If (after an honest look) you still (honestly) think the "autopsy photo" (below) could really be Alicia...

...then (to be consistent) you'd also need to accept that the 140-yr-old picture above is really Nicholas Cage!

Below I've placed several images next to one another to illustrate what I mean...
The "autopsy photo" at the bottom right is clearly a color scan of an old paper photo (it's not Alicia).

Notice how Alicia's eyebrow (lower left) is much longer, and her heavy brow bone is set much closer to her eye than the girl in the "autopsy photo" (lower right).  If this "autopsy photo" is of Alicia ...then where did her mole/beauty mark go?  How did one side of her nose shrink so much?

I used a picture of Alicia with her hair dirty/greasy to give an idea of what it looks like when unwashed for a while ...since the "autopsy photo" shows hair in this state (the hair is similar, but still curlier in the "autopsy photo" than Alicia's ever gets).

In the upper left corner are two photos I found on websites claiming they were released by the Albuquerque police in their efforts to ID Jane Does (unidentified bodies).  These are black & white digital images ...and they're evenly fuzzed/there are no irregular spots or flaws in them ...notice how there's no yellow/brown tones in these images (like in the "autopsy photo" that's being presented as Alicia).

Old time black & white photos turn yellow/brown as they age because silver compounds were used in old film ...so old time photos tend to eventually tarnish like true silverware tarnishes.  Touching silver-based photos a lot can also cause them to turn yellow because of contact with sweat and body oil.

Also ...notice that the "autopsy photo" on the right has 2 oval shaped washed out marks on the hair ...like somebody spilled something on it a couple of times.  It also has randomly placed spots, blemishes, and something over the shoulder on the right that looks like debris got stuck to the paper during developing. 

Toward the top this photo is more tarnished (yellow/brown).  As if the top of the photo got more light during storage ...light shining into the top of where it was filed for instance.  Pulling a photo out of a file cabinet would also cause it to be touched more at the top than the bottom.

Pic (above) released by Albuquerque PD to ID a body

Pic (above) released by Albuquerque PD to ID a body?

Pic (above) released by Albuquerque PD to ID a body

Google similar image search result...

...because it's also an old photo with similar flaws & tarnishing as the "autopsy photo"

Since (at least) the 1980s, black-and-white photos have typically been developed on color film ...using color dyes and no silver ...so these pictures will simply fade (get lighter) over time and will not turn yellow/brown.  It would take a lot of work on photoshop to make a picture look as convincingly old as the "autopsy photo" that was supposedly used to ID Alicia.

A computer simulated aging effect would tend to be a lot more uniform ...and not mimic irregular coffee spill spots or other random damage.  A person would have to go though a lot of trouble to simulate the uneven light damage (tarnish) effect at the top and not the bottom.

Why would any police department go through so much effort ...just to make a photo look like an authentically old picture?  It would be crazy for the police to do this ...and what could the reason for doing this possibly be ...to cause questions about the authenticity of the photo? 

For more than just the tell-tale signs indicating this is a very old photo ...it's clear to me is that the "autopsy photo" is not really a picture of Alicia ...because it doesn't actually look like her (it just sort of resembles what Alicia looked before she was fully grown).

My hope is that this situation can be handled in such a way as to simply blame Yolanda for pulling this cruel hoax.  If police were involved in this, I don't want to find out.  I'd prefer to give any corrupt police who might be involved room to back away from the situation and just blame Yolanda.  Only if Alicia is not alive do I want everyone aggressively prosecuted.

If an honest law enforcement authority were to really look at this situation ...I think it would be clear that if Alicia is not recovered alive ...then there's good reason to believe she was murdered.  Hopefully, Alicia is still alive ...and the people who are holding her captive can be intimidated into letting her go to avoid criminal consequences.

I don't even really care if Yolanda (Alicia's insane mother who keeps getting support for her scams by police and courts) is held responsible or not ...if police want to let Yolanda get away with this scam (as they've done so many times in the past) ...I don't really care.  All that is important to me is to get Alicia to safety.

George Titsworth and his children during happier times

Note: This is a draft page...

I am still checking some of the facts, and this page is (in part) for the purpose of featuring & verifying as many sides of this story as possible.  Any errors pointed out (with supporting facts provided) will be revised or retracted.  Keep in mind while reading that this page probably does contain some errors.  Please send contributions and criticisms to: george@humanist.tv

May 5th, 2017

Dear Bonnie,

After Grandma had her first heart attack in the 1980s she asked me not to cry at her funeral, but instead try to help everyone be happy for her.  Grandma told me she'd lived a wonderful life and that we could give her everything she ever wanted by being happy for her about that ...by being a happy family.

So at Grandma's funeral I tried to cheer people up in honor of Grandma's wishes ...tried to tell everyone about what she'd told me she wants from us.

But Andy just sneered at me.  I used to think we'd talk about that sort of thing someday at a family gathering, but in all these years I've never made it past Andy's sneers.

After the funeral it got back around to me that John was portraying my behavior at Grandma's funeral as "proof" I was some kind of psychopath who lacked normal human emotions ...and Andy apparently accepted this without feeling any further need to ever talk to me again. 

John knew this wasn't true!  This was just one in a long series of dirty tricks John's played on me since early childhood.

John saw me help Grandma cook at every family event since her first heart attack (which I did hoping to ward off another heart attack and get a chance to listen to her life story).  John's the one who never showed normal human emotions ...and John was being calculating when he took advantage of the grief people were feeling after Grandma died to smear me.

I was there the first time Grandma had a heart attack ...I cried then and told her I didn't ever want her to die.  That's when she laid those words of wisdom on me about celebrating her life, and asked me not to cry at her funeral.

George A. Titsworth Jr. & Edith Titsworth (Grandpa & Grandma)

For sure John has psychological issues ...but I don't think he's a true psychopath.  John's good to his family and people he likes, has no qualms about lying and doing awful things to anyone he doesn't like (even good people who simply disagree with him politically).  I think it's more about jealously with John.  John never liked all the positive attention I got from being such a sweet kid (and adult for that matter) ...but rather than compete by trying to be the best person he can be ...John's way of competing is to destroy the competition.

The thing is that all I did to get John not to like me ...was be born ...and take attention away from him being the cute youngest child/grandchild.

Ever since Grandma's funeral, Andy seems to have accepted every other lie John has told about me ...feeling no need to hear my side of the story before retelling John's harmful lies.

But everything Andy is holding against me is because he uses this hateful perceptual filter John established for him.  It looks as if once Andy believes a person is "bad" and does harm to them ...he's not willing to look at evidence showing that he might have been wrong about that person. 

There's a simple, reasonable explanation for everything Andy's grudges against me are based on ...but Andy won't consider my side, because if he believed me, then he'd have to face the fact that John's been lying to him all these years ...and face up to the fact that he's harmed me by repeating John's lies about me for so long.

Grandpa urged me not to join the military ...he told why he thought a life in the Army was a good way to end up an unhappy person (Grandpa is the source of my "liberal" leanings John hates so much ...although I'm not really political ...prefer to stay out of it actually).  Grandpa said he was disappointed that Andy joined the Army, but since he did, he wanted Andy to have the best military career possible.

Nevertheless, I did consider joining the Army after high school ...just for 3 years ...because a recruiter promised I could go to Russian language school.  I figured it would be cool to be able to speak Russian with Andy ...and also figured the Soviet Union would collapse someday and there might be great opportunities opened up to me in that part of the world.

I got all the way to the MEPS center ...got sworn in even ...then people started taunting me about my belief that I was going to go to the Language School.  They explained to me that my recruiter had only promised me a chance to compete for a slot that 200 other people would be competing for ...and that almost certainly I'd be cleaning toilets for 3 years.

So I told them I'd broken a bone in my hand recently and wasn't sure it was all the way healed.  I'd broken my pinkie knuckle 4 weeks prior to my ship out date ...and had taken my cast off early (figured it was healed enough) ...but it showed up still broken on the x-ray.  This caused them to say I'd have to wait 6 weeks to ship out ...and they brought me new paperwork to sign.  So I said I'd like some time to think about it before signing a new contract.  I checked with an Air Force recruiter ...and he admitted that Army recruiters routinely tricked recruits just as they'd tricked me.

The Air Force recruiter wouldn't offer me a Language School ...I considered getting into being an aircraft mechanic (often wished I'd gone for that since then) ...but went with the family college support offer instead.

I didn't even realize Grandpa was as powerful as he was until I found this Missouri State Senate Resolution, unanimously honoring Grandpa & Grandma's 60th wedding anniversary...

Grandpa once showed me a letter he sent to his old Freemason buddy, President Truman, telling Truman he hoped Dad would be hired as a design engineer for a defense contractor ...but Truman died in the early 1970s ...so I didn't think Grandpa was particularly connected after that.  Grandpa was nonetheless very connected until he died.

Grandpa showed me a bunch of nice things he done for his kids along those those lines (a long time ago) ...and told me I should do the same for my kids someday.

I spent a lot of time at Grandma & Grandpa's between holidays ...long visits in the summer, and on weekends during the school year.  I saw both Grandma & Grandpa spending most of their time doing every possible good thing they could think of for their family.

So I've got a feeling that Grandpa contacted every connection he had to urge them to give Andy every advantage possible in the Army ...and Andy did get some very special treatment from the Army (special boosts the likes of which I've ever heard of anyone getting before or since).

If Grandpa did use his invisible hand to give Andy's Army career a boost ...and if there is a heaven ...then I bet Grandpa's up there regretting what he did for Andy at this point! 

On that note, I sure do wish I could have Grandma's level of confidence in the existence of heaven, because in that case it wouldn't be so hard on me to consider the possibility that John's dirty tricks might have resulted in Alicia's death.

John's lies & dirty tricks have been at the core of all the crazy problems I've run into ever since John started focusing his social efforts on making friends with every police officer he could.  John's corrupt cop friends actually began dishonestly destroying my life starting in college ...then after the 1997 canoe trip he started an intense character assassination campaign against me ...then after the PATRIOT Act went into effect the police harassment started up again (and has continued ever since).

John had gotten to know a lot of cops by the end of the 1990s and he's used the same kinds of lies he used to turn Andy against me to turn a bunch of right-wing cops against me (I'm actually not particularly political ...just pointing out John is extremely political).

Anyway, the trouble this has caused became more and more dangerous as time passed.  I've had to prove my  innocence (over and over again) during repeated situations in which I've been attacked by corrupt cops.

A few times I've had to use evidence of police corruption to prove my innocence ...and that's a very dangerous situation to be forced into!

From left to right:  Andy, John, & George Titsworth at one of their grandfather's farms

John's dirty tricks got progressively worse as we got older ...to the point where John's hateful lies ...combined with Andy's willfully ignorant re-telling of John's lies ...set off a series of events that have destroyed my kids, maybe even killed my daughter!

Again, if there is a heaven, then Grandma's been up there this whole time ...frowning down at Andy and John for doing so much to thwart what she said she wanted us to do!

My goal with this letter when I started it ...was to inspire family members to break through Andy's ignorance and inspire him to try to make up for the harm his support for John's lies have done to my kids.  But I've since talked to Andy ...and he tried to pass off a whole bunch of lies about me to Dad!

Andy straight up character assassinated me just now.  Fortunately, I had clear evidence to disprove the (very detailed) lies Andy told Dad ...and showed Dad right away (very concretely) that Andy was telling lies about me!

There are a lot of reasons to believe that ALICIA IS STILL ALIVE ...and I believe Andy may have the power to save her as a result of the people he would know as a result of his time in the military and the time he spent in 2013 working at the Capitol Building doing "logistics" for President Obama's public appearances.

But it's clear that Andy is not going to help.  In fact, after the conversation I just had with him, I can't help but wonder if he's playing an active part in the harassment I've been suffering (right along side John).

I've actually done a lot of friendly things for Andy over the years...

I stored all of his stuff Dad started throwing away during one of his fits about Andy being gone so much in the Army (unfortunately the city sewer pushed 2 feet of sewage into my basement a few years later and it was mostly destroyed).  But John told Andy I simply upped and stole all his things out of Dad's basement one day ...and Andy simply accepted this scenario without bother to check with me!

I made a deal with Mom to let her sell Andy my 40 acres in the Ozarks for $25,000 during a time when simply selling it would have brought between $55,000 and $80,000.  Mom paid me $25,000 as gifts of $11,000 for two years and $3000 the third ...I let her pay the difference off in childcare.  But Andy somehow got the idea that this was proof I was taking advantage of Mom.

Mom only agreed to let me sell the land because she'd already agreed to John's request to sell the 40 acres she promised to leave him.  And Andy got a better deal than I did from the deal I made with Mom.  I told Mom that I knew Andy would never do anything as nice as that for me ...and agreed to the deal on the condition that Mom tell Andy and use my friendly gesture to clear up misunderstandings.

But I got ripped off ...Mom didn't come through with the childcare promised and didn't explain my peace gesture to Andy.  And Mom's "help" with my kids ended up costing me much more than she gave me in this sweet deal she swung for Andy.

Everything Andy holds against me is a similar scenario to what I've explained above!

So really...

How do you figure Andy would feel about someone who refused a million dollars to give Ginny a safe home? ...just turned his back and left you to watch in horror as Ginny is horribly abused for years ...and finally killed under suspicious circumstances?

If you feel it's okay to let someone's daughter be abused and killed ...just because you hate him ...that means you're a bad person!  Doesn't make you any better a person, even if you can establish that your "enemy" is (also) a bad person.

But there's still hope for things to turn out okay... 

If you disagree with this hateful & ignorant mentality (Bonnie) ...and If you can spare enough genuine attention to really read this letter, I think we MIGHT STILL BE ABLE TO SAVE ALICIA!

If Andy's not willing to help as a good person would, then maybe he'll be willing to help to in order to prevent me from publicizing details of this situation which have caused me to think he's a despicable liar.  If Alicia is returned to me ...and we're left alone from here on out ...I won't bother to mention either of you in the www.Humanist.tv origin story (or in any way publicize our family's dirty laundry).

By the end of this message, you will be able to see that there's nothing "normal" about the "autopsy photo" ...nothing "normal" about the report of Alicia's "death" ...and lots of reasons to believe Alicia is still alive.

If you zoom in to the "autopsy photo" you can see that it's an old photo developed on paper (in the long ago obsolete fashion)...

The picture above is not evenly blurred (in any way that modern software would blur it) ...two pronounced oval shaped blur (water?) marks on the hair look like somebody spilled something (coffee?) on a paper picture.  A developing error appears on the right over the shoulder.  Why would a coroner go through the trouble to develop a picture on paper ...spill something on this paper photo twice ...then scan it?

So I don't accept Andy's assessment of the picture above as looking like nothing out of the ordinary ...either Andy hasn't taken an honest look at it, or he's just not being honest in general.  Actually, I'm now sure Andy's not being honest, because I just saw him tell a string of (provable) lies to Dad today in an effort to gaslight us.

It resembles Alicia enough to be horrifying at a glance ...but the "autopsy photo" above is NOT of ALICIA

In this email I explain several important things about my (and Alicia's) situation ...as well as important contextual information that (combined with things I'll tell you on the phone) will help you protect your own kids from some dangers that Andy's irrational hatred of me (and willful ignorance) has blocked my ability to warn you about.

I apologize for the length, but the story has become rather complicated.  I've kept it relatively short considering how long I've been deprived of the ability to tell my side of it.

If you will be kind enough to commit right now to reading this like it's a short story (while allowing me the opportunity to prove any part you doubt) ...and will call me to discuss what I can add verbally ...I will give you a lot of credit for that in the www.Humanist.tv origin story and in any stories I participate in with RT/Russia Today.  And as I say ...if Alicia is returned to me alive ...I will not mention you at all.

PLEASE READ THIS WITH THE ATTENTION YOU'D GIVE to the matter IF IT WAS YOUR DAUGHTER who might very well still be alive, and in a dangerous (being abused right now) situation...

