 (check for details) and decided to do his best to live a low-profile life doing good for the world by helping people go green ...while biding time until his daughter turned 18 and he'd be free to move his kids to Ireland ...where George felt they would all be safe from any of the corrupt people from Phelps County, Missouri who might still wish to retaliate against George for the FBI investigation that came about as a result of George publicizing the details of how he was run out of his house by a lynching party!

George didn't realize that suggesting the Old West Theme neighborhood watch idea would amount to picking a fight with the Phelps County Sheriff's Department.  Apparently the Sheriff's Department wanted George run out of the area because his Old West Theme neighborhood watch idea was very popular among the townspeople of Newburg ...and this neighborhood watch group was likely to get in the way of the Phelps County Sheriff's "narcs" drug sales.  Apparently the group of "drug dealers" the townspeople of Newburg were in an uproar about ...were actually police "narcs" ...but these "narcs" very much appeared to be openly selling meth and oxycontin pills to bored teenagers across the street from the Newburg Post Office!

But no matter where in the U.S. George moved ...a group of liars would pop up before long and pick up where the last group left off with an ongoing character assassination campaign to sow distrust among George's professional colleagues ...arouse undeserved suspicions among George's new social acquaintances ...and to ensnare George into repeatedly having to defend against obviously dishonest false allegations.

It seemed to George as if each new group of liars was familiar with the set of lies that had been told about him by the previous groups of liars!  Over time ...the lies have seemed to build on each other into appearing at-a-glance to have some credibility ...simply because so many people have told lies about George that followed the same themes.  It hasn't seemed to matter that George has survived each previous attack by proving that people had lied and made false allegations.  All a person has to do is look closely and they'll see that George has been repeatedly lied about ...but most people aren't able to look closely it's difficult for most to believe that someone could do nothing wrong and have so many different people accuse him of similar crimes.

However ...being surrounded everywhere you go by people lying in teams who try to set you up for crimes you didn't commit reportedly not an uncommon thing to happen to people who have been targeted for attack by the Church of Scientology.


And as it turns out, George did anger the Church of Scientology in 2010 by submitting video evidence against them to an FBI investigation into complaints by ex-Scientologists and their families that the Church of Scientology routinely engages in treatment of people that amounts to the crime of Human Trafficking.

This direct run-in with Scientologists caused George to notice that all of the teams of liars he's had to defend against for so long ...all act a lot alike ...they all act just like the Scientologists George met when a group of Scientologists at Applied Scholastics (notorious Scientology front organization) attempted to take over a school George was hired to teach at!  

Nearly every team liar attack has had some tie to Yolanda (George's daughter's mother) ...and George now strongly suspects that Yolanda became a Scientologist in the early 2000s ...and that this is why teams of liars pop up everywhere he goes ...and why the new teams of liars always know all about the lies that were told about George by all of the previous teams of liars.

It looks very much like Scientologists promised Yolanda they could show her how to win custody of Alicia (George's and Yolanda's daughter) ...and George has been stalked by groups of Scientologists ever since!


Scientology harassment very clearly entered the picture in 2010 when George decided to see if he could get a fresh start by moving from the San Francisco Bay area to take a job teaching for a Green Jobs Training initiative in St. Louis.  

George was trying to get away from teams of liars, but damned if a group of Scientologists didn't take over the school George was teaching for (the Renewable Energy Training Institute or RETI) ...and try to force George to become a Scientologist!  These Scientologists required George to attend "Study Technologies" training courses at "Applied Scholastics" ...or else be fired from his job.  

This was an impossible (Catch-22) situation to put George in because RETI had partnered with the St. Louis County South Public School District as a way to obtain the teaching credential it needed to legally teach and to qualify for a Federal grant George was required to be employed by both the St. Louis County South Public School District's adult vocational program (who was allowing RETI to use their teaching credential) well as the Renewable Energy Training Institute.

When George discovered that the Superintendent of the St. Louis Public Schools had issued an order forbidding Public School employees to work with "Applied Scholastics" ...these Scientologists who'd taken over RETI tried to pressure George into not telling the School District that RETI classes had been moved to classrooms at the Applied Scholastics International Headquarters in St. Louis ...or that RETI classes would include L. Ron Hubbard's "Study Technologies" training.  

