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Definition of "Humanist"

We consider “Humanists” to be all people who look at life from a perspective of loving respect 
for all humans …even those people who subscribe to (peaceful) religions and/or philosophies 
that are different from our own.  In our opinion, "Humanists" believe in doing their best to 
influence the world to be a healthy place where everyone on earth is offered
an abundance of opportunities to live a happy and successful life.

​​In our opinion “Humanist” describes everybody who embraces these peaceful values 
and who sincerely tries to be as kind and respectful to others as possible.  
“Humanism” is not (in our opinion) a religion or any sort of religious concept 
…and Humanism is also (in our opinion) not any sort of anti-religious concept either. 

​The first people to describe themselves as “Humanists” belonged to a branch 
of Catholic clergy during the Renaissance. These original “Humanist” priests embraced
scientific innovation, the arts, and advocated humanitarianism.  And (whether they realize it 
or not), most modern Jewish and Christian people tend to believe in Humanist values 
and live by these kind and peaceful values.  

I (George Titsworth) grew up in the United States, so most of my experience
 is with the Judeo-Christian culture, which is why I can only make authoritative statements 
about the Humanist values I've seen Jewish and Christian people living by.  Even so, 
my hunch is that Humanist values are embraced by all kind, peaceful people of all religions.

Humanism is a philosophical outlook and not a religion, and many Humanists are not religious.

I believe for this reason there exists confusion among the membership of some fundamentalist
religious groups which causes them to consider “Humanism” to be synonymous with “atheism” or “agnosticism” …perhaps because Humanism is a very kind and peace-oriented philosophical outlook which many people who identify themselves as atheists, agnostics, and free-thinkers use as their primary set of ethical standards ...rather than the specific moral standards of any particular religion.  

Humanists believe in defending the right for all people to be free to practice any 
peaceful religion they choose ...and also believe that people should be free to choose
to not subscribe to any religious belief if they haven't found a religion that appeals to them.  

Humanists believe that nobody should be forced to say they are religious,
and that non-religious people should enjoy the same rights under the law as religious people.

For this reason “Humanism” provides excellent philosophical
common ground for people who hold varying opinions about religion …and this
common ground can help make possible a “pan-religious” effort to work toward helping
everyone on earth live lives characterized by as much happiness and success as possible. 
Rephrased in U.S. Bill of Rights wording, Humanism provides a way for members of 
differing religions and belief systems to stand together in defense of the idea that
"Freedom of Religion" includes the freedom to choose not to practice any religion
 …and that Religious Freedom should be a basic human right for all.

Humanism is not synonymous with atheism or agnosticism.
I think much of the confusion about this distinction has been created by a few vocal atheists
who have promoted the extreme idea that only atheists can truly be called Humanists
...and have sometimes gone so far as to release statements and engage in activities
that are disrespectful to people who are religious.  

But I disagree with that sort of thing ...I believe that a true Humanist does her/his best 
to be respectful of all people regardless of their belief system.

Put simply, promotes a form of “Inclusive Humanism” 
and so we define “Humanist” to include both “religious” and “secular” Humanists. is intended to be an Internet TV network
providing video programming that promotes Humanist values 
…and will function as a social networking site which Humanists around the world can use
to interact with one another.  An Internet-based-global-Humanist-Community-Center.

The inspiration for came as a result of this website’s founder’s wish
to provide his children with an enjoyable alternative to the many confusing
anti-Humanist messages that are often communicated by cable TV 
and other Internet sites which are currently providing video programming.

So will include filtering options for children, 
to give Humanist parents 
entertainment options for their children they can really feel good about, while simultaneously 
giving adult Humanists increased access to the kind of programming, information, 
and discussions of ideas that haven't necessarily been easy to access 

...until now.

(at the moment "now" means "once this site is up and running")

If you have any suggestions for this website or would like to participate in any other way, please contact:

George A Titsworth IV Founder 


Jasmine M Odom

Director of Programming