Dad was inclined to simply trust Andy's quick assessment that there's no reason to think the "autopsy photo" is anything out of the ordinary ...at first ...but I've now pointed out enough details that Dad can see the "autopsy photo" is very unusual ...and doesn't appear to be Alicia.  Dad's also noticed that Andy's been telling lies.

So I'm asking you to take an honest (deeper) look and help me keep Dad from being influenced by people who don't really care about Alicia (like Andy for instance) ...and would just prefer to brush this all under the rug (even if it means stranding Alicia in great danger).

And as I mentioned, there are elements of this situation that also endanger your kids (like what I show about Mom).  So read it for their sake too.

At first, Dad was totally excusing Andy from any blame of any sort with regard to refusing to give Alicia a safe home in 2013.  Instead, DAD WAS BLAMING YOU (Bonnie) for blocking Andy from helping Alicia when he was offered the chance (Dad says he offered any amount of money Andy wanted ...plenty to rent a big place and hire nannies to stay with Alicia 24/7 for instance).

But, when I responded to (what Dad said about) Andy's opinion of the "autopsy photo" as nothing out of the ordinary ...by saying that I've seen clear evidence of dishonesty from Andy, and I wasn't confident he's willing to honestly looking at the situation ...Dad was almost in tears while defending Andy!   Dad "knew" he could trust anything Andy told him (Andy's blown that trust now).  But you should know that after Dad talked to Andy, Dad "knew" that Andy was "not even in the house" and was simply unable to help when he refused to give Alicia a safe home (in early 2013) ...because of his irrational wife (you/Bonnie) who was threatening to divorce him if he dared help Alicia.

I myself have a hard time believing that the heartless, unreasonable wife Andy has described to Dad has any basis in reality ...I've always seen you (Bonnie) be very sweet and reasonable.  Andy's calling your integrity into question in attempts to portray himself as somebody who wanted to help ...by indicating that you're the bad person in this situation!

By communicating only through Dad and Andy, you risk going down in history (in the www.Humanist.tv origin story) ...as willing to allow an innocent child to be abused (and eventually killed?) because you didn't want to take the chance that giving Alicia the benefits of your protected situation (living with the family of a person working in the Capitol building doing "logistics" for the President's appearances) ...might interfere with your plans to indulge your own children in the ways you described in your 2013 BLTN Newsletter.

I put my phone number at the end of the presentation I emailed to Wendy, but maybe you didn't look at the whole thing ...so here's my phone number: (831) 607-8735 (give me a call).

I'm curious to know if you'll verify that what Andy's saying about you is really true, or if you care to refute it.  If I don't hear from you, I'll simply publish what Andy's been saying about you, and mention that you didn't take me up on my offer to refute it.

I'll be shocked if you don't get back to me and refute this.  I've never personally seen anything from you that makes it believable to me that you'd behave that way.  You've always been very sweet and reasonable with me.  But you are communicating through someone who says he's been hearing otherwise (from Andy).  And Dad has already re-told these negative things about you to me ...if I hadn't shown Dad reason to doubt Andy ...this dynamic could have really hurt your reputation.

I would have called you (Bonnie) directly back in 2013 ...but by the time Dad told Andy about the situation ...I was under a super strict gag order.  Right off the bat, I posted my side of the story on the Internet and sent out hundreds of emails ...so the Family Court Judge ordered me to take it all down and told me I'd be kept in jail for the remainder of the proceedings if I tried to communicate the situation to anyone else.

So since Andy's always been so hostile towards me ...and since he was communicating closely with Mom ...I didn't want to risk it getting back to Mom that I'd talked to you.  Mom was already lying to the courts in an effort to get me in maximum trouble ...so I didn't want to give her anything solid she could use against me.

Andy was actually a kind brother (when I was a kid) who kicked over every good thing he could think of to me.  I appreciated this.  I really wanted to accept every job Andy offered me ...like when he offered me a great job at Unclaimed Salvage and Freight when I was a teenager.  But I didn't feel I could swing it because I considered it to be too far to drive.  Also I tested out of high school at age 16 ...and after that was taking a lot of valuable elective classes and early college classes.  So I preferred my easy/flexible job at KC Racquet Club, because I could get to all my classes more easily.

By the time I graduated high school I'd completed an Auto Mechanics program at Johnson County Community College ...and spent a lot of my evenings in Auto Body programs and other extra classes.  As a result of testing out of all my required classes, I also had time to study things like artistic photography and video journalism in high school.  I learned all about developing film ...all about special developing tricks and why film does what it does. 

This is part of what made it easy for me to see that the "autopsy photo" is actually a color scan of an old light-damaged silver-based paper photo.

John was a very difficult brother to grow up with ...like a big, dangerous crazy person I had to appease to keep from getting hurt.

When I was little I could barely open my mouth without tripping up one of John's lies.  Whenever I (unintentionally) did this, John always scornfully called me a dummy and explained how I'd ruined his plan ...so I became a very quiet kid.  One time when I was about 9 or 10, I caught John doing something I really disagreed with (I don't remember exactly what) ...and threatened to tell Dad.  So John grabbed me by the upper arm and gave me a hard shake ...and then explained how easy it would be for him to kill me!  John said if I tried to tell Dad ...that Dad probably wouldn't believe me anyway ...and whether he did or not ...John said he'd wait a bit, then kill me and hide my body where nobody would ever find it!

So after that I became especially tight-lipped.  And for the rest of my childhood John would periodically get drunk and brag about all the lies and dishonest scams he'd gotten away with (John loved getting away with things ...I think it made him feel especially smart).  A lot of what John talked about was evil tricks he'd pulled on people he didn't like.  John gleefully told me one time about getting away with pulling a gun and shooting a guy in the thigh during a fight (the guy had pulled a knife on him he said).  John told me about going out with the sons of right-wing cops to beat up gay guys at the Liberty Memorial ...and how they eventually stopped the gatherings at the Liberty Memorial by using this strategy to compile statistics proving that allowing gatherings there caused an unacceptable level of violence.  John also told me in detail how he'd wrapped untraceable pistols in plastic and buried them in case he ever felt a strong enough desire to kill someone.

I just nodded and smiled at John while he talked like this (privately regarding him as a dangerous crazy person) ...and did my best to avoid John as much as possible.

So I chose to just be very quiet.  I got philosophical about understanding that I can't absolutely "know" anything ...and didn't like being entangled in anyone else's dramas ...so I felt like "I don't know" or "I'm not really sure what you're talking about" were good honest answers to fall back on in situation where I was being pressed to tell on someone.

I got very good at minding my own business and staying out of stuff.  I just kept my thoughts on how great it would be to get out of the family dynamic I was born into ...become financially successful ...and create conditions for my own family that rewarded respectful communication, being good to others, honesty, happiness, etc.

This worked very well until I took Dad up on his college support offer and moved into his house to go to the community college to see if I had what it took to go to a University.

Dad was offering $6/hr to do things like roof his house and farm work (best wages I'd ever made at that point) ...plus free housing and a car ...so I was looking forward to what I thought would be a fun college experience.

Grandpa ...the cow whisperer?

John had noticed by this time that I never took him up on his invitations to go beat up gay guys or pull tricks on the many other people he hated ...John also noticed that I didn't drink alcohol or chew tobacco (we had nothing in common) ...and started regarding me as a "liberal" (my political/health/social views are essentially identical to Grandpa's ...which was basically to be a good person who didn't consume alcohol or tobacco and stay out of politics).

Anyway, John started regarding me as one of those people deserving of his dirty tricks about this time (someone who didn't agree with his politics).  So, shortly after I took Dad's deal, John hit me up for a $20 loan at 6am ...I rolled out of bed and went to where I hid my cash to give him the money ...then John paid me back the $20 later in the day.  A few days later I discovered my cash envelope was short $200! 

During that time, Dad drove to Alaska with Debbie (his fiance') ...and left John and me with a list of chores to do by the time he got back.

We started roofing Dad's house before he left, but immediately after Dad left John quit working on the roof ...so I roofed most of Dad's house on my own.  I noticed after a while that John had done none of the chores on his list, and mentioned to him that Dad was going to be mad at him when he got home ...but John just sneered at me.  I got everything on my list done with 3 days to spare ...and I was out at a barbecue party when Dad got home (on a Friday evening).  John waited around to greet Dad ...to tell him all about how I'd left John to roof the house alone and did none of the chores on my list while Dad was gone!  Dad had written the chore lists on the dry erase board on the refrigerator door ...in drafting lettering.  John simply erased our names and switched them in drafting lettering that looked just like Dad's.

When Dad angrily confronted me about not doing the chores he left for me ...I was genuinely confused ...and said I'd done all my chores, that John was the one who'd not done anything while he was in Alaska.  Dad angrily rebuked me for "calling John a liar"!

So I didn't get paid for the work I'd done while Dad was gone to Alaska ...John got my pay.  I was finding the living arrangement at Dad's to be very unpleasant, so I transferred to CMSU asap.

Everything went smoothly for a while.  College was easy for me ...I was confident that I had it made ...and then Grandma died and my life became Hellish after that.

I saw Grandma just a few days before she died ...she was concerned about me coming to do farm work so much because I'd already missed classes that semester to attend my other grandmother's funeral.  So Grandma scolded me for not using my weekends to study.  Grandma asked if Dad was making me come to the farm ...he sort of was ...but I (honestly) told Grandma that I picked CMSU so I could come see her (and Grandpa) frequently, because I didn't want her to die and later regret not enjoying time with her while I had the chance.

Grandma told me that if I needed to study on the weekends ...and Dad was trying to make me do things that interfered ...that I should just ignore him and study.  She told me that college was my job ...and my only job requirement was to make the best grades I could.  Grandma said that she and Grandpa had paid for their children's college educations, and that getting my college paid for was a family entitlement ...something they expected their kids to do to pay them back. 

Grandma followed up that day at lunch by scolding Dad for bringing me to the farm.  Grandma didn't care if I wanted to come to the farm ...I'd honestly told her I had a C in one of my classes ...so she scolded Dad anyway because she felt he should pay more attention and care more about my academic performance.

After Grandma died ...Dad called me at college and said some things that really shocked me.  Dad had somehow gotten the idea that I cared more about school than Grandma (John Titsworth "00 SPY" strikes again).  Dad went on to say he didn't agree with my choice of major and wasn't sure if he cared to continue to pay for my school. 

This really shook me up, because I'd passed up a nice job offer to be an auto mechanic thinking I'd much rather be a PhD Psychologist ...and it didn't sound like much fun to have to pay my own way through graduate school.

At that time John was floating that evil rumor about me being an emotionless psychopath who didn't care that Grandma died (because I tried to cheer everyone up at her funeral as she'd asked me to do).

By that point, I really did need to focus on school ...because both of my grandmother's died that semester and I'd taken a lot of time off for their funerals. 

But Dad kept calling and shocking me with things he said on the phone.  He started one call by asking, "So, are you still hanging out with that fat pig?" (referring to Dawn).  Dawn was really just an eternally cheerful friend who I liked to have around for the emotional boost.  She was also the only female friend I had who'd kept hanging out with me after meeting my family.  I actually dated the prettiest girls I could land when I felt I had the time and money to spare (I'd just been short on cash and time for a while).  Dawn paid her own way, and helped me with school work.

One time I did mention to Dawn that I wasn't sure if I was willing to risk the consequences of the pressure Dad was applying to me about hanging out with her ...and suggested that maybe I should just focus on school, and not have friends Dad doesn't like.  But Dawn started crying and pointed out that I'd never let anyone tell me I couldn't hang out with my (clinically obese) friend Charles.  Dawn had a point.  If Charles had wanted to go the same colleges as me, I'd have hung out with him as much as I did her.  Charles lucked into a $40,000/yr job managing a gas station right after high school ...because his boss died in a motorcycle accident ...or else we'd have probably been close college buddies/roommates.

So I apologized and told Dawn she could hang out with me all she wanted, just like all my other friends were welcome to do whenever they wanted.

By the time Grandma died, Dawn had actually dropped out of college (for lack of funds) and was working nights at Wal-Mart in Blue Springs (I hadn't seen her since the semester started).  Nevertheless, it was shaking me up having Dad cal to say negative about my friends and choice of major ...often making it so I couldn't concentrate on my school work for the rest of the day.  So I decided to quit answering Dad's calls until I wasn't needing to spend all my attention on school (ignored him like Grandma had told me to do).

A few weeks after I stopped answering Dad's calls, John called to say that Dad had told him to bring my bookstore receipt to him ...so I gave the receipt to John.

Only John told Dad I'd refused to give him the receipt!

I'd spent about $50 more than usual that semester at the bookstore ...and Dad somehow got the idea I was hiding the reciept from him because I'd used his check to buy some books for Dawn (used textbooks only cost about $10 apiece back then).  In reality, I'd spent the extra $50 on art & office supplies for a class that required elaborate presentations.

At any rate, Dad withdrew financial support for my college that semester.  This was not funny, harmless dirty tricks from a brother ...that was serious harm John's lies did to me.

And John was just getting warmed up...

That semester during Spring Break ...while I was hanging out in the dorm lobby with all the other students too poor or behind on school work to take a vacation ...an angry (large) black student verbally attacked me.  This was shortly after the Rodney King riots.  Unbeknownst to me, somebody had convinced him I was the racist student who'd fastened a Confederate Flag to my dorm window!

This guy said, "Hey YOU!" looking at me ...so I looked behind me but nobody was there.  Then he said, "Yeah, YOU!" and began talking about how the "white man" thinks he can get away with anything.  I told him I didn't like the old white bastards he was talking about either ...and assured him he had the wrong guy.  But he wasn't going to let me weasel out of a beating ...and went on to call me "whitey", "honky", "cracker", and then called me a "racist".

So I gently objected by saying, "I'm not a racist ...you're being racist".  He wasn't inclined to take any lip from a "racist" like me, so he came at me! 

By this time, this angry black student's friends could see he must have the wrong guy ...so they jumped between us.  The guy was really drunk and fought his friends for a bit knocking down a bunch of stuff in the lobby in the process.

Then the campus police showed up because of the disturbance.  They took a report from me ...and the black students who'd stopped the fight backed me up.  They apologized for their friend being drunk ...said he'd mistaken me for another guy ...and that I'd behaved appropriately the whole time.

Then, a few days later, I got a notice that I was being expelled! 

The campus police had creatively "abbreviated" their report to simply say I'd "exchanged racial slurs with a black student". 

I went to the expulsion hearing ...with the tape recorder rolling ...the panel glared at me like I was a horrible person, read the charges and asked if I had anything to say for myself.  So I told my side just like I wrote it above.  The angry black student showed up just after I finished ...noticeably drunk ...and walked by each member of the panel (showing both middle fingers) and said, "Fuck YOU honky", "Fuck YOU honky", "Fuck YOU honky" and "Fuck YOU honky", and then walked out.

So I narrowly avoided being expelled for "exchanging racial slurs with a black student" only because this students behavior at the hearing was as outrageous and unreasonable as I'd described in my side of the story.  But a quick glance at my student record (and the police report) would lead most people to believe I'm a "racist"!

George A. Titsworth IV & his fiance' Jasmine

I didn't put it together at the time.  I just thought it was a freakish misunderstanding at first ...and I even assumed at first that the police officer must have just misheard and been careless about making his report.

But after a long string of police doing the same kind of thing to me ...and having John often call to taunt me before and after police kept doing these kinds of things to me ...I began to suspect that John was behind making me look (on paper) like a racist.

The previous Thanksgiving I'd expressed for the first difference of opinion with John since that time I threatened to tell on him when I was 9 or 10.  John said he thought the police officers who viciously beat Rodney King did nothing wrong and should be found not guilty.  I politely disagreed and said that it was clear they had King subdued, yet continued to gang beat him for a long time ...and that it was especially important to hold police officers who get caught doing this kind of thing accountable.  I really didn't think anything of it ...was just participating in dinner table conversation.