The following is an excerpt from the Wikipedia article about Applied Scholastics...

In October 2005, St. Louis Public Schools superintendent Creg Williams discovered the group's Scientology connections and immediately put out the word to area principals to cease working with Applied Scholastics. Additionally, CEO Bennetta Slaughter falsely claimed a "partnership" with the Hazelwood School District in St. Louis.[7]

...the full article can be accessed by clicking the following link: 

 It seemed to George like he was being asked to deceive the Public School District in a way that would violate his contractual obligation to tell the St. Louis Public School District about things like changing the class location to a forbidden campus like "Applied Scholastics" ...which the Superintendent of the Public School District had said should not be worked with because of the Scientology connections.  

It also appeared to George that the new pro-Scientology changes at RETI amounted to defrauding the Federal Government out of the Federal Economic Stimulus Grant that RETI had been awarded prior to the decision to hold classes at "Applied Scholastics".  It looked to George like they were planning to use this Federal Grant money to indoctrinate RETI students (who were mostly war veterans using government grants to pay their tuition) with L. Ron Hubbard's "Study Technologies".

So George politely informed RETI's board that he thought the adoption of "Study Technologies" and holding classes at "Applied Scholastics" threatened RETI's chances of succeeding ...because George believed the St. Louis Public School were likely to deny RETI the use of their teaching credential if it was discovered that RETI classes were to be held at Applied Scholastics.  George also expressed a concern that many of the non-Scientologist war vets would be likely to notice L. Ron Hubbard's name on all of the "Study Technologies" training manuals ...and that some of these veterans were sure to complain that RETI's use of "Study Technologies" appeared to be Scientology indoctrination by another name.  

The new Scientologist board member at RETI responded to George's polite analysis by yelling at George ...threatening to "fire" him for trying to tell him how to run his school ...and then angrily demanded to know the address of George's new apartment!  George responded by calmly explaining to this Scientologist that he wasn't expressing a personal opinion about the merits of "Study Technologies" ...only pointing out that non-Scientologists were likely to complain about it ...and that the Public School District was likely to yank RETI's teaching credential before another Solar Installation class could be taught because there was an order from the top not to work with Applied Scholastics.

Just previous to this George had taken a video of a chapter out of "Advanced Communication Skills" of the "Study Technologies" teacher training manuals which the Scientologists at Applied Scholastics had told George he'd have to apply "to the letter" to his students if he hoped to keep his job.  The chapter depicts a "Study Technologies" teacher forcing an old man to do things against his wishes doing such things as physically grabbing his face to force his head to turn ...and when the old man expresses dissatisfaction with this treatment and announces that he intends to leave ...the book shows in the final illustration that the old man has been stopped from leaving ...the final illustration in the chapter is of the old man standing there looking at the "Applied Scholastics" teacher with a terrified expression on his face ...his tie is crumpled and yanked to the side as if he'd just been physically assaulted!

George had taken this video to show RETI's founding (non-Scientologist) board member why he thought applying "Study Technologies" training techniques "to the letter" on war veterans who thought they'd simply signed up to learn how to install solar electric systems ...was liable to cause problems.  It looked to George like he was being asked to violate his students' basic human rights ...and he felt like RETI's non-Scientologist students were liable to lodge complaints which could destroy the school ...and it looked like students could possibly even press criminal charges against any teacher trying to apply these "Study Technologies" "Advanced Communication Skills" training techniques.

The following day after George pointed out the potential problems he predicted for RETI if classes were held at Applied Scholastics ...literally 4 or 5 people approached George and asked him detailed questions about the location of his new apartment!  

George felt like these questions were part of an effort by the Scientologists at Applied Scholastics to pressure him to not mention RETI's involvement with Applied Scholastics to the St. Louis Public School District.


So George promptly informed the St. Louis County School District administrator he answered to (Dennis Mix) about the involvement of Scientologists in RETI's board ...and informed Mr. Mix about the decision by RETI's board to hold classes at "Applied Scholastics".  George also gave Dennis Mix a DVD which contained the video showing an Applied Scholastics teacher depicted in "Advanced Communication Skills" forcing an old man (student) to do things against his wishes ...and then physically forcing the old man to stay in class after he'd announced that he was displeased with the way he was being treated and attempted to leave.

