Not your father's television...

Best of the old and the new

Next Generation TV

This site is under construction and will soon offer...

 TV Programming, Movies, & Internet Radio will provide video (and audio) content (similar to Netflix) and enable users to post and recommend videos (similar to YouTube). Users will be able to search audio chat rooms by the topics being discussed.

Innovative Social Networking Solutions

Invite friends to come to your "virtual TV room" to watch videos you have selected ...or go to someone else's room and watch their video selections. Find friends to play video games with. Browse discussion group topics others have selected, or start your own discussion group topic and invite others to join in. Or simply webcam with friends.

News from a Humanist Perspective!

We’re hoping Ted Turner will be kind enough to share the benefits of his experience, and either lead or consult for our News Division ( We think that Ted Turner had a very positive influence in the “old-days” of TV with his innovative cable network offerings while he was at the helm of Turner Broadcasting and CNN.

Ted Turner is one of the most famous people to publicly call himself a "Humanist", and Ted says what he most wants to do with his time is run a news network. Well, a leadership position at is being offered to you Mr. Turner.  

Maybe we'll end up with the most trusted news on the net, delivered from a Humanist perspective.