At that time John was roommates with a criminal justice major who ended up being a cop with the Cass County Sheriff's Department.  It didn't occur to me at the time ...but I've had so many more similar experiences with dishonest police like in Warrensburg since then (often in the context of John calling to taunt me before and after experiencing police abuses of power) ...that thinking back I strongly suspect John had something to do with giving that black student the idea I was a racist ...and also something to do with that bogus police report which dishonestly painted me as a racist.

This was the first in a long string of similar situations ...in which police or the courts dishonestly portrayed events in such a way as to make me look like a bad person.

And John taunted me before and after every one of these situations where the police acted fishy until 2007 ...when he blurted out, "Because it's my JOB!" after I asked him why/how was he keeping tabs on me so closely.  John has not called me since slipping up like that in 2007 ...but he drives in and out of Dad's place shortly after I arrive (every time) and gives me an evil smile (always just once ...and always right after I show up at Dad's).

John seems to have gotten mixed up with a bunch of KKK connected cops back when he was out gay-bashing at the Liberty Memorial with the son's of police officers.  I sure have had a lot of bizarre trouble with KKK connected cops (every since Grandma died).  On one occasion the FBI even determined that a police department that had attacked me was affiliated with the KKK.

I think John assumes this is our family culture ...and that I'm some kind of freak "nigger lover" ...I use that term because I was accused of it back in college.  I got hit from all sides of the political spectrum at once.  White racists were calling me "nigger lover" and black racists were being tricked into believing I was a white racist!

All I did at Thanksgiving was echo Grandpa's opinion.  Grandpa told me one time that I was lucky to be white.  If you stop there it sounds like a racist statement (I think that must be the deepest John ever listened to Grandpa).  But Grandpa went on to say I was lucky because "colored people" (polite term then) were always getting messed with by the trashiest dumbest white people (Grandpa was referring to people like John Titsworth "00 SPY" and all his corrupt cop friends).

Grandpa was actually a closet "liberal" ...I learned this about him during long summer visits as a child while driving around with him to see friends and work on his farms.  He sometimes used disparaging terms to describe "no account" black people he saw while driving through cities ...but he always said, "That's a good man!" every time he saw a black man wearing a Freemason ring.  And one time Grandpa pointed to a sign with Martin Luther King Jr. on it and said, "He was a very good man."

Family may remember at Grandpa's funeral when a black man stepped up to speak ...and gave credit to Grandpa for helping him out financially and making it possible for him to raise a happy, successful family.  John and Andy seem to only remember Grandpa making disgusted remarks about the "no account" drug addicted black people he sometimes saw in cities.

John (and seemingly Andy too) act as if I'm the one not in line with our family's values ...but I've always just followed Grandpa's advice to not hold anyone's skin color against them.

Anyway, Dad was often very blunt in his speech and was concerned that I was going to end up with Dawn ...Dad really didn't like Dawn ...and could understand that I saw Dawn as just my friend.

I wish I could have explained to Dad that Dawn helped me do a lot of my homework/busy work, and constantly reminded me of due dates, tests, etc. (sort of like my assistant).  I think if Dad understood this, he might have viewed Dawn as useful.  I did give Dawn $600 in tuition money (money I earned) that last semester before she dropped out ...but she did a lot of my busy work to pay me back.

It's always been hard to explain much to Dad.  He tends to cut me off, so these conversations were always very short ...and rarely did I get much across.

Actually, nerdy girls have been doing my homework for me since I was 14.  I've been very fortunate ever since then to be one of those guys a lot of girls/women consider to be attractive.  But I've always had a preference for nerds ...because I'm a nerd.

14-yr-old George A. Titsworth IV

It all started after my gym teacher made me do around 200 "squat thrusts" (a pushup then stand up, a pushup then stand up) as punishment for forgetting my gym clothes for the 4th time.  I went out in the hallway and took my shirt off before starting the squat thrusts so I wouldn't get my regular shirt all sweaty.  So a bunch of girls saw me all sweaty with my shirt off with my muscles popping out ...and from then on a large pack of nerdy girls followed me around till I graduated.  One (or more) of these girls was always eager to do my homework for me.

A few of these girls developed into super gorgeous young ladies ...but they all ended up having a lot of guys competing for them (guys who could offer them a lot more than I could).

Dawn was my most dedicated nerdy fan.  Dawn had crappy parents who used to beat her ...and ended up sleeping on friends' couches after high school.  So Dawn didn't mind that I had crappy car ...and could offer her only very spartan living quarters.  When I went to CMSU Dawn had nowhere to go (because I moved into the dorms) ...so I helped her follow me there.

After Dad withdrew my college support ...I found an old mobile home for $1000 (Mom was paying for my tuition and living costs at that time so it helped reduce her expenses).  Dawn moved in and provided food with the money she made working nights at Wal-Mart.  I'd been working Friday & Saturday nights at a pool hall (hired to break up & prevent fights) ...and also worked for an agency that sent me out to work 1-to-1 with especially violent mental patients.  The lowest pay for this job was more than double, the highest more than triple what I got at the pool hall (higher pay to watch the big/tough/aggressive homicidal patients who really scared the regular staff)  One time a patient woke up suddenly and tossed me all the way across the room ...felt like I was flying till I hit the wall!  But I could read textbooks while watching my patients sleep, so I worked this job 1 or 2 nights a week ...as often as I could stand skipping a night of sleep. 

I changed my major from Psychology to Education because Mom said I'd have to pay for my own graduate school.  Dawn eventually completed a Bachelor's in Nursing.

I finished the courses required for my Bachelor's in Education right on schedule (except I hadn't had time for College Algebra, but I figured I'd take that by itself so I could dedicate the time).  But the early 1990's "recession" had inspired a bunch of housewives with teaching degrees to apply for all the available teaching jobs.  There were literally between 200 and 600 applicants for every teaching opening I checked into ...and every school said I'd need at least a Master's degree to even be considered.  My plan had been to get a teaching job and earn graduate degrees while teaching!

I couldn't even afford to do my student teaching semester (didn't realize that would be required when I switched majors) ...and nobody was inclined to take more than a superficial look at that "racism" incident on my student record.

So I worked a bunch of crappy jobs for a few years after Dad yanked my college support ...filed 5 W-2 forms one year ...and worked 3 of those crappy jobs all at the same time for the entire year.

I was working two full time jobs when I took Dad up on his offer to bring me into Ace Comfort Engineering a few years later (to pick up John's slack).  At that time I was working a full time evening shift as a Radiology Clerk at Menorah Medical Center, and went straight to a full time night shift at Sonitrol Security Systems (monitoring alarm systems).

I was a good student on track to finish my Bachelor's Degree in just 4 years ...was honest with Dad ...good to my friends ...and ended up getting my college support cut off for respecting Grandma's wishes!  Meanwhile John ("00 SPY") got unwavering support from Dad for 9 years to get a Bachelor's in Economics.

John used to run a scam during college where he'd sign up for a bunch of classes ...which Dad would pay for ...then John would withdraw from most of them and spend the refund on beer, guns, eating out, vacations, etc. (John bragged to me about pulling this scam off shortly after I first started college ...six years after John started college).  But since John knew how to tell Dad what Dad wanted to hear (and didn't have any qualms about lying to do this) ...Dad never got suspicious about John (he was too busy being irrationally suspicious of me based on John's lies).

At Ace Comfort I worked 10 to 13 hours a day Monday through Friday ...answered the company phone 24/7 and often went out for evening and weekend service calls.  John showed up about once a week to help me with an installation and that was it ...but collected half of the company profits ...and used his free time to convince everyone I was cheating him!

John finally left Ace Comfort in a huff after I refused to do a bunch of extra work to file amended employment tax returns to falsely show that he made even more money (so he could qualify for a larger VA home loan).  After which John told all my local customers that I was a "meth dealer" who'd cheated him ...and to watch out because I'd cheat them too.

So I ended up finding a lot of work in the inner-city black neighborhoods.  Andy might remember this.  I remember during one of Andy's rare visits to Dad's during that time he sneeringly asked me what I was doing spending so much time up in "brown town" ...maybe he thought it had something to do with John's "meth dealer" smear ...but most HVAC contractors were charging black people double what I normally charged so I picked up a thriving business in the black communities.

Just after Bush was elected in 2000 ...I was "caught" by an unusually aggressive KC codes inspector for replacing a furnace without a permit.  Up until that time HVAC contractors normally treated a furnace replacement as simply a repair of one part of the system (nobody got a permit for that) ...so he let me off with a warning and said I'd be criminally prosecuted the next time I was "caught" breaking a rule.  Permitting rules were changing dramatically without warning, so contractors like me were on constant thin ice.

Then my biggest client was hit with a bogus criminal (fraud) prosecution (Morris Goode of Goode's Home Remodeling).  Morris was able to prove he'd committed no crimes, but lost all his government contracts anyway.  Morris then had a stroke and retired.  Additionally, right about that time Yolanda got drugged and the courts allowed her to repeatedly force me to defend against criminal allegations (even though I repeatedly proved Yolanda had lied to police and in court).

I found myself constantly on the verge of financial ruin.  No matter how much money I made, I ended up giving all to lawyers ...and I couldn't afford to defend against another false charge ...so I sold my house in KC used the proceeds to move to Mom's home town in the Ozarks where all the old-timers knew her.  Mom's old high school friends literally sat and watched the entrance into and out of this little town all day/every day ...and I hoped I could get enough community support there to protect Alicia from Yolanda and ward off any more false prosecutions.

We really enjoyed Newburg for a year and a half ...then John (John Titsworth "00 SPY") called me to predict nothing would work out for me there ...and I was viciously attacked by corrupt KKK-connected Sheriff's department cops shortly after that!  Prior to that I'd taken great pains to get the KKK types to like me ...and had succeeded.  When the Sheriff's Department ran our town cop out and took over the town's law enforcement, I actually told (5-yr-old) Alicia to walk up to the Sheriff's Deputy at the school and tell him, "My daddy says police officers are heroes" next time she saw him.  After that the Sheriff's Department people were super chatty and friendly with me.

Then John ("00 SPY") called and everything fell apart!

Letter of support from Christine Altman-Westphal
("Chris" is the oldest child of Oscar-winning director Robert Altman)

Andy portrays me as a crazy "conspiracy theorist" for trying to explain the crazy/dangerous things that really happened in Newburg ...and a lot of people simply accept this ...without ever bothering to fact check.  Other members of the Newburg community (Christine Altman for instance) were attacked by this Sheriff too!

It didn't occur to me that they were KKK out of the blue ...a community member came to me after John's creepy call to tell me that he'd heard the local KKK people talking about me and that it didn't sound good.  This fellow told me his brother was a member of the KKK and gave me a list of all the families in the Newburg area who were members of the KKK.

After the attack on my house I passed this list along to a State Trooper (Officer Mark Bulowski) ...who went and questioned them all about my complaint that a group of hillbillies had surrounded my house to yell threats and shoot guns in the air (literally punctuated their speech with gunshots).  Other community members (supporters of the Old West Theme Town idea) sent information into the FBI ...so the FBI sent an undercover agent in to infiltrate the local KKK.  The undercover agent discovered that the local Sheriff was KKK-connected and appeared to be plotting to kill Officer Mark Bulowski for having helped me (after which Bulowski suddenly disappeared into the witness protection program).

Just because something crazy/dangerous  happens to you doesn't mean you're crazy.  Other members of the Newburg community know about this too.  I can refer anyone with the intellectual/moral integrity to bother to check out my story to old friends of Mom's side of the family saw the whole thing too.

If everybody automatically assumes that anybody complaining about KKK or corrupt police must be delusional ...never bothers to check the facts ...then how can anyone ever survive if attacked by KKK or corrupt cops?!  Corruption in police forces exist ...the KKK exists ...but essentially everybody acts as if they don't (effectively becoming accomplices in their crimes).

I never wanted (shouldn't have ever had) any involvement with these creepy/dangerous people ...and I've rarely talked about it (hoping they'd forget about me) ...but John apparently got me entangled with them and won't let them forget about me.

Every time I find it necessary to bring it up ...John and Andy loudly call me a "conspiracy theorist" and a crazy person who nobody should believe because I sometimes refer to an FBI investigation into a KKK attack John got me hit with!

For Christ's sake ...they exist!  I survived an attack, and in the process pissed off a bunch of KKK crazies and some corrupt cops.  This is very dangerous, and having essentially all the family Dad associates with ignorantly decide they "know" I'm making it all up (without bother to check it out) has put my kids and me through Hell.

Officer Bulowski escorted us to the County line, our house was destroyed while we were gone...

Alicia's bedroom...

Drew's bedroom...

My bedroom...

Our kitchen...

Our family room...

I tried to tell Dad about all this stuff as it happened ...but Dad always cut me off right before I could say much and went off on a totally irrelevant angry tangent.

So I tried following up with emails explaining this stuff as it happened ...but Dad has never seemed to be able to keep enough in mind at once to understand how complicated John kept making life for me.  Really I don't think Dad even read any of my emails ...Dad likes things simple ...and John kept his lies simple the way Dad likes a story to be.

It's much simpler to just think I'm a bad person making up excuses ...no need to pay attention to the details of the hellishly complicated reality I've been put through that way.

I'm actually not trying to slam Dad ...just trying to explain.  Like I said, I think Dad's actually been doing his best ...and has perceptual quirks that can be easily taken advantage of by a liar like John ("00 SPY").

And harsh advice from Aunt Elizabeth has contributed a lot to the nightmare my life has been since Grandma died ...so I'm hoping to get more family understanding of Dad to stop this dynamic too.

The first time I was able to get it across to Dad that we've been dealing with a really dangerous situation was in 2012 ...when Alicia read Dad one of my emails.  Alicia said Dad didn't appear to be really listening so she (along with Drew & Jasmine) went back over key points after reading it to him.

Still Dad didn't take the danger seriously.  We (me, Alicia, Drew, and Jasmine) urged Dad not to tell Mom we were coming back to Santa Cruz in 2012 (I had solar installations waiting for me there).  I was trying to set up a meeting with mutual friends and our minister in Santa Cruz before Mom could turn everybody off with slander and false allegations. 

But Mom was ready for us ...and Dad later let me know he'd told Mom we were coming before we ever got there!  Any time I tried to tell Dad that Mom was acting really crazy (maybe Alzheimer's I thought at first, then it occurred to me Rebecca might be drugging Mom) he'd say, "Nonsense!"  At that time, Mom was being very "sweet" (conniving) to Dad and telling him the kinds of simple lies he can grip his (highly specialized/one-track) mind around.  

Any time I tried to tell Dad about any of the long string of dangerous situations I've dealt with he'd always cut me off by saying, "Nonsense!" or some equally dismissive thing.  Dad has a powerful ability to focus deeply on single-minded things (was able to design/invent a lot of amazing things because of this), but I don't think Dad's ever been able make sense of complicated social situations ...so whenever he can't understand something he gets irritated and tries to end the conversation by saying something angrily dismissive.

Grandma would have seen what was going on probably before I even figured it out ...and taken aggressive action to stop it.  If Grandma had lived for even 5 more years I'd have enjoyed a happy career as a Psychologist (living in that insulated world with other nerds like me) instead of living this long nightmare my life became.

To all the family members who spread that evil rumor about me not caring that Grandma died (because I respected her wishes and tried to cheer everyone up at her funeral) ...none of you really even knew Grandma ...and none of you really cared about her.

John ("00 SPY"), Andy and everyone else who encouraged Dad to be punishing toward me after Grandma died (Aunt Elizabeth) ...you were all focused on yourselves, and not what Grandma wanted us to do.  Seems like a lot of people were sad and angry that Grandma wouldn't be able to keep doing nice things for them ...and did exactly the opposite of what Grandma wanted.  This showed great disrespect for Grandma at/and after her funeral ...ultimately denying Grandma her dying wish. 

Every family member who responded with hateful, ignorant reactions to me for doing what Grandma asked me to do ...just showed themselves to be self-absorbed ...and not more virtuous than me (as these people have postured every since), but less.