And just as George had warned ...this caused RETI to lose the use of the School District's teaching credential, which caused the Federal grant to be taken back (just prior to it being paid out to RETI).  

At this time a student George had met at Applied Scholastics who claimed to not be a Scientologist ...called him on the phone to warn him ...that the "Ethics" officers wearing all black that occasionally came through Applied Scholastics ...were comparable to Gestapo officers in the Church of Scientology's own "private army" ...and he warned George that this "private army" routinely stalked and killed people who refused to lie for them the way George had done.

So George didn't return to Applied Scholastics after talking with the St. Louis School District administrators ...and instead quietly/quickly moved away from St. Louis.  

The warnings that he was in danger of being murdered for being honest with the St. Louis Public schools inspired George to promptly give copies of the videos he'd taken of the "Advanced Communication Skills" training manual to the Missouri State Prosecutor's office and to the FBI.  In George's opinion, the videos seemed to be evidence that "Applied Scholastics" was training people to commit crimes which amounted to false imprisonment & Human Trafficking. 

Letter George received from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 

We've decided not to post this video of the "Advanced Communication Skills" chapter on at this time the hopes that not posting this video will act as a deterrent to further attacks from the Church of Scientology.

We figure that posting the video would almost certainly draw immediate attacks in the form of Copyright violation lawsuits. 

Scientologists routinely get away with financially destroying their U.S. and UK victims using the courts, because the U.S. and UK courts allow the Church of Scientology to use court procedure to put their victims in a situation where they either have to spend a fortune on lawyers, or be found liable for a fortune in damages awarded as a result of the victim's inability to pay for legal defense...  

The purpose of the suit is to harass and discourage rather than win.

The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway, well knowing that he is not authorized, will generally be sufficient to cause professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin him utterly.  - L. Ron Hubbard

The DEFENSE of anything is UNTENABLE.  The only way to defend anything is to ATTACK, and if you ever forget that, then you will lose every battle you are ever engaged in, whether it is in terms of personal conversation, public debate or court of law. NEVER BE INTERESTED IN CHARGES.  DO, yourself, much MORE CHARGING, and you will  WIN.  And the public, seeing that you won, will then have a communication line to the effect that Scientologists WIN.  Don't ever let them have any other thought than that Scientology takes all its objectives. - L. Ron Hubbard


In light of this well-known Scientologist strategy of using the courts as a diabolical method of attack ...and especially for copyright violation any time anyone brings up questions of criminality with regard to some elements of Scientologist "religious" doctrine ...we don't really feel safe publishing the video ...and we're really at a loss as to how anyone can live comfortably in a country ...under laws that can so easily twisted into a method of attack L. Ron Hubbard advocates above.  

We just hope to be able to escape from this Scientology attack with our lives ...and what is becoming clear is that to for an American to escape a motivated Scientology attack ...he/she must escape this dynamic of the U.S. court system being so easy for dishonest people to "manipulate" into a method of attacking innocent people.  What this boils down to is that honest people are not normally protected from criminal attacks in the U.S.

George has tried over and over again to shrug off these kinds of attacks in which the courts are "manipulated" into a weapon by a team of liars, and just focus on doing good things for the world.  Like how George moved on to network with and help Kansas City area schools start their Green Jobs Training programs after the Scientologists came along and destroyed RETI...

Tristan Londre

3200 Broadway

Kansas City, MO 64111

June 30, 2011

Dear Mr. George Titsworth:

Thank you for helping with our efforts to design a green jobs training program at Metropolitan Community College last summer, and for your correspondence since that time.

As you remember, we were investigating the possibility of offering customized training to a local solar sales and installation company, and you graciously offered your time and expertise as we pursued the opportunity together. I especially appreciate your loan of instructional materials to one of our potential clients, as we had very little along those lines to offer him at that time. I walked away from the experience with a very positive impression of your knowledge of the solar industry, your generosity of spirit, and your genuine interest in renewable energy education.

Since that time, I have followed with interest your progress in your other consulting projects, and have especially appreciated how kind you've been about pointing out and sharing informational resources and connections. I hope that you will consider working with us again in the future if we can find an attractive project that you feel is a good fit for you. In the mean time, I wish you the best in all of your other business and educational ventures!


Tristan Londre

Acting Director of Career and Technical Education

Metropolitan Community College - Kansas City

(816) 604-1524

...but any good a person does is easily destroyed by the kinds of tactics Scientologists are "religiously" mandated to use against anyone who dares to tell the truth about them ...or who simply refuses to help them commit a crime as George did.  They attack good people ...and the U.S. government does a better job of protecting the Church of Scientology's "right to religious freedom" over the average citizen's right to not be harassed and attacked by gangs of liars in the name of their "religion".

People who complain of being abused by the Church of Scientology in the U.S. do not appear to us to be properly protected ...the Church of Scientology seem somehow to always (blackmail?) get charges against them dropped ...and are then allowed to follow up and punish the person or people who complained about them.

So the videos have been turned over to several law enforcement agencies and private individuals so that it can be made public if necessary to defend against any further Scientology attack ...or in the event that George turns up dead for any reason.

Our hope is that this explanation of the trouble we've had so far with the Church of Scientology will help George escape this latest Scientology attack with his life ...and be something that we can point to if we have to deal with future attacks from teams of people lying in coordination.  

Ideally, the Church of Scientology will realize that to attack George any more likely to cause them more damage than benefit.  We'd prefer not to mention Scientology at all ...or have anything to do with the Church of Scientology or any more Scientologists.  But the attacks don't seem to be going away on their own to be able to quickly get across the Scientology factor to people who've been told lies about George by these teams of people backing each other's lies up ...we've made this web page.

As it turned out ...when George turned in the video showing what he believed to be evidence of Institutionally supported/mandated Human Rights violations by followers of L. Ron Hubbard ...the FBI was already involved in investigating complaints from ex-Scientologists and their families that the Church of Scientology engaged in behaviors they believed amounted to Human Trafficking crimes.  So the video evidence George submitted to this FBI investigation was very harmful to the Church of Scientology's efforts to defend against these complaints.

After 4 years the FBI investigation against the Church of Scientology was finally closed without criminal charges being filed ...which is what seems to always happen in the U.S.  Ever since the Church of Scientology was prosecuted for a massive infiltration campaign focussing primarily on the U.S. and UK governments ...11 Scientologists were convicted and sent to prison ...and incredibly ...the Church of Scientology was granted status as a bona-fide religion ...with tax exempt status ...immediately after being prosecuted for infiltrating the IRS and several other U.S. government agencies ...with a focus on destroying evidence of Scientology crimes ...and collecting information that could be used to blackmail U.S. government officials.

We're sure there were FBI investigators who think the Church of Scientology was/is guilty of Human Trafficking, but for whatever reason, whoever decides what to do with the evidence the FBI collects ...decided to drop the investigation in late 2012/early 2013 and not to file criminal charges in spite of a whole lot of evidence substantiating allegations of criminality. 

Click the following link to read about the extent to which the Church of Scientology has been caught infiltrating governments:

Incredibly ...within a month of this FBI case being closed Internet stalker approached George's 14-year-old daughter and convinced her to believe in a dangerous "religious" doctrine which teaches that all human problems are the result of people being possessed by the spirits of aliens who died millions of years ago.  In case you don't recognize this doctrine, that matches closely to the Scientology story of Xenu...

  Click the link to this video explaining Scientology's Xenu doctrine if you aren't familiar with it:

...and shortly after being convinced she was an important figure in an urgent inter-dimensional war between the forces of good and evil ...George's daughter tried to convert us to her new "religion" in which we're all supposed to "realize" that we were possessed by parasitic alien spirits and follow instructions our new religious leaders gave us about how to rid ourselves of these alien spirit parasites.  

But rather than becoming converts, we got concerned about Alicia's new "religious" beliefs ...George grounded her till he could get a meeting with his minister ...and almost immediately the adult Internet stalker who'd sent Alicia (George's daughter) the links to this "religious" programming (about the need to fight against alien spirits called "Suppressive Parasite Entities") ...this Internet stalker personally showed up outside of George's house with 3 other people who helped her convince George's daughter to make false allegations of child abuse ...and not simply false allegations ...they were obviously false ...the police on the scene even said they didn't believe the allegations for a second.