As I said, Grandma told me back when she had her first heart attack in the 1980s ...that she'd had a wonderful life, and would have everything she ever wanted from life ...if (instead of being sad) all of her family could be happy for her (and happy in general) after she was gone.
Grandpa & Grandma in the 1930s

I believe Dad's single-mindedness, and difficulties with understanding complex family matters wouldn't pose any problems if there was a compassionate consensus around him...

Dad relies on consensus to decide what he thinks about a lot of things.  He can't seem to really make sense of a lot of what people say to him on his own.  If it's not about math, mechanical things, or something similarly single-minded ...I think Dad's often just faking an understanding of whatever's being discussed.  This seems to be a habit Dad developed to cover up his perceptual limitations, and avoid being viewed as a social "retard" by the types who will be harsh like that.

Don't get me wrong ...Dad is highly intelligent and can understand anything he puts his mind to ...and will remember anything he deems important.  Dad's able to function just fine (with far more competence than the average person).  But Dad always relied on Grandma to interpret family matters for him ...and after Grandma died, Dad's relied on his sister Elizabeth's (harsh/often disastrous) advice.

My way of looking at Dad ...is to be understanding about his perceptual quirks ...and to give him credit for having always genuinely had good intentions toward all of his kids (in spite of how confused Dad's execution of these good intentions has sometimes been).

Once you understand Dad well enough to know how to not trigger a negative outburst from him, he'll tend to be rather jovial with you.  Once you understand Dad, it's easy enough to just shrug off his quirky behavior.

My overall reason for explaining Dad's quirks in such detail ...is that Dad's quirks got in the way of about three things that would have saved Alicia already and/or helped us avoid being in danger in the first place. 

If Dad had had a loving/compassionate consensus around him (instead of so many willfully ignorant/hateful people urging him to be inappropriately harsh) ...I think Alicia would be safe and happy right now.

Alicia said it best one time after coming back from a visit to Aunt Elizabeth's house.  She hated going there because Elizabeth was constantly setting up rigged competitions to show how much "smarter" her grandchildren were than her.

Alicia said, "I don't see why Grandpa thinks they're so smart.  They think the world was created 7000 years ago.  So what if they can say the times tables faster than me ...anyone with a calculator can do math faster than they can in their heads.  They don't even understand carbon dating."

I realized that Alicia was a very intelligent kid.  She just didn't like the pressure applied to her about math.  But Dad sees math ability as the only measure of intelligence ...because that's what he's good at.  Alicia's problems with math were psychological mostly.  Every time Dad tried to give her a math lesson he'd raise his voice and say ominous things about how she's not good enough at it till she cried ...so she hated math. 

Alicia was/is an art prodigy, but didn't really get proper recognition for this.  She would have won any art competition if Elizabeth had been fair enough to ever suggest such a contest.

Alicia sketched this in about 2 minutes at age 13

Alicia could draw professional-looking anime when she was 10-yrs-old.  I asked her if she could draw a solar-themed company logo (when she was just 13-yrs-old) and she had an potential logo ready for me on Dad's chalkboard in about 2 minutes.

Like Alicia said, math isn't everything.  Really, computers and robotics are about to replace all jobs.  Soon AI computers will be doing such complex math that no human will be able to understand it.  So I always figured it was just as well that Alicia is good at art.  Human artistic expression is one thing that robots won't really be able to do (at least not for a while).

I saw a little more about what caused Alicia's hatred of math while watching Elizabeth give her a "math lesson" in 2011.  Elizabeth explained to Alicia that with her math skills she could only expect to get a minimum wage job ...like at McDonald's.  So Elizabeth worked out how much a person would make in a month being paid $7.25 an hour ($1,160 before taxes) ...then pointed out that her electricity bill alone is $1200 a month.  And concluded by saying that with the kind of jobs Alicia could get with her math skills ...she wouldn't even be able to pay the electric bill in Elizabeth's house ...so she could never hope to live as well as Elizabeth's family does!

I already knew Elizabeth was insanely competitive and liked to promote her grandchildren as better than everyone else's ...but that "math lesson" really shocked me!  After seeing this spirit-crushing "math lesson" I apologized to Alicia and promised not to let her be alone with Elizabeth again.

It would help Mom a lot too for Andy to have a more compassionate/understanding outlook...

Drew called Andy just before Christmas in 2010 to see if he could break through Andy's communication blockade ...hoping to let Andy know about Mom's dramatic personality change after meeting Rebecca ...how she'd suddenly started blocking our efforts to get to Ireland.

Put simply, Drew hoped to explain how Mom had hijacked our Irish citizenship documents ...and about how we were concerned that Rebecca appears to be exploiting Mom. 

But Drew said Andy wouldn't talk to him ...that Andy said something rude about us taking advantage of Mom ...and (according to Drew) Andy seemed to be indicating that he thought there was something somehow criminal about our efforts to get to Ireland!
Mom printed the letter pictured above out on paper, signed it, and sent it to me though the mail.  Then later claimed she didn't write the letter above and none of it was true.

I myself remember Mom going to Ireland on her honeymoon with Bob and coming back to tell me this stuff.  I remember having a conversation with Mom when I was 15 about how I wanted to claim my Irish citizenship if I could, and she told me we couldn't do it because she wasn't able to locate her father's birth certificate.

We didn't realize back then that it wasn't a strict requirement to find the birth certificate, that we could still register as foreign born Irish citizens by using other documentation proving Mom's father was born in Ireland.  So we started the effort back up and were preparing to petition the Irish courts to retro-actively recognize Mom's and my citizenships as beginning back when we would have registered (in the 1980s) ...if not for this misunderstanding.

Our hope was that we could get an Irish Passport for Alicia and get her to safety...

By this time Alicia had already been kidnapped by Yolanda twice, and we were concerned about the double standards we kept seeing the courts (and police) apply in Yolanda's favor.  Every baseless allegation was aggressively pressed against me in the courts ...even after I'd proven repeatedly that my accuser had already been caught lying under oath and to police in previous attacks! 

Never any consequences for Yolanda as a result of her dangerous/illegal behavior ...just technicalities used to say I was still obligated to give her visitation ...causing us to have to hide Alicia and avoid being served with any papers.

Mom saw all this ...and saw what happened in Newburg.  Mom was eager to get Alicia to safety (to Ireland) as the happy ending to years of agonizing worry about what might happen to Alicia if Yolanda got custody of her ...and then Mom suddenly changed her mind shortly after she began eating exclusively with Rebecca.

Shortly after Mom met Rebecca, she hijacked all of my Irish citizenship documents for 2 years!  I finally got enough mutual friends and family to notice that it was clearly unreasonable for her to not turn these documents over to me ...but when she sent the documents, she also sent me a note (pictured below) explaining the criminal penalties she seemed to be preparing to get me hit with if I attempted to claim my Irish citizenship!!

I began getting notes like this from Mom shortly after she met Rebecca

Mom sent an ominously highlighted note (pictured above) about the penalties for anyone who gives a "false or misleading" statement to the Irish citizenship authorities...

 At this time, Mom began denying having written the letter featured above and below (said I wrote it)!  I can actually establish that I was in Kansas City for a month prior to Mom printing and signing this letter before she then sent it through the mail from Santa Cruz to Kansas City ...and what she sent used essentially none of the suggestions she'd asked me to make when she asked me to write up potential example letters and email them to her in previous months.

Example of Mom's writing before Rebecca started "helping" her

Mom asked me to write up a first draft to get her started and email it to her...

We agreed that I should put in every possible detail that I could think of ...to help jog Mom's memory for that sort of stuff ...so she could just edit out whatever didn't match up with actual reality and be left with as many relevant details as possible in her letter.  For instance, one suggestion I made in an early draft ...was to say so if her dad spoke with an Irish accent.  But Mom's father hopped a ship and left Ireland at age 13 ...so she says he didn't speak with an Irish accent.

At any rate, I have a hunch that Mom and Rebecca came up with a plan to construe the help I gave Mom with potential details she might want to include in her letter ...as if this were evidence that I intended to lie to the Irish citizenship authorities.  Setting up a situation that way were I'd be forced to defend against a criminal prosecution when I filed to be included on the Irish foreign birth registry.

It would truly be crazy for me to try to lie to the Irish citizenship authorities ...because I can show everything needed to qualify for citizenship using unquestionably valid documents.  I unquestionably qualify ...the true details Mom began denying would have caused me criminal trouble if I tried to get Alicia citizenship.

Since meeting Rebecca, Mom has repeatedly done things that put Alicia in great danger ...while simultaneously doing everything she could to block my efforts to get Alicia to safety.  And Andy seems to have fallen right into line with this effort!

So what I'll do is submit the emails in question to my solicitor (lawyer) so they can be understood in context ...not as any kind of statements I intended to make to mislead citizenship authorities.

Mom's been participating in one Satanistic/diabolical trick after another ever since shortly after she began eating exclusively with Rebecca.
Meanwhile, instead of noticing that Mom started acting crazy and dishonest ...Andy just rewarded her with acceptance once she started saying dishonest/hateful things about my kids and me ...and then invited her to watch your kids while you were out of town for 2 weeks!

That's a related matter that would be good to clear up more on the phone.  It looks to me like Mom was fed a drug (by Rebecca) that brought her under Rebecca's control ...and ever since then, Mom has repeatedly done crazy things that have harmed my kids.

I figure Andy feels comfortable casually lying to his family ...and I doubt Andy respects Dad enough to always be honest with him ...because I saw Andy lie to Angus at a family reunion (2010 or 2011).

That year I was a real hit with the kids.  I organized a game of "cross-country ping pong" (a new sport I made up on the spot).  I positioned all the kids around the ping pong table with paddles and told them the object of the game was to keep the ping pong ball in play at all costs.  The kids had a blast with this.

Just after this game, I caught Angus talking to Andy about me while walking down the stairs.  Angus was gushing about what a great guy I was ...and how wild it was that I had an "evil twin" who'd done all those bad things he'd overheard Andy talking about.  This inspired Andy to shush Angus and give me an awkward look.

I'm really not like John or Andy ...I've been very scrupulously honest with my kids and everyone else in my family (honest in general).  But somehow Andy feels justified in helping to convince people I'm a terrible person?

By faithfully re-telling the lies John and Michelle have been spreading about me (without ever bothering to check my side of the story) ...Andy has contributed to undermining the family support that would have prevented terrible things from happening to my kids!

Early school photos of George A. Titsworth IV

As far as I can determine, John & Michelle began very aggressively smearing me to discredit me (in general) ever since I caught them talking on a canoe trip in 1997 about how eagerly they hoped Dad would die asap (real negative stuff about him).

They were dreaming out loud about how they planned to indulge themselves with their portion of Dad's money.  They'd both been drinking heavily all day and apparently forgot I was there.

John had never invited me to a canoe trip before ...and I wish I'd not gone to this one...

While going on about how much they hated Dad and couldn't wait to get his money ...John noticed me and asked what I thought about Dad dying. I said something polite/appropriate and then went elsewhere.  They'd actually made some accurate points about Dad (that would've been valid if Dad was a normal person), nevertheless I found it rather ghoulish to talk about someone who's dying like that.

So for the rest of the canoe trip I had to deal with my car keys going missing (they showed up at the office after everyone else left).  Also for the rest of the canoe trip Michelle & John kept looking at me while whispering conspiratorially (like a couple of paranoids).  Yolanda told me she overheard Michelle saying something to John about me not realizing how bad it was with Dad (her words) because I lived with Mom who protected me from Dad. 

I never tried to tell Dad about any of this ...I'm not the type to try to twist John's hard feelings related to his childhood experiences with Dad into drama with Dad.  In my opinion, that was John's private matter and none of my business.

But John is the type to have used that sort of thing against me.  He'd played a lot of really evil dirty tricks on me by that point ...and it seems he assumed I wouldn't pass up this opportunity to get back at him for all the mean stuff he'd done to me.  So I think John & Michelle figured the safest option for them was to tear down my credibility (pre-emptively) ...that's what paranoids do ...they convince themselves they "know" you are going to attack them ...then feel justified in attacking you first (in "self defense").

Anyway, John played dirty tricks on me for the rest of the canoe trip, turned all his friends against me, threatened to kick my ass for overhearing me complain about the downpour we canoed through all day ...and he and Michelle have been aggressively spreading lies designed to get everyone to believe I'm a bad person ever since.

Part of their motivation I think was to distract from anything I could say to Dad (which as I said, I never had any intention to do) ...and part of it is that with John & Michelle you've gotta hate whoever they hate ...or else they'll hate you ...and they'll try to get everyone they know to hate you too!

John settled down a bit after seeing that I hadn't told Dad about what I'd overheard ...and didn't look like I intended to.

But John stayed generally hostile toward me after that ...and kept smearing me to his friends.  John's justification for this became political differences of opinion after he'd heard no indication from Dad that I'd mentioned John & Michelle's 1997 canoe trip conversation.  I'm not/wasn't particularly political (other than that I pretty universally don't trust any politicians from either side), but sometimes I did gently point out that one of John's talk radio heroes was spouting dangerous insanity.

For the last few years that John worked at Ace Comfort ...he was getting a lot of flack from Dad for hardly ever showing up to work.   But without complaint, I was answering all the phone calls, doing all the service calls, doing all the bids, designing all the systems, doing all the bookkeeping and taxes ...and John showed up to assist on installation days.  So (of course) John told all his friends for years ...that I was taking advantage of HIM!

I wasn't complaining, because I knew Dad started the business as a family charity for John ...my thanks for this was John convincing everyone he was doing 95% percent of the work, but I was taking 50% of the profits (when in fact John was doing a lot less, but still taking 50% of the profits).

Then somewhere along the line John & Michelle started telling everyone I was a meth dealer (I was a health nut) ...abusive to children (I was super-dad who coached my kids YMCA T-ball team).  Their meth dealer/child abuser/business cheat theme has followed me everywhere I've gone in the United States ...ever since!

John and Michelle's way of competing with all the positive things I did for my family and community ...was to just create lies designed to convince people I had none of these good traits.

John Titsworth "00 SPY"

After Bush was elected ...I started getting unfair treatment from local police and the courts.  This new wrinkle began just after the USA PATRIOT Act was put in place. 

John's close relationships with local police (who began harassing me) ...in addition to this "00 SPY" license plate he has now ...makes me think John was behind all the extraordinary "bad luck" I've had ever since.

Life gradually went really bad for me after that until I was finally destroyed ...and so were my kids and most of my friends.

Looking back, I was able to realize that John kept popping up before and after instances of really devastating "bad luck" ...then John stopped his direct verbal taunts after slipping up on the phone (in 2007) and telling me, "Because it's my JOB!" when I asked him why he focused so much attention on me.

By that time I was targeted by a really dangerous corrupt County Sheriff, because I had inadvertently gotten him into criminal trouble as a result of what I did to defend myself against his efforts to kill me!

But all this time ...John has kept up his efforts to portray all the bad things that have happened to me ...as me getting what I deserved!

Any time I've tried to have a reasonable conversation with Andy about any of this ...I've been confronted with hostile accusations from Andy based on lies John told him that Andy believed without ever bothering to get my side of the story.

When things got really dangerous for my kids ...I couldn't get anyone to listen or help ...because of how effective John & Michelle's long term character assassination campaign has been (and because of the willful ignorance of people like Andy).

My way of commemorating Dad being expected to die soon was to decide to have Alicia.  Drew was an accident, and things didn't work out with his mom ...but Yolanda had come along and really shown Drew a good time (also cooked, cleaned, arranged entertainment outings, etc.).

Yolanda was a mild-mannered Montessori pre-school teacher when I met her ...and I'd planned ever since college to have my kids start in Montessori schools.  I figured that I'd easily have the ability to give both Drew and Alicia great childhoods with what we expected to inherit from Dad.

And even if Dad lived a long time (like he unexpectedly did), I was set to have plenty to raise a family ...because I made enough from the Heating & Cooling business for that.

But since that time, I went from a successful contractor who reasonably expected to inherit a million dollars or so (before even turning 30), to scrambling around from short-lived job to job ...and town to town ...avoiding crazy attacks was most of what my kids experienced as children!

George & Alicia while moving to Newburg

The first 5 years or so of John & Michelle's smear campaign had little effect.  I lost all customers John & Michelle could talk to in Cass County ...and picked up a bunch of grateful customers in Kansas City's black communities that more than made up for the loss.

But the next 15 years after that though have seemed like a bad dream I couldn't wake up from all this time...

Could have never imagined such horror back in 2012, it really was like the world ended for me as believers in the Mayan calendar expected...

Alicia's been reported "dead" and Drew's been delusional ever since a new (pretty girl) "friend" gave him a piece of pizza in late 2012 (just before he turned 18) that (he told me afterward) made him hallucinate intensely.  Drew was the most solid kid I'd ever seen up until that point ...he'd always done his best to do the right thing ...and I'd never really even had a argument with him.

Drew Titsworth at age 14

During this time Drew was going to the gym with me every day after school (whenever no school stuff took up his evening), and had joined the wrestling team just prior to being given the "pizza".  I'd convinced Drew to stop hanging out with people who smoked pot, and just hang with people on his wrestling team and Nate.  Nate was a friend I employed as my installation assistant & live-in bodyguard.  Drew loved Nate and wanted to be super-tough like him (Nate won his first Muay Thai championship at 15 and was also very skilled in Jiu Jistu) ...and Nate was kind enough to offer to tie up Drew's free time teaching him martial arts.

Nate's own dad died when he was 11-yrs-old ...and loved being included in my family because it gave him the nice experiences he missed.  Nate had it pretty bad as a child, but I won't go into details about that out of respect for his privacy.

Basically, Nate developed an affection for me like I was his adopted dad, and would immediately confront anyone he thought might be messing with me or my kids.

Drew initially told me he was really impressed with this new girl he'd met, because she'd told him she wasn't into any kind of drugs or drinking (but then she gave him drug-laced "pizza"!).

When I told Drew I was not interested in a slice of pizza, and asked Drew not to accept any more food from this "friend" who gave him the pizza ...Drew told me he was tired of dealing with my "irrational anxieties" and basically hasn't spoken to me since.  He moved right in with the girl who gave him the pizza! 

I don't blame Drew for this though ...because I've seen this same/similar thing happen to a lot of other good people.

Nate & George in 2007

Nate was willing to do things that would require him to skip town afterwards if that might help, but this family that had snared Drew was very politically connected, and any violence would have just backfired on us. 

I was fortunate enough to be able to focus public scorn on the family that was drugging Drew ...managed to publicly shame them into distancing from Drew ...after which Drew was taken in by a wealthy Jewish family, and ended up marrying a nice Jewish girl (he got her pregnant).  But Drew still hates me for socially outmaneuvering the (creepily politically connected) family who gave him the "pizza"!

Shortly after I shamed the (politically connected) head of the family that was drugging Drew (into letting Drew go) ...I was hit with 3 bogus criminal charges that I could show evidence were untrue (which was blocked with a gag order and not allowed into evidence to protect the "privacy" of the people I could show were lying!).  All the charges were related to Alicia ...but in the first couple of court appearances she aggressively contradicted her (psychopath) State-appointed lawyer and defended me.

So CPS sent Alicia to a mental hospital where they declared her "mentally ill".  CPS entered the "opinion"/lie that Alicia was the victim of such horrible "abuse" from me for all of her life, that even suggesting visits with me or asking Alicia to testify any more would constitute a continuation of the "abuse"!  They were going to take me to trial and tell the jury this!!

After none of the normal defense strategies worked, I finally sent an email to my lawyer explaining all the evidence of local government corruption I could show ...and said before I'd let them send me to prison I was going to send it all to RT/Russia Today television and stir up a scandal that would permanently stain the prosecutor's reputation ...unless he dismissed the charges in two weeks time.

My lawyer got back to me after that and said to hold off while the prosecutor worked out a reason for asking that the case be dismissed ...and in just over two weeks the charges were all dismissed.  After a year of Hell and a fortune spent on lawyers and private investigators!

This whole time Mom was cheerleading for these false charges and played a big part in kicking off these false charges.  Mom, Rebecca and a person we later figured out had been one of the people who drugged and manipulated Alicia ...all showed up at my house and caused a huge scene in the street.  They all repeatedly made false claims to the police ...and whispered in Alicia's ear for hours until she finally made a deceptive claim to the police which required them to take her and place her in CPS custody ...it was like a siege!

Alicia said later (in a recorded phone call) that Mom convinced her that night to creatively phrase our nightly bedtime-TV-watching ritual ...where I sat with her on a futon (which I later let her use as a bed) ...as me "getting into bed with her" (Drew was in the same room with us watching TV BTW).  Mom told Alicia this would do no harm to me ...only make it so the police would let Alicia go to Mom's house (which I'd strictly forbidden ever since Mom's sudden personality change).

Alicia had been slipped a hallucinogenic drug just prior to this ...we think in a drink.  And I'd grounded her because of the strange/dangerous behavior I was seeing from her.  It's the first time I'd ever felt I needed to ground or particularly discipline Alicia ...and Mom began calling her after she was drugged (out of the blue) to get Alicia angry with me and try to lure her over to Mom and Rebecca's house.

Alicia said she tried to explain and take back what she'd said later (like Mom had told her she could) ...but CPS and the police called it a "false retraction" ...and aggressively prosecuted me anyway!

When Alicia found out I'd been criminally charged, she went into a rage at the CPS people and they sent her to a mental hospital.

George & Alicia Titsworth while George was working for Envision Solar in 2009

Some of my best clients at the time of the picture (above) were idealistic "liberals" who preferred to employ long hairs, so I grew my hair just long enough to tie back, and wore a sun medallion as well as a butterfly necklace that Alicia made me when she was 10-yrs-old (to symbolize keeping Alicia close to my heart ...I've always kept this necklace close, and am wearing it as I write this).

George & Amanda in 2006 yachting with a wealthy client

The bracelet in the picture (2 pics up with Alicia) was tied on by my fiance' (pictured immediately above) who (in 2007) was slipped a mysterious drug in a fruit smoothie which instantly addicted her ...after which she was sexually exploited by the people drugging her (they literally pimped her out), until I focused sufficient public scorn on them to inspire them to let her go visit her dad. 

The police gave the opposite of help ...the police actually tried to arrest me for battery after I fought off a couple of these creeps who simultaneously showed up at both doors leading into my bedroom (they were apparently trying to kidnap me for notifying Amanda's dad about her being drugged).  My attackers simply went to their van, called the police and gave a (provably) false statement!  Fortunately, outraged neighbors/witnesses stepped in after the police put cuffs on me and made them let me go (unfortunately, the police let my attackers go too).

The police ignored my reports about Amanda being drugged, and instead looked for every possible excuse to charge me with any crime these obvious criminals accused me of (battery, harassment, stalking Amanda, etc. ...for refusing to abandon Amanda).  Undeterred, I reported what happened to Amanda all the way up through the FBI ...then went back to Kansas City to rally Amanda's family and old friends (that's how I recruited Nate/my bodyguard).  I even made a report to a KC narcotics officer.  All police ignored my reports ...so I sent emails to the 200 churches closest to Santa Cruz detailing all names & addresses I'd found for people involved in exploiting Amanda (called it the "wrath of God" strategy), and finally I got a talk radio host in California to invite me on his show to discuss the matter ...then told Amanda's captors I'd cancel my radio appearance if they sent her back to see her dad (which they immediately did ...after keeping her captive for 3 months).

Amanda's dad told me when Amanda got home she was skinny with dark circles under her eyes ...and acting delusional like she'd been on a "bad acid trip" the whole time.

When Amanda's bracelet broke, I put some of the stones on the necklace Alicia made for me...

I told the story above ...to establish some context.  I've seen this personality change a bunch of times now, so I don't really blame the people who undergo it ...and am impressed with any of them who refrain from doing anything too destructive while under the influence of this drug.

I saw a similar sudden personality change in Amanda and several other girlfriends (about 8 total!) ...so I don't blame Alicia or Drew for anything they did after being slipped this drug (alpha-PVP I suspect).  In fact, Alicia showed tremendous strength of character in my opinion ...because she never really went mean ...and never really attacked like Mom or Yolanda did after their sudden personality changes.

For that matter, Amanda got a little tricky while she was being fed the drug ...but didn't get aggressively mean ...so I give her a lot of credit too.

It was like Alicia was being punished especially hard because she didn't get properly controlled by this drug she was slipped...

CPS kept Alicia locked up in the mental hospital until she agreed to take all the "meds" they prescribed to her (she refused for quite a while).  Alicia was forced to take Prozac and a blood pressure medication combination that clouds a person's mind (zombifies).  My research indicated that the doses they'd prescribed Alicia were known to cause permanent organ damage, but when I showed the studies in court the judge sneered at me and said, "Are you a doctor?" and entered a ruling for Alicia to be prescribed these harmful drugs.

The blood pressure medication was known to cause fatal blood pressure spikes if stopped suddenly ...so if Alicia had run away (which she was inclined to do) ...she could have died.

These (corrupt) CPS people characterized Alicia's wish to come back and live with me as evidence she was "suicidal" ...CPS kept up a bogus "suicidal" theme that I found to be very creepy ...it felt a lot like a veiled threat to kill Alicia and call it a "suicide".  Alicia never showed me any indications that she was "suicidal" and rationally talked with me about all this stuff in 2016 (in phone calls I recorded).

Alicia's been in this abusive situation backed up by corrupt CPS and police ever since then.  This was what made it so crushing when Andy refused to give her a safe place to live (refused to get her out of the control of these corrupt government officials).

It would have been a lot less hellish for me if I'd have known Alicia was safe ...even if they'd ended up sending me to prison ...but actually the case would have gone away much quicker if Andy would have stepped in for Alicia (because she would have been able to refute it).

I've spent all of the meantime fighting to protect Alicia ...in basically a state of tormented anguish this whole time ...because these corrupt government officials have focused their attacks on Alicia ever since the charges against me were dismissed.

That's why I often say that willful ignorance is one of the cornerstones of evil ...if enough people (Andy for instance) would have bothered to listen to my side before thinking they "know" what's going on ...these evil bastards wouldn't have been able to harm Alicia so horribly.

Alicia Titsworth in 2013 shortly after being taken into CPS custody

An important thing to know FOR THE SAFETY OF YOU OWN CHILDREN and yourselves ...is that MOM made all the false allegations of "abuse"/"neglect"/"endangerment" against me and Dad ...in an inch thick paper statement Mom submitted immediately after tricking Alicia into getting herself taken into CPS custody.  Mom wrapped these false allegations around what she'd learned by stalking us for the previous 3 years. 

Dad had ignored my warnings that Mom was acting crazy ...and was cordially telling Mom all about everything I was doing the whole time ...in direct defiance of my expressed wishes that he tell Mom nothing about me.

Alicia didn't knowingly make any claims of abuse to police or CPS ...other than the creative wording Mom put her up to using to describe our family-TV-time bedtime ritual (which Drew was present for too).  And Alicia only reluctantly agreed to this wording after Mom assured her that this would not cause me any trouble.

At this time Alicia was mad at me because I had grounded her for sneaking out to see Drew.  I didn't realize Alicia had been slipped a drug at that point (neither did she) ...so I didn't understand her misbehavior and (after reading an article about how often the average parent yells at their kids) I tried going with an authentic emotional tone ( yelled a bit) hoping this would get the danger I saw across to her (I'd always been able to get through to Alicia with a sweet tone prior to that).

Right then Mom stepped in (out of the blue ...after no contact from us) and started frequently calling Alicia to offer to take her away from the unpleasant situation.  Alicia told the police I'd yelled at her ...and they laughingly explained to her that almost every other parent in the world yells much more at their kids than what she'd described from me.

It was after Mom had whispered in Alicia's ear for about 3 hours ...that Alicia finally came out with this "getting into bed" with her claim to describe the bedtime TV ritual (which Drew was always present for too).  The police on the scene said they didn't believe I'd molested Alicia ...but that the law required them to take her into "protective custody" upon any claim like that being made (a technicality I bet Rebecca and probably also Mom was/were fully aware of).

A teenager should have the leeway to make a few mistakes and be forgiven.  Alicia basically only made one tricky mistake like that in her life ...but only after hours of urging by her own grandmother ...and the rest of her childhood was devastated for it!

The following is an article you should read so you can understand that a lot of people have been dealing with corrupt CPS and police harassment like what I've been though in recent years: http://medicalkidnap.com/2016/03/02/medical-kidnapping-a-threat-to-every-child-in-america-today/

George A. Titsworth IV reading to his son Drew

As I'm sure you know (because Mom made a huge ordeal out of it) Drew got into smoking pot with his friends in Santa Cruz at age 15 (something that was culturally accepted in Santa Cruz to the point that most teens there smoked pot). 

Drew got a lot of scorn for this, but I remember Michelle sitting around her dad's pool at that same age smoking joints ...and nobody ever called all of her friends' parents and told them she was caught with "drugs"!  Drew didn't do anything different from the kind of thing most kids have done at one time or another ...other than be completely honest when asked about it.

But as Mom proceeded to call every number on Drew's phone to character assassinate him to all his friends' parents ...Drew mentioned to Mom that it was as if she wanted him to kill himself over the situation ...then dramatically walked his neck into a clothes line strung across the garage and made a (joking) gagging sound.  Drew then went to bed.

Later Mom called the police and told them Drew had tried to kill himself ...so they sent an ambulance late at night to get him out of bed and take him to a mental hospital.  And then Mom called everyone on Drew's phone with the false story that Drew had been "found with a clothes line wrapped around his neck!"

Fortunately, the mental hospital people took Drew to the airport after we explained the situation to them...

When Drew's plane landed, I took him out to eat and he told me he hadn't even realize pot was not allowed in their household ...because Rebecca smoked pot all day (describing this as "healthy"), Rebecca also grew pot plants openly in the house ...and bragged about how she started selling cocaine on the streets of Santa Cruz at age 14.  Drew said Rebecca gave him the idea marijuana was a health-promoting herb, and not actually a drug ...so he thought it was permitted in her household.  This was apparently a trap set for Drew by Rebecca (who then manipulated Mom into destroying Drew's reputation over what would ordinarily be handled privately within a family).

Drew also said Rebecca immediately started saying evil (inappropriate) things to him after he admitted he'd been smoking pot.  Drew says she told him that if he were her child ...she'd send him straight to "juvie" where he'd be "ass-raped" by some big Mexican!!  I was prosecuted for child molestation, "intentional cruelty", "psychological abuse" ...over nothing ...yet Rebecca gets away with saying this kind of stuff.

I myself would have just quietly cleared up the misunderstanding, and gotten Drew to into fun activities that regularly took him away from the pot smoking crowd enough for pot smoking to not become a problem.  Ever since this time, Mom's crazy interference (dishonest attempts to "win" custody like she was reliving the battles she had with Dad) has repeatedly caused us chaos and endangered my kids!!

Alicia & Drew Titsworth with Friends

I connected my kids socially with a lot of nice friends from wealthy Santa Cruz families by enrolling Drew and Alicia in the magnet schools there.

Many of these wealthy (well-educated) Santa Cruz parents would secretly supply their teenagers with pot ...just to make sure they didn't pick up anything off the street that was laced with something ...but normally wouldn't tolerate the use of alcohol or tobacco from their kids (Santa Cruz culture was unusual like that).

So when Mom called around to these parents about Drew being caught with "drugs" ...the kids from all the healthy/wealthy/friendly Santa Cruz families were instructed to shun Drew in order to avoid the problems Mom's crazy calling could make for their families ...leaving Drew with only the less desirable options for friends (the kind of kids who are not so well looked out for by their parents).

Mom also called Drew's friends' parents in Kansas City ...causing all of Drew's nice Christian friends in KC to be forbidden by their parents to associate with him (this devastated Drew because he lost his oldest friend).  So this left Drew with only friends who's parents didn't care that he'd been caught with "drugs" and "was found with a clothes line wrapped around his neck"!  None of Mom's dishonest actions during that situation made sense ...but it especially made no sense for Mom to use the word "drugs" (plural) instead of telling people it was only one thing ...pot.