The police said they had to take Alicia into "protective custody" because that was procedure ...even though they said they didn't believe for a second any abuse had occurred.  But that was the beginning of the use/abuse of court procedure to put George through more than a year of utter Hell ...which has cost him a sum in the neighborhood of $50,000 to defend against so far!


At this point George is not comfortable communicating much more of the story on this web page because the family courts get away with horrible travesties of justice in the U.S. against countless innocent parents ...using the "privacy rights" of liars as justification for ordering the victims of these human-rights-abusing proceeding to keep all details of the case secret.

So all we can say other than that that the bogus criminal charges George is now defending against ...represent just the latest attack in a long series of attacks in which groups of people (apparently covert Scientologists) have been allowed to repeatedly team up to tell coordinated lies about him with the obvious goal of manipulating the courts into doing undeserved harm to George.

The Church of Scientology is notorious for teaming up to use coordinated lies in order to manipulating the U.S. courts into doing undeserved harm to their victims.

Story of Paulette Cooper barely surviving being declared “Fair Game”…

George believes that his refusal to join Scientology when approached during the time he was working as a teacher for RETI ...and the way George turned evidence over to the FBI during their investigation into complaints that the Church of Scientology was engaging in crimes amounting to Human Trafficking ...establish George as someone Scientologists label an "SP" (Suppressive Person) ...and L. Ron Hubbard gave all Scientologists a religious mandate to destroy SPs using the "Fair Game" policy.

“ENEMY — SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.” - L. Ron Hubbard

Please read this full explanation of Scientology's war on SPs at: ...the information at this link will help you understand how dangerous a Scientologist attack is.

And just the fact that George has taken the initiative to found and to run community websites like: (search this website at: for the years of 2004-2005), as well as and makes George a target of the Church of Scientology's doctrine of Infiltration... this link you'll see how L. Ron Hubbard gives his followers a mandate to infiltrate in this way:

"The vital targets on which we (Scientologists) must invest most of our time are:

T1. Depopularizing the enemy to a point of total obliteration.

T2. Taking over the control or allegiance of the heads or proprietors of all news media.

T3. Taking over the control or allegiance of key political figure."

We added "(Scientologists)" to the quoted text, otherwise it is just as L. Ron Hubbard wrote it, and George has been the proprietor of several media outlets: 

...all of these websites put George in the category of "proprietor" of "vital targets" which L. Ron Hubbard ordered Scientologists "must invest most of" their "time" "Taking over the control or allegiance of the heads or proprietors of".  Two of the sites listed above are "news media" sites and LRH commanded the "Taking over" of "all news media".

The attacks against George by teams of liars began during a time when he was taking his kids to play nearly every day with the kids of the founder of KKFI 90.1 FM's, Tom Crane ...Tom Crane was the head of this  Kansas City radio station until the early 2000s when teams of people telling coordinated lies dishonestly took over the radio station and kicked Tom out.  

From that time on, George has had to defend against a seemingly never-ending stream of team-liars attacking him ...his family members ...and his friends.  George's daughter's mother (Yolanda Philgreen) was the first attacker ...and looking back, the tactics used by Yolanda and the teams of liars who backed her up ...match very closely with descriptions of the hellish harassment that victims of Scientology attack normally report being put through.

      ...reference the Paulette Cooper story for an example:

These teams of liars do their best to use their lies to manipulate the courts into doing costly damage to their victims ...and George has spent a fortune at this point and been forced to waste years of his life defending against dishonest attack after dishonest attack.

As of the writing of this page ...we're waiting to find out if the officers of the Santa Cruz criminal court are going to treat George fairly.  This coming Friday is the last chance for the Santa Cruz criminal court to dismiss the bogus criminal charges against George ...and still be able to plausibly deny any active involvement in this latest team-lying attack on George people who say they believe George is possessed by the spirits of evil aliens that died millions of years ago.

This Friday we'll find out if the officers of the Santa Cruz criminal courts were maybe just manipulated into unwittingly inflicting undeserved harm on George ...or what we're worried about is that they might be an active part in this attack as a result of having been infiltrated by, or perhaps blackmailed by, representatives of the Church of Scientology...