Ideally, I'd have preferred to totally shelter my kids in such a way as to be able to cut them off from being able to get ahold of marijuana too ...but it was either the pot smoking kids in Santa Cruz or the meth addict/tobacco using types in Blue Springs I had to choose from.  The friends Drew ended up with in Blue Springs after being shunned by all the good kids looked like they might get Drew in serious trouble ...so I picked Santa Cruz.  I'd recruited a great nanny.  Jasmine was willing to cook, clean, and be an additional adult in the house just to live in Santa Cruz.  I also took Nate (fixed up a comfortable bed and big mirror for him in the back of my utility truck) ...so I figured I could dominate my kids' time and keep them away from the sketchy element there.

Alicia behaved like a little angel this whole time ...she was an art nerd who hung with nerdy friends who didn't smoke pot (at least until someone slipped her a drug).  We figured out (in a phone call I recorded in late 2016) that someone seems to have slipped a powerful hallucinogen in Alicia's drink while she was at the movies watching "The Hobbit" in late 2012.

Anyway, Mom's been acting crazy ...telling crazy lies about not just Drew, but also me and Alicia ...ever since shortly after she started eating exclusively with Rebecca at the end of 2009 (I think Rebecca probably served Mom low doses of whatever was in the "pizza" Drew was given during her frequent outings to eat with Rebecca).

Mom acted addicted to eating with Rebecca ...high all the time at first ...then went delusional/paranoid after a few weeks and started doing crazy (dishonest) things.  The right dose of alpha-PVP would not probably be noticeable to a drugging victim.  It would cause a person to feel like they really enjoyed spending time with whoever's administering the drug ...and draw them back for more of that feeling (and to alleviate withdrawal symptoms).

After a couple of weeks, Mom started getting irrationally angry when with us ...and would suddenly run to see Rebecca.  On one occasion Mom violently shook Alicia ...causing Alicia to have to physically defend herself!

Mom confided in me shortly after meeting Rebecca that she was suddenly having odd emotional and memory problems.  She said it was as if she was losing her mind ...and she worried that she might be suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer's.  At first, Mom stayed sweet ...but before long she was acting crazy and dishonest.

So I was forgiving of Mom about her initial loss of control.  I'd read that Alzheimer's patients often get confused and irrationally angry.  So I recommended she get checked out by a doctor asap ...and that we should maybe attend some family counseling.

I lost my cool temporarily with Mom (in 2010) after she'd repeatedly done crazy things that threatened to entangle us with Yolanda again ...she was seriously endangering Alicia.  Mom destroyed most of my social relationships I'd established to gather a community around us that would defend us if necessary.  Mom gave all my stuff to the thrift store ...including my bike I'd custom built with a rack ...and a custom computer Jeff Greer built me with about 10,000 songs on the hard drive.

In a moment of outrage ...I told Mom I wasn't sure if she deserved a family ...and got my kids as far away from her as I could.

In spite of all that, I regained my composure shortly after that, and started emailing the minister at the Aptos Unitarian Fellowship about mediating a talk with Mom and mutual friends we had in Santa Cruz (and the kids).  But Mom refused my terms ...and instead stalked me for 3 years ...trying to force the kids and me to interact with her alone.

I'd realized by mid-2010 that it was dangerous to meet with Mom alone ...or to have anything at all to do with Rebecca ...because they would both twist any interaction into some kind of false allegation.

Mom looked high all the time at first (after meeting Rebecca) ...and at first I was happy for her thinking she'd simply found a "friend" she was really happy with.   But (as I said) before long Mom turned irrationally suspicious and delusional, and began telling harmful lies (just like what happened with 8 of my girlfriends after they were slipped drugs ...usually in food or drinks).

Synthetic Cathinones suddenly common starting 2009

Somebody keeps slipping a super-addictive mystery drug to my loved ones that hooks them immediately and turns them delusional...

I've actually seen this happen a couple of times in person.  Like when I was given a pineapple smoothie (in 2007) with a knockout drug in it, while my fiance's pineapple smoothie had something in it that made her feel like she'd been transported to heaven (up to that point a super-sweet and reasonable person, she was instantly addicted to this drug, and just as instantly thought she'd fallen "in love" with the people giving it to her).

John (my brother) called to gloat in 2007, just after I came back to KC to rally Amanda's family and friends to save her from the people who'd given us the drug-laced pineapple smoothies.  It was at that time that he tipped me off that he might have something to do with all the craziness that had descended on my life over the previous several years.

I asked John in that conversation why he was always keeping such close tabs on me ...and John's answer was, "Because it's my JOB!"

BTW, this super-addictive (instant insanity) drug appears to me to be alpha-PVP/flakka (a synthetic cathinone ...see chart above)...

I'm going off memories of the behavior I've seen from friends who went bonkers all the sudden ...and the similar behavior I've seen on recent youtube videos featuring people under the influence of various doses of alpha-PVP.  With a high enough dose people will do super crazy things ...act like rampaging zombies for instance or kill themselves ...and often the backstory to these videos is that somebody slipped the person freaking out this drug in food or drink (as a "prank").

Alpha-PVP was researched for it's potential as an anti-depressant in the 1960s, but was rejected by researchers because ...at low doses it causes hallucinations that the person taking it is unaware didn't really happen ...it causes delusional behavior at any dosage ...but somehow wasn't made illegal until 2014!

Alpha-PVP and similar synthetic cathinones have been actually around ...just not common ...since the 1960s.  This class of drug hit the scene in a big way in 2010 ...apparently being added to most "ecstasy" pills from that point on, and otherwise normally sold to people who ask for MDMA or "Molly".

All these druggings had me really confused as to why this kind of thing was happening to me so often, no matter where I moved to...

For a long time I assumed the run-in I had with a corrupt Ozark Sheriff back in 2004 was a local thing ...that I could move away from.  But my research into the post-PATRIOT Act changes to law enforcement have caused me to realize that nothing about law enforcement is ever strictly local anymore.

Any corrupt person in law enforcement has been able to track the people they don't like anywhere they go in the U.S. for a long time ...and can apparently tap into an ever-expanding network of corrupt local government officials (and the National Neighborhood Watch system) to harass whoever they've targeted anywhere they go.

This National Neighborhood Watch system was put under the centralized control of the DHS, and a massive number of Terrorism Liaison Officers (14,000 in California alone by 2014) were hired to report to "Fusion Centers" and direct their local "citizen patrols". These "TLOs" are considered to be undercover agents working to thwart domestic terrorism.

You can read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrorism_Liaison_Officer

So I can't help but wonder ...what with John putting "00 SPY" on his license plate and all ...is this the "job" John was referring to?

Looking back, I can't help but wonder at this point if this character assassination campaign of John & Michelle's ...might have eventually turned into a simple assassination campaign aimed at both me and my kids (perhaps in the hopes of getting an even bigger cut of Dad's money when he dies)!  These attacks have almost gotten me killed several times now ...and may have killed Alicia at this point.

My string of near-death experiences started after whatever John told the KKK connected Sheriff in Newburg (back in 2004).  Immediately after John called me in Newburg, my kids started being harassed at school ...and finally a lynch mob surrounded my house that appeared to be planning to kill me.  It looked a lot like they were planning to set my house on fire and shoot us all when we came out (my kids were old enough to be witnesses).

John called me just before I was attacked by this corrupt Sheriff to predict my (very popular) Old West Theme Town idea wouldn't pan out as I'd hoped ...and ended the call by saying in a sarcastic tone, "Good LUCK with THAT!"  Just prior to John's call, all the KKK types in my area were slapping me on the back for coming up with such a good idea for the town ...the Old West Theme Town initiative ...which I was promoting with www.Newburg.org (the site's currently down, but you can check 2004 on www.WayBackMachine.org to get an idea, although most of the backups containing Old West Theme Town pages were deleted recently).

Before John's call, I was specifically on great terms with this Sheriff and his deputies (had really put a lot of effort into establishing this friendly relationship) and was on track to never conflict with them in any way.

I actually told Alicia one time to go up to the deputy at her school and tell him that her daddy says police officers are heroes ...and after she did this I was on really friendly terms with the Sheriff's people ...chatted sociably with them every time I saw them after that.

John Titsworth "00 SPY"

John taunted me before and after every major attack like the one in Newburg all the way through 2007 ...since then he's stayed in the background twisting every negative thing that's happened against me before I could ever try to tell the family about it ...showing an uncanny knowledge the whole time of everything that was going on with me.

That last time I talked to John was when he (proudly) blurted out the, "Because it's my JOB!" comment ...Mom was really concerned about his behavior after overhearing that call ...so I figure John realized he'd been too obvious and has stayed hidden in the background ever since.

I don't have any way of knowing for sure about anything ...but this is what I've experienced ...and from what I've seen, it looks most likely that John has been using corrupt law enforcement connections to cause me a lot of trouble for about the last 15 years.

The lies that people keep popping up to tell about me ...typically follow the same 3 themes John and Michelle established when they began their smear campaign way back 20 years ago (after the canoe trip in 1997).

Of course, John calls me a "conspiracy theorist" ...but why does John even know anything about me?  Before I can even recount confusing events that have happened to me ...John's always seemed to have already portrayed me in such a negative light that nobody wants to listen to what I've experienced.

I've barely talked to John since he stormed out of Ace Comfort back in the 1990s (after I refused to falsify the employment taxes for him so he could get a bigger home loan) ...so how could he know so much about what's going on with me?  Well ...I didn't imagine what he said in 2007 ...John said it on speakerphone in front of Mom, that it's his job to track on me!

An honest State Trooper actually started a real investigation into the way I was run out of Newburg (he'd just transferred down from Minnesota he said).

This State Police investigation actually resulted in the corrupt Ozark Sheriff (who'd attacked me) being indicted by the feds (a charge that was later dismissed by a higher court judge)...

...ever since then (late 2005) the attacks have been far more life-threatening than John's normal level of dirty tricks.

I have a feeling this vindictive (corrupt) Sheriff mostly took over for John after that ...like I said, John ducked out after the conversation in 2007 when he blurted out, "Because it's my JOB!" ...and I haven't heard from him since.

I have still seen John regularly though ...shortly after any time I arrive for a visit to Dad's ...John drives through Dad's place and waves at me while giving me an evil smile.  Dad's neighbor Lee has told me that John essentially never comes by when Dad's home ...but he always sees John drop by and go into the barn every time Dad goes out of town (there are a lot of choice tools Dad can't find ...which he assumed I had in the truck while I was in California and Mexico).

This last time John drove through Dad's, a few days after my arrival in November of 2016 (he waved and gave me an evil smile like usual) ...that's when I noticed his license plate read: "00 SPY"!!

As for Andy's portrayal to Dad of that grainy black & white "autopsy photo" as looking perfectly "normal"...

I see nothing "normal" about the circumstances surrounding anything about the reports of Alicia's "death" ...and I can show several good reasons to believe Alicia may still be alive.

It's hard for me to imagine that Yolanda (Alicia mother) would actually follow through with her threats to kill Alicia...

But it is still very relevant that Alicia reported threats from Yolanda to kill her (which I recorded) in May of 2016 ...Alicia begged me, the local police, FBI Special Agent Rudy Baca, and Father Depalma for a safe place to live away from Yolanda.  I also called the local police and the FBI ...and Father Depalma ...and I recorded all these calls as well as the call from Alicia worried that her mom had threatened to beat her to death with a blunt object.

There are a lot of fishy things about the "autopsy photo" put out that was supposedly of the woman found dead on I-40...

...as I've mentioned, if you zoom into the picture below, you can see that there are oval-shaped (unevenly) washed out marks over the hair to the right of the pic and also to the upper left ...as if somebody spilled coffee on an old time paper picture (or it was scuffed).

It doesn't make sense that the police would fuzz out those areas unevenly like that.  There's also what looks like something that stuck to the paper during a chemical developing bath (like was used long ago to develop old time pictures) ...just over the shoulder on the right side of the pic.

Also, it is totally uncharacteristic of Yolanda called Dad 2 days after supposedly hearing her daughter had died ...to cordially invite Dad and me to Alicia's memorial service (an obvious trap ...Yolanda never calls ...is never sincerely cordial ...and lies every time she opens her mouth). Yolanda clearly told me back in the the early 2000's that if I didn't keep giving her "loans" (which she never paid back) ...that she would make up lies that would keep me from ever seeing Alicia again ...so why cordially invite me to the memorial service?

And the body had supposedly already been cremated by that time ...why would the authorities cremate a body so quickly when the apparent injuries don't match a person hit by a car ...when they initially thought foul play could be involved ...and after Alicia and her father had complained of threats from Yolanda to beat Alicia to death?!

In addition to that, Yolanda told Dad things in this call that contradict what news stories said about the body found on I-40.

Yolanda said the police ID'd Alicia as being the body using fingerprints ...but news stories said prints failed to ID the body ...which was why the story says police made the rare move of releasing an "autopsy photo" (something I've only seen done after a year or more after failing to ID a body).

Less than a day after the photo was released, Yolanda's sister-in-law self consciously explained on a Facebook post that Yolanda hadn't reported Alicia missing, because she assumed she was safe staying with friends (she also solicited donations!). Yet I have recordings detailing how Yolanda and Amber teamed up to lie to trick Alicia into being declared incompetent...

...so the guardian of an "incompetent & mentally ill" person who's been cut off from communicating with her dad (me) since October 24th 2016 (as if she was being falsely imprisoned) ...says she just assumed Alicia was okay and didn't notice anything amiss for 9 days after she died? I was charged with "abuse" based on far less than has been established about Yolanda's treatment of Alicia ...and isn't this clear evidence of neglect?

Why no eyebrows raised toward Yolanda?
Yolanda Philgreen

And again ...only 9 days ...and the police supposedly made the controversial move of releasing an "autopsy photo" ...with no warnings of graphic content (as is normally done).

And to the general press (normally these photos are posted on a government run missing person's site with GRAPHIC CONTENT warnings). But I ran across the photo doing a simple google search: "march 29 albuquerque I-40" fully 4 days after Yolanda claims she'd identified the body as Alicia. Makes me wonder why this photo wasn't taken down by then ...since authorities normally strictly avoid needlessly shocking people with gruesome images of corpses of their loved ones.

Dad also says Yolanda told him that police determined Alicia was for sure hit by a car and died instantly ...but news stories say the police couldn't determine what killed the woman found on I-40 (that investigators found no evidence that she died from a car strike ...and weren't ruling out foul play).

I talked to a fellow who worked as a patrolman his entire life (a long time customer) ...and he said it's really obvious when someone's been hit by a car because they're all scraped up ...he also said immediately (with confidence) that he didn't think the "autopsy photo" was the same girl featured in Alicia's verified pictures.

For these reasons ...among many others ...I think there's a good chance Alicia is alive and the report of her death is a hoax being used to cover up a kidnapping.

Right off the bat is was pretty well unbelievable the way I posted my concerns March 20th on the www.Humanist.tv home page about veiled threats I felt I'd been getting making me worry Alicia might be a target murder using a "suicide" claim to cover it up ...only to later be told that Alicia supposedly died in an "accident" on March 29th?!

Then there's the established fact that the woman found on I-40 was 5'6" tall ...Alicia's only 5'3" ...these are the kinds of telling details a trickster would figure people like you and Andy will overlook in your eagerness to dismiss my skepticism as "crazy" or as me simply not being able to accept "reality".

I've also looked at numerous pictures of people before and after they died...

...none of their faces underwent anything near the kinds of changes that would have had to happen to Alicia for her to look like the girl in the pic.

For instance, my research indicates that Alicia's brow bone would be more protruding ...not smoothed over like in the old-timey "autopsy photo". The pic resembles Alicia enough to horrify most people (me included at first), and prevent them from looking closely enough to see it isn't actually Alicia (which I'm glad Jasmine did ...she got me to look closer by saying it looked like a hoax to her ...Jasmine pointed out the "coffee stains" to me).

If Alicia is alive as I suspect she is ...then she is in a lot of danger ...and quick action is needed. But I want to be careful about it, because ...while I don't think her mother would agree to killing Alicia ...I don't think her mother would have any say about it in a scenario where corrupt local officials decide they need to defend against a real investigator.

If there are corrupt local officials involved (and I was definitely hit with lies and misbehavior from several Albuquerque government officials in 2016) ...I don't want to simply press them for clearer pics of Alicia ...because I worry that if they think they might be caught ...they might actually kill Alicia to be able to produce more convincing pictures.

So what I'm looking for is somebody who can communicate with any corrupt government officials involved in this situation in such a way as to give them an option to keep out of trouble. I'd rather they just return Alicia alive and prosecute Yolanda and her sister-in-law (Amber) for pulling a scam to cover a kidnapping (as I said, I have recorded phone calls and Facebook messages with Alicia that establish these two were falsely imprisoning Alicia and lying to set her up to be declared incompetent).

I figure Andy may know some people in the "intelligence community" who could swing this kind of arrangement.  I can guarantee that if Alicia is recovered alive ...I will take her directly to Ireland and we'll just get on with enjoying life/will not try to expose any government corruption.

Excerpt from Bonnie's 2013 Titsworth Family Newsletter

I'm hoping you (Bonnie) can convince Andy to sincerely do his best along these lines ...maybe by talking with me enough to find out that Andy's ignorant re-telling of John's lies about me contributed to the mess Alicia is in. I'm hoping Andy has a conscience ...and might feel motivated to make up for the harm his ignorance has done to my kids.

I'd like to think you and Andy were the kind of people who would think, "But for the grace of God, there go I" and really care about Alicia enough to really try for her like you would for your own daughter ...but I've already heard things from Dad that make me think that might not be the case.

So I'll make a deal with you. If you (Bonnie) will be kind enough to communicate respectfully and honestly with me directly ...and you give me your side of this story regarding what I've heard about you forbidding Andy to help Alicia ...I'll be inclined to believe you over Andy (because I've never seen any evidence that you've ever lied to me). In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to find out Andy never even mentioned it to you back in 2013.

If you do this and communicate sincere compassion for Alicia, I will report your side as most credible in the www.Humanist.tv origin story ...and in any RT/Russia Today news stories about all this (they reach like 80 million households worldwide).

Better yet, if you can motivate Andy to really pull out all the stops for Alicia ...really do for Alicia what he'd really do if it was Ginny in Alicia's situation ...and Alicia is recovered alive, I won't do any stories about this situation and just move quietly to Ireland.

I've got a gut feeling that Yolanda and her corrupt police friends might be pulling a hoax as a cover story to help Yolanda disappear with Alicia into the "witness protection program".

Yolanda has been making false claims about me supposedly stalking her for about 15 years now ...and the courts never punished her all those times she got caught lying about this under oath or to police ...so I could see them taking Yolanda and Alicia into the "witness protection" program and pulling this cruel hoax on me.

In Phelps county the corrupt Sheriff there would straight up torture witnesses against him to death ...and the coroner's office would say the person died however the Sheriff wanted them to say the person died. In a similar corrupt situation a person could "officially" be reported "dead" while still alive. It could also be that this is just something Yolanda pulled off herself ...but she's had the help of corrupt local government officials every other time ...so I bet she's backed up this time too.

And it's not like Yolanda hasn't done this kind of thing before...

She kidnapped her son (Jeffrey) too. Took him to some kind of camp where he and other kids were made to do a lot of work and never fed quite enough. So Jeffrey managed to find a phone and call his dad. For some reason the police convinced Jeffrey's dad to agree to have Yolanda sign a lifetime restraining order ...and not press charges for kidnapping. I bet (big) Jeff is really sorry now he did that, because Yolanda's been messing with (little) Jeffrey ever since he turned 18.

I think they told Jeff Sr. (Jeffrey's dad) that Yolanda would just get out in a few years if he pressed charges for kidnapping ...but with a lifetime restraining order against Yolanda, that Jeffrey would be safe from her for life (they tricked him). After Jeffrey turned 18 ...all he had to do was contact Yolanda for any reason, or agree to see her ...and the restraining order would be invalidated.

Yolanda had a lifetime restraining order against me on Alicia's behalf ...but Alicia contacted me after she turned 18 ...so Yolanda and Amber (her sister-in-law) used lies to get Alicia declared incompetent (As I've said, I have the phone recordings with Alicia and my lawyer to show this). That way Alicia is not deemed competent to invalidate this restraining order Yolanda keeps being awarded (based on nothing).

I think Yolanda's been empowered to endlessly attack me, with the help of a network of corrupt local government officials...

...as part of the retaliation for what I found it necessary to do to survive the attacks from the murderous/corrupt Sheriff John sicced on me back in 2004.
Yolanda actually cleaned herself up in 2004 and begged my forgiveness ...as a result of the guy who was controlling her with drugs being convicted for manufacturing LSD & MDMA. This guy was let out of prison after an unbelievably short stay in late 2005, and Yolanda's attacks continued ...shortly after Yolanda'd told me this guy had been released (and she was scared).

In 2016, Alicia told me this guy was still with Yolanda ...about to be released (following another unbelievably short stay in prison) after recently being convicted of robbing a CVS for oxycontin. The Albuquerque police were unfazed by this news when I tried to help Alicia get away.

It seems a lot like drug criminals are being let out of prison early, just so they can attack me and my loved ones!

Page from "Poems by Yolanda" documenting one of Yolanda's drug experiences

That corrupt Ozark Sheriff, well he was/is notorious for killing witnesses against him...

The State Trooper (Officer Mark Bulowski) who saved me from this Sheriff's first attempt to kill us ...was taken into the Witness Protection Program because an undercover FBI agent discovered the Sheriff was plotting to kill Officer Bulowski (MOM WAS THERE AND KNOWS ABOUT THIS ...Mom was talking to Officer Bulowski the day he disappeared ...and Mom was later told he was taken into witness protection).

The FBI indicted this Sheriff for selling drugs in his county, and it was discovered that this despicable/corrupt Sheriff was having his narcs trick the teens of families this Sheriff disagreed with politically ...into becoming addicted to hard drugs (that turned them crazy). In this way he caused chaos for everyone who disagreed with him ...and had an excuse for the way he was running around beating up their kids, and then saddling them with felony records when they turned 18.

If Mom is now denying this (seeing as how she's been acting drug-controlled ever since she began eating exclusively with Rebecca) ...I can refer you to very credible people from Newburg who will verify what happened there (old family friends ...Christine Altman, Oscar-winning director Robert Altman's oldest child ...you don't have to take my word for it).

The U.S. Marshal Service handles witness protection...

Maybe Andy can check with his "intelligence community" connections to see if Officer Mark Bulowski is still alive ...and talk to him about what really happened in Newburg. And while he's at it, maybe Andy can see if Yolanda has gotten herself a deal with the "witness protection" program that allowed her to pull off this apparent death hoax involving Alicia.

It looks as if Officer Mark Bulowski ...if he wasn't simply killed ...was at least convinced not to comment any further on the corrupt Ozark Sheriff who was found to be plotting to murder him.

This same Sheriff went on to be hired as a consultant for a neighboring Missouri county ...to show them how to "maximize" their "drug enforcement budget" the way he did in our county!!?

This wording appears to be code language for teaching the neighboring County's police force how to slip drugs to the loved ones of people they disagree with politically ...in the process of making a fortune establishing a monopoly over the illegal drug business in the county.

In this way, not only can they all buy new bass boats and SUV's, but also destroy all good people who might put up opposition to such despicable activities (maybe this is why everybody started calling it the "drug war" rather than the "war on drugs"?).

So my hope is that Andy can swing a deal in which Alicia is returned alive ...and maybe both Alicia and I can be given new identities that help us better disappear in Ireland.  That way we wouldn't even be allowed to speak of this sketchy situation to anyone ever again (I'd be fine with that).

It appears that's how they were able to keep Officer Mark Bulowski quiet about what he'd seen ...he needed Witness Protection even more after that corrupt Ozark Sheriff "drug warrior" was let off the hook.

My kids and I could have used protection too ...still could.

Back in 2007 when John answered my line of questioning about why he was so focused on what I was doing (why he was stalking me) by saying, "Because it's my JOB!"

...he then taunted me for not being able to keep a job (because of lies to my employer and attacks that kept making me scramble to a new town).  I was actually still doing okay financially from businesses I'd created on the fly (at that time) ...and because I was frugally living off the proceeds from selling my house in KC ...so neither Mom nor I understood what John meant by the jobless taunt (at that time).

John went on to repeatedly wish I was dead ...going into a story about how he wished he hadn't caught me by the foot one time when I was 5 and almost fell backward down a NY City stairwell to the landing below head first (Dad had us sit up there to get a picture). Now John's running around with a "00 SPY" license plate (he's a brain damaged bully & braggart so what did anyone expect when they gave him spy powers?).

So after all I've been through at this point ...I can't help but wonder if Michelle gave John the idea (a long time ago) that they could inherit a bigger cut of Dad's money if John called on his corrupt police connections, and/or police power he was (perhaps directly) given as a Terrorism Liaison Officer.

It's reasonable for me to wonder like this ...because John's mentioned on the phone that it's his job to keep tabs on me ...and he runs around with "00 SPY" on his license plate.

I'm not sure at this point if Andy has knowingly taken part in these attacks I've been hit with ...but Andy definitely has played a part in these attacks by repeating John's lies (and refusing to ever have a respectful conversation with me about it).

Two specific things cause me to question Andy's integrity ...I've caught Andy lying to Angus about having spread lies about me ...and Andy refused to give Alicia a safe home (protect her from the attacks we've been dealing with for so long) when he had a chance in 2013.

I urge you to check www.Humanist.tv to see concerns I published about threats to murder Alicia on March 20th (9 days prior to the day Alicia supposedly "died" in an "accident").  Really weird timing.

Then please check www.Humanist.tv/whats-a-humanist ...at the end I published a note on March 6th that gives a very brief (sanitized) overview of what my branch of the family has been through (in an easy-to-read abbreviated fashion).  Not really even reasonable to simply assume it must have been a simple accident ...in this context.

Appropriate assumptions would be along the lines of assuming this is either a hoax or a murder.

If you can handle seeing evidence that refutes the idea that I've been lazy and not trying to work all this time ...check out: www.greensolutionsintl.com

Levi Thomas is mentioned as my assistant in this letter

I also registered www.ComputerGeniusForHire.com and www.ComputerGenius4Hire.com for a business I was starting with my webmaster (Jeff Greer ...a talented computer scientist who was writing cutting edge of voice-control code for home automation systems ...Jeff gave us computer superpowers).

Jeff was found in a hotel room with his head blown off (ruled "suicide") at exactly the same time as Alicia was kidnapped (for the second time in 2005) using very see-through lies to CPS ...which she was in no way punished for after it was discovered she'd lied to authorities.

Both these things happened in rapid succession just after the criminal charges against that corrupt Ozark Sheriff (who John sicced on me) were dismissed (and sealed).

ComputerGenius4Hire was one in a long lines of jobs I couldn't keep ...a situation which John delights in taunting me over (never mind my close friend died violently ...no sympathy for George).

My second best friend at that time was slipped a drug by a pretty girl that knocked him insane (he's still hallucinating last time I checked).  And ever since then an alarming number of the people around me have died suddenly (or are barely alive after nearly being killed).  Many more were suddenly slipped drugs by a tricky stranger that knocked them delusional.

Levi quit talking to me in 2009 with no explanation ...was too traumatized by the piercings/torture to tell me till last Christmas!

I originally met Levi at Circuit City ...he showed an extraordinary knowledge of how to apply computer technology for everything I was trying to do ...so I got his phone number and called him with all my computer-related questions.

While driving from Santa Cruz to Kansas City in 2007 I called all of Amanda's friends I had a number for and got an offer of help from Mark Morgan's fiance' Kristin (who became good friends with Amanda after we met her on Mark's yacht.  Mark was worth about $500,000,000 in 2006 (he owned Oak Park Mall, Metcalf South Mall, and about 8500 other properties.

Kristin told me she was Sicilian and had a bunch of Sicilian cousins with Private Investigator licenses spread all over the U.S. ...she said she could easily get Amanda back to her Dad's house.  But shortly after I got to Kansas City, Kristin became addicted to a mysterious drug and went delusional.  Mark was really concerned about Kristin's sudden personality change and pledged any amount of money it might take to getting both Kristin and Amanda to safety.

Mark offered to let me install any of the mechanical systems his properties needed in the future (would have made me rich) ...as a reward for getting Kristin to safety.  He wanted Kristin off the drug that was making her act crazy and back to the sweet person she'd been before.

When I told Levi about Mark's offer, he confided in me that he was the grandson of a former Kansas City Mafia boss (one of the Civellas).  Levi said what Kristin had told me about there being a network of hundreds of Sicilian Private Investigators all over the U.S. was true ...and that he had at least as much power to deploy them as Kristin.  Levi also said that he was a devout Christian and didn't want to get mixed up in any of the kinds of things his grandfather was famous for ...but he was willing to do whatever it took to get Amanda and Kristin to safety.  Levi was also very interested in working with me on the jobs Mark was offering, and hoped to start a Solar installation company with me.

It looked at that time like everything was going to work out.  I was set to be make a bunch of money being Mark's preferred building mechanical systems contractor, and also end up sufficiently connected with a network of intimidating Sicilian Private Investigators to make it inconceivable that anybody would ever be able to mess with anyone in my family again!

Christina Hadzig (my new sales assistant) & Levi Thomas in 2007

Christina was an old friend of Amanda's who joined the team to save Amanda after I offered her a job as my sales assistant.  During that time, Christina always looked at me just like she was looking at me when I took the picture above.  She often played with my hair and told me that she thought I was the most interesting guy she'd ever met.  I told Christina that my interest in sex and girlfriends was totally shut down because of the situation Amanda was in.  So Christina let me know that she never thought Amanda really appreciated me as much as she did, and hoped I'd choose her (Christina) to be my next girlfriend after I was feeling better about Amanda's situation.

Amanda had been the most delightful girlfriend I'd ever had ...and I didn't feel it would be right to hold it Amanda that she'd been drugged.  I felt confident that we were going to save Amanda, and that our relationship would resume as soon as the drugs worked their way out of her system.  Being with Amanda had felt like I was living in heaven for a year and a half ...so I kept Christina at arm's length.  Besides, Levi had fallen head-over-heals in love with Christina the first time he met her ...and Christina liked Levi a lot too ...so I was giving him a chance to land her as his girlfriend.

Shortly after I took the picture above ...Christina told me she'd been invited by an old friend to spend the weekend at her family's house on the Lake of the Ozark ...and asked if she could go.  Christina was actually asking for my permission before doing anything at that point ...I didn't require this ...but she was posturing like she was my loyal girlfriend by that time.

I told Christina she should go to the lake and have fun.  Thought it would be a nice break for her from our efforts to save Amanda and Kristin.  But after the vacation to the lake, Christina called me and told me she was quitting (in a trembling voice ...but Christina's voice trembled whenever she was stressed)  Christina was really cute & sweet ...and normally acted a lot like Mary Tyler Moore did while playing the Dick Van Dyke's wife (same trembling voice when stressed).

The next time I checked Christina's myspace page a new guy was at the top of her friends list (formerly it had been me) ...and this guy's myspace page featured Satanic imagery (pentagrams and artistic renderings of Satan).  Similar "friends" had shown up on Amanda's myspace page after she was drugged ...with (literally) artistic renderings of Satan and other Satanic trappings.

About a year later Christina called me and said a guy had fed her drug-laced-food at the Lake of the Ozarks and she immediately fell deeply in "love" with him.  He then took her to Las Vegas where she saw Kristin get raped and robbed!