Click this link to read about the extent to which the Church of Scientology has been caught infiltrating governments:

...we sure hope Judge Burdick is an honest person and not a Scientologist, or someone who Scientologists have blackmail material on ...and we sure hope the prosecutor, Rafael Vazquez, has some honest reason for filing these criminal charges and keeping George in the hot seat for so long.

If the charges against George are not dismissed this Friday ...George hopes to be granted political asylum from one of the growing list of countries that have declared the Church of Scientology to be an international crime syndicate (like France) ...because if the criminal charges aren't dismissed soon ...there will be no other explanation for the officers of the Santa Cruz criminal court not letting George get on with his life ...other than that the Santa Cruz courts and police have been infiltrated by Scientologists.


We very much hope this isn't the case ...and that the courts here in Santa Cruz have just been unwittingly manipulated by this coordinated lying strategy.

But if George's criminal charges are taken to trial ...we won't be able to help but see this as evidence of Scientology infiltration in the Santa Cruz courts, and we worry that George might end up facing a jury that's been rigged with all covert Scientologist members.  And so if George's case is taken to trial, we'd like the trial to be in a country (like France) where Scientology has been exposed as a criminal business enterprise (and not a "religion") ...or we'd at least like a country where Scientology has been declared a criminal organization to agree to look closely into George's criminal charges and give their opinion as to the level of fairness it looks to them George is being treated to.

And if it is found that the charges against George are based on lies calculated to get George in undeserved criminal trouble ...we feel that these liars should have criminal charges filed against them. 

It's not acceptable for the courts in the U.S. to take George to task over and over again ...and then to not do anything to punish the people who are found (over and over again) to be making false allegations designed to harass George.  It is not acceptable for the courts to let adult stalkers get away with approaching and indoctrinating George's kids into a belief system that justifies the use of violence and lies against anyone who disagrees with their conclusions about religious "truth".  

Russia Bans Scientology…

...based on the opinions of "psychologists, who agreed that the works should be criminalized on the basis that they contained “ideas justifying violence in general and in particular any means of opposing critics of Scientology,” according to The Moscow Times 

 In these situations, George's life is on the line if he can't prove these people trumping up false charges against him are lying ...each and every time it could be game over for George, death or the remainder of his life devastated ...but nothing is ever done to punish these people when they're found to be lying ...and since their "religion" tells them it is okay to lie to destroy "Suppressive Persons" (like George who respectfully chose not to become Scientologists when offered the chance) ...they can always just re-organized and launched a similar team-lying strategy again in the future!


Good people like George are supposed to be able to expect their governments to protect them from criminal attacks ...especially if these attacks are coming from a group notorious for using coordinated lies to punish people who disagree with them.  George has not been properly protected by law enforcement authorities in the U.S.  

Also George's kids have been assaulted by adult stalkers who exposed them to preposterous "religious" programming (about alien spirit possession) and to hallucinogenic drugs ...and rather than help George meaningfully protect his kids ...U.S. law enforcement authorities have repeatedly allowed themselves to be "manipulated" into doing undeserved harm to George, and have interfered with George's efforts to protect his kids.

At this point ...we can only hope that the Santa Cruz courts will dismiss the criminal charges against George ...and give him a chance to get out of the U.S. to a country which meaningfully protects its citizens from Scientology attacks.  And we hope that Santa Cruz CPS will meaningfully help Alicia (George's daughter) understand that the Scientologists who tricked her into believing that her father was "fully possessed" by "Suppressive Parasite Entities" ...did so precisely because George is such an extraordinarily honorable person ...and because he refused to help them commit crimes and abuse people.

We'll follow up to report whether or not the Santa Cruz criminal courts dismissed the charges against George or not on Friday.  We're certainly hoping for the best! 

Letters of support from friends

Christine Altman Westphal is the oldest child of legendary Hollywood director Robert Altman (most recognized as the director many great movies, including "MASH" and "The Player" and as the founder of Lion's Gate Films).  Christine has a house in the scenic Ozark Mountain community where George ran the community website ...George and Christine met in 2003 as a result of both of them trying to do a good deed for the same person who'd been injured in a car crash.