Shortly after Christina's sudden change of direction ...Mark reported to me that Kristin (his fiance' and source of all his joy he said) had used his black card to buy a couple of million dollars worth of chips in Las Vegas.  Mark said that Kristin had "thumbed her nose" at him when he called her about this ...and he was really mad about it.

Mark took Kristin off his credit cards and simply ditched her.  I warned Mark that whoever was giving Kristin drugs were criminals who she was probably telling everything about him and his family (that simply ditching Kristin in this situation posed a security risk to him).

But Mark's family had "talked some sense" into him about Kristin, and he said she was going to "have to learn the hard way".  I told Mark that if he'd ever truly loved Kristin as he said he did ...he'd go ahead and employ Levi's cousins to save her ...then ditch her (if he still felt that way) once he got her to safety.

From what Christina told me later ...it looks likely that Kristin was forced to buy the chips and hand them over to her captors.  Kristin carried pictures of her kids everywhere (showed them to everyone) and had her home address on her driver's license, so I bet they threatened to harm her children if she didn't comply.

But Mark simply ditched out on the plan to save Kristin ...and also ditched out on saving Amanda.  I was still able to get Amanda back to her dad's (by threatening to discuss what had been done to her on a talk radio program) ...but Amanda was too hooked by the drug she'd been given and went back to the people who were giving her this drug to her a few months later.

Amanda & me (in my 4Runner) scouting California in 2006

Christina got (her perfect skin) covered with dark (Satanic) tattoos during her time with these people ...and eventually was impregnated ...after which she decided to escape them by going to Germany (she grew up in Germany till age 17).  Christina has been too traumatized by the experience to talk to me much since then.

I feel awful about what happened to Christina, Amanda, Levi, Nate, ...and an astounding number of my other girlfriends and the great guys I employed to work for me. 

Jasmine's been the only one to avoid this ...but she's been approached by people inviting her to "party" ...and followed by these people after she turned them down.  On one occasion this happened while she was waiting for the bus in Santa Cruz while in her way to Cabrillo College.  So I drove Jasmine to school that day (and thereafter) ...and the guy from the bus stop got into a small truck and followed us to Cabrillo College!

I gave all these good people the "perk" of staying for free in my house so they could increase security for my household ...and so we could create our own protected, prosperous world around each other.

But, similar to the events I described above ...all of my female sales assistants/girlfriends were slipped drugs (except Jasmine ...she's been REALLY careful) ...Levi was kidnapped and given body piercings against his will as a plausibly deniable way to torture him ...and Nate was stabbed in the pancreas by a stranger walking by on the sidewalk in 2012 (requires insulin shots now).

My business deals all ended up being destroyed by people who told all my employers and partners I was a con artist who intended to rip them off.  Sometimes strangers did this, but often it was my former (drugged) sales assistants accompanied by people I didn't know.

Basically every employer/partner who didn't immediately ditch me were either slipped drugs by a pretty girl or hit with false criminal charges.  After getting the great letter of thanks (pictured above) from the owner of Solar Technologies ...I went on to sell for  Quinn Electronics & Envision Solar (was selling Envision Solar installations to the satisfied customers of a successful commercial satellite TV system installer). 

I heard years later that Roger was hit with a bogus drug charge a few months after he wrote me that letter ...and Solar Technologies went deeply into debt while he was defending against this false criminal charge (he ended up losing his company).  The owner of Quinn Electronics was given a heart-shaped chocolate candy (wrapped in red foil ...said Amanda gave it to him) ...which he only ate half of ...and he said he was glad he'd only eaten half because he didn't think he'd have ever come back from the psychedelic "trip" this "candy" sent him on if he'd eaten a whole one!

The "candy" looked just like the pic above

I'd already warned Quinn that Amanda had been drugged by bad people ...so he couldn't really blame me.  So Quinn gave the other half of the chocolate candy to me ...asked me to get it tested if I could.  Quinn said it was mind-blowing to the point he was worried about brain damage.  He's an old California guy who was already middle-aged by the late 1960s, and said he'd never experienced anything close to as powerful as whatever was in the chocolate ...so he was super-curious to know what was in it.  California law enforcement authorities told me they didn't bother to follow up on anything that didn't entail large quantities of drugs, so I gave the drug-laced-candy to the Kansas City Police Department (who said they'd tell me what was in it).  But it just got "lost" in the system and the police never told me what was in it.  I wish now I'd kept a chunk of the candy, but I didn't want to risk being in possession of an illegal drug.

I caught another one of my sales assistants (Tiffany) buying "acid" (probably alpha-PVP being called "acid") as a result of her giving her company email address to the guy she bought it from.  I saw what she was up to, because I automatically got a copy of all company emails forwarded to me.  They openly emailed about the deal!  I reminded Tiffany that I have a strict policy against employing anyone involved in anything to do with illegal drugs ...and scheduled to talk to her.  But she immediately called Quinn (who was living at his Panama beach condo at the time) and told him she'd bought some drugs with the intention of "partying" with him ...and I was being a party-pooper!

Tiffany was a gorgeous redhead (full ginger) model-type, so Quinn came back to his Santa Cruz house (where he operated his business from) and promptly fired me!  I was managing Quinn's business by that time ...and making a success out of it.  Quinn had decided to liquidate his Satellite company and retire to Panama ...so I offered him the idea of selling Solar systems to his satisfied customers ...and got his business making money again very quickly.  At that time I literally had millions-of-dollars-worth of solar installation sales in the pipeline ...lots of eager customers ...one of them a huge Palm Springs RV park (about a million dollar sale) and they wanted a system installed as soon as we could do it.

I'd gotten attention from the maintenance managers of a lot of large buildings (hotels, hospitals, etc.) by sending all faxes telling them I could save them money on their utilities ...and at the bottom of the fax I included a picture of Tiffany (and her number) with a suggestion that they call Tiffany to schedule a meeting to discuss the details.  All these guys were happy with Quinn's work and many of them were eager to meet Tiffany (at which point it was her job to "cheerlead" for my pitch).

Tiffany had been acting weird for a while after reporting to me that some new "friends" she met at the pubs one night had given her a pill that had a big impact on her.  Tiffany almost immediately started a drama with my biggest client (a young lady named Samantha Shearman who'd just inherited a billion dollars and wanted to start a solar company with me), so I fired Tiffany.

But Tiffany went straight to Quinn and he re-hired her ...so to have any chance of landing these big solar installation sales ...I had to deal with Tiffany (I had other equally gorgeous sales assistants already picked out, but Quinn had a thing for Tiffany).  After Quinn fired me I figured he'd come to his senses if money was a stake ...so I went down to Palm Springs to meet with the RV Park owners there (Catalina Spas RV Park) and keep that deal on track.  During that trip Drew took the picture of me with Alicia (posted above) while we were touring an Envision Solar installation.  I was planning to contract with Envision Solar to install the RV Park solar system in the form of shade structures with solar panels on top.

I was wearing my hair long at that time (in part) because Samantha thought it looked good on me ...and it was common for people in the solar trade at that time to wear long hair, so it didn't hurt business any.

Samantha and I shared the same birthday ...she was 12 years younger than me.  She was making comments about how Jesus had 12 apostles ...and regarding me as if I was an angel sent from heaven to help her do maximum good for the world with her inheritance.  Samantha felt guilty that most of her money came from the oil wells her grandfather owned ...and wanted to try to make up for the damage all that oil had done to the environment.

By the time Tiffany started up drama with Samantha ...Samantha and I were planning a trip to France together ...Samantha had asked me to shop for a mansion (so I could fix up and sell it for profit) figuring we could both live in the mansion and discuss plans to start a solar installation company together.

When Samantha heard about what had happened to Amanda & Kristin (and Christina too as it turned out) ...and about how we'd planned to employ Levi's cousins to save the girls ...she confided in me that she'd been worried maybe someone was controlling her sister with drugs.  But she didn't want to risk offending her sister by simply sending a bunch of Sicilians to check on her friends.

Samantha's sister owned a modeling/talent agency in Anaheim ...so I suggested we form a security team that appeared to be a band (I named it "The Safari Pimps") to go down and tell her sister they were looking for an agent.  I wasted no time recruiting people skilled in acrobatic martial arts.  I hit up a capoeira club and found an abundance of big muscular male and super-attractive female "dancers" interested in being a part of the plan.  Then I used myspace to recruit up-and-coming rappers ...the band was to be a rap act accompanied by acrobatic dancers (hidden security team of martial artists).  I was planning to hide a couple of Sicilian Private Investigators by having them play the band's managers.

I used www.SafariPimps.com to create an image for the band ...the site went down last fall and I haven't had time to get it back up so you can see a web backup of it here: http://web.archive.org/web/20141221211833/http://www.safaripimps.com/

In addition to that I was to go down and scout Samantha's sister's situation right away by approaching her with an offer to sell www.SchoolOfModeling.org ...again half of my sites went down last fall, so you can see a web backup of this site here: http://web.archive.org/web/20151114070130/www.schoolofmodeling.org

I bought www.SafariPimps.com as a way to enhance security for Amanda a few months before she was taken.  Amanda and I had both already been slipped knockout drugs in a drink in 2006 ...but we were lucky enough to get away before losing consciousness ...so I came up with the band idea because Amanda wanted to be a rock star.  I chose the theme because so many of my super-rich clients hired escorts to accompany them to yacht parties ...and often they assumed Amanda was an escort (because she was so bubbly/friendly).

Amanda was really funny ...seriously could have been a comedian.  She had a goofy personality and also had a magical sex appeal that charmed all the wealthy men I was schmoozing for business ...the problem with that was they sometimes assumed she was a prostitute.  Amanda's personality was a mixture of Carol Burnett and Marilyn Monroe.  She was my best sales assistant, because she wasn't perfect like a model ...but she had a really confident/sexy (like Marilyn Monroe) way of acting ...and she got everyone laughing.  So I decided the band idea would be a fun way to take a security team with us everywhere (capoeira experts/"dancers") ...and present Amanda as a comedy rapper (Amanda lived in a black neighborhood till age 12, and picked up an amazing ability to comically recite rap songs ...she actually freestyle rapped very well too).

Amanda loved to socialize, so my plan was to attend yacht parties and such with this team of super-attractive people (intimidating, muscular martial artists who could discourage bad people from trying to slip Amanda or me any more drugs) ...and stage life-of-the-party performance art stunts ...with the understanding that I'd pay commissions to anyone who sold an installation.

I was in the process of putting the "Safari Pimps" (sales & security team) together when Amanda and I were slipped drugs in our pineapple smoothies.

So Samantha thought it would be a great idea to have the "Safari Pimps" pay her sister a visit ...and surround her socially.  The idea was for the "Safari Pimps" to act like they were cool with drugs ...to find out if anyone was giving her sister drugs.  If so, then we were planning to have the Sicilian Private Investigators give intense attention to whoever was giving her sister the drugs ...while all of us (Samantha, me, and the "Safari Pimps") invited Samantha's sister to go on a trip to France with us.

It all feel apart when Tiffany went crazy.  I'd (honestly) told Samantha a lot of positive things about Tiffany ...and introduced her to Tiffany.  Then Tiffany was dumb enough to take that pill a group of (fun-looking) strangers offered her ...and very shortly after that Tiffany was smearing me to Samantha!  I later discovered that the people who'd give Tiffany the drug that changed her personality suddenly were the same crew who'd drugged Amanda!!

Tiffany started the drama by convincing Samantha that I was violating her trust by telling people about her concerns about her sister.  But the only person I'd actually told any details to was Tiffany.  While I was recruiting people as part of the effort to check on Samantha's sister, I explained the situation to the people I was considering, but didn't name any names.

Samantha had a sudden personality change around that time too.  But I have no way of knowing if it was just suspicion caused by Tiffany or if she was slipped a drug too.  I tried to get Samantha to meet personally because I suspected somebody was hacking my emails.  This didn't come from paranoia either ...I can show an email exchange with a hacker who taunted me by telling me he was going to delete my contact list ...and then my contact list disappeared!

In the end ...shortly after Quinn fired me ...Tiffany invited Samantha out for drinks with Quinn and told Samantha I was a con artist who was setting her up for a rip-off.  Tiffany "proved" this to Samantha by explaining that I'd destroyed Quinn's company ...and Quinn backed Tiffany up.  Quinn was actually closing his business when I came in and got his business making money again.  Quinn killed the solar installation deals after firing me ...by saying irrationally suspicious things about me to the clients I'd just sold solar systems to ...losing us both a bunch of money.

Samantha completely cut off contact with me after that and hasn't spoken to me since. 

*Note to Samantha:  1000 apologies if you end up reading this Samantha.  I've respected your wish to keep private your concerns for your sister for a long time (and your wealth) ...but at this point I need to explain what's been going on with me.  If you'd been a better friend and respected my family's safety ...I would have never mentioned you.  Actually, what you tried (started trying) to do for your sister was a very loving thing for a family member to do.  I really don't understand why you wouldn't want to just let your sister know about it so she knows how much you love her.  I really don't appreciate the way you refused to look at the evidence I could show you to prove that I was sincere and that there was no room in anything I was proposing to rip you off.  At worst ...our efforts for your sister would have been a lot of fun for both you and your sister ...and the way you pulled out left good people in danger (including ...as I mentioned to you when you simply backed out ...my kids).  Before I agreed to help you ...I told you it could be dangerous, and that people might come along and try to trick you ...and I thought you had agreed to look out for my safety too.

In 2012 Quinn sheepishly apologized to me ...said he was really confused at the time (no doubt from that "acid" Tiffany told him she bought to "party" with him).  Quinn privately gave me credit for reviving his business in 2012 ...but wouldn't go so far as to clear things up with Samantha (was too embarrassed) and had not regained enough integrity to try to make up for the harm he'd caused me!

I kept trying again and again.  I figured out a lot of clever ways to make a living and defend against these attacks.  But no matter what I did this kind of thing has kept happening to me...

I've been physically assaulted several times ...even surprised with an attack by two guys (kidnappers) in my own bedroom ...I was run off the road down a steep ravine (one of my nannies was killed suddenly in a similar car "accident") ...I was slipped a knockout drug twice in drinks (once at a restaurant) ...poison (apparently) was put in my food in my own home (I crapped and vomited intensely, then passed out on the toilet for an unknown period of time) ...and I was hit by a car in late 2012 here: www.Humanist.tv/hit-by-car

In addition to these kinds of direct violent attacks, I was hit with a string of false prosecutions which I was always able to prove were based on lies (toward the end I also proved that police and court officials were lying in these efforts).  Nevertheless, this string of false prosecutions was used to create a seemingly "criminal history" on my record (it was never included in the public record that I proved all the allegations to be lies/harassment).

The defenses I had in place were plenty to keep us safe from simple criminal attack ...the attacks would have been really short-lived if I'd been able to get reasonable behavior from police ...and it was police and CPS corruption that got through my defenses in the end.

Simply calling me crazy and ignoring all the evidence I can show of the crazy stuff I've been hit with ...doesn't make any of this less real ...in fact, willful ignorance and irrational hatefulness from people like Andy played a big part in allowing things to get this crazy for me!

It only adds to the horror how nearly everybody who was not directly attacked has fallen into line to deny the reality of it!!

Okay, that's a lot of writing ...hopefully you've read this far and understand enough for us to proceed verbally.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you Bonnie. And just to be sure you understand my position on what I've heard from Dad about you ...please understand that I possess the intellectual integrity to realize that I can't trust that Dad is even relaying what Andy said accurately.

I'd sure like a chance to listen respectfully to your side of the story from you directly ...and I hope you'll be kind enough to pay me the same respect.

If you'll honestly do this ...WE MIGHT STILL BE ABLE TO SAVE ALICIA'S LIFE.


George A. Titsworth IV
Founder of www.Humanist.tv


+1 (831) 607-8735

Below I've placed the "autopsy photo" next to several verified pictures of Alicia.  It is NOT ALICIA...

Senator Nancy Schaefer speech:  "The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services"

George A Titsworth IV

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