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 Passports for Peace Initiative

George A Titsworth IV



The Passports for Peace Initiative is an idea for rewarding peace activists by officially recognizing their efforts to make the world a better place and issuing them passports from sponsoring countries.

Many peace activists and whistleblowers who try to publicize government corruption and war crimes are promptly persecuted ...and this has served to silence many people who would otherwise speak out for peace and/or expose evidence of government corruption that could stop criminal military actions.

If a program could be created in which several governments will automatically award a variety of passports to qualifying peace activists or whistleblowers (and their loved ones) ...thus granting protection to them from retaliation for exposing corruption in their home governments ...I'm betting this would result in enough information being publicized to significantly reduce illegal military aggression and war crimes.

Please consider contacting your government's leaders to find out if they'd like to participate.

You can contact me at: if you'd like to help.


It's time for the governments of the world to respect the rights of their citizens, by protecting peace activists and whistleblowers from being abused by people who make excuses for clearly despicable totalitarian beliefs. 

Those who advocate the systematic violation of the rights of people who disagree with a (their) totalitarian agenda should be considered at the very least to be mentally ill, and in need of an honest history lesson.  

If a history lesson doesn't produce a reasonable change of such a person's mind, then that person should be considered to be as much of a potential danger as the Nazi war criminals who committed crimes against humanity during WWII, and reasonable actions should be taken to protect good people from being harmed by the criminal conspiracies such advocates of totalitarianism routinely engage in.'s Mission:


Protect whistleblowers

Expose & debunk disinformation

Assist in deprogramming victims of disinformation

Consolidate the PEACE efforts of grassroots activists

Educate the public about totalitarian anti-peace activities

Parenthood inspired George Titsworth to do his best to have a positive influence on the world... the hopes of helping his children live the happiest, most successful lives possible.

I started out trying to simply add as much good as I could to the world.  I was unable to see how helping the people around me experience as much happiness as possible could offend anyone.  But not long after the picture above was taken, I was chased from my home by a 

Ku Klux Klan lynchmob for innocently organizing a neighborhood watch in the scenic Ozark Mountain town I lived in.  I was informed a few months later that my neighborhood watch group posed an unwanted obstacle to an illicit drug (meth/oxycontin) sales organization being run by corrupt KKK connected police officers.


I discovered many details of this corruption thanks to the efforts of Missouri State Police Officer Mark Bulowski of the increasingly rare good, honest, decent cops who was still serving on a U.S. police force as of December 2004 when he was kind enough to respond to my call about a KKK lynch mob having surrounded my house.  But Officer Bulowski suddenly disappeared back in early 2005, and I never heard from him again.  I was told that the FBI took Officer Bulowski into witness protection because they believed he was in danger of being murdered as a result of him having uncovered evidence which appeared to show that a group of corrupt police officers were running an illicit drug sales operation.  Specifically, I was told that Officer Bulowski had discovered evidence which seemed to indicate that a group of corrupt police officers had been interdicting large shipments of drugs (mostly meth) at constitutionally questionable drug checkpoints on Interstate 44, and that they were then reselling these drugs to the community they'd been hired to serve and protect!

I'd used a community website to organize the neighborhood watch.  I used this same community website to publicize the harassment I'd been dealing with from the KKK and local police.  The night I was run out of my house by the KKK lynch mob (as soon as I made it safely to a computer expert friend's house in Kansas City) I posted a link to the Clerk of the Federal Court's contact page on the front page of my community website and encouraged members of the community to send in evidence of local police and government corruption to the Feds ...and I guess some community members sent in some evidence that couldn't be ignored ...because the FBI started a corruption investigation. 

Previous to me, nobody in my part of the country had ever heard of anyone getting the State Police to come out and give them an escort to safety after the KKK had surrounded their house (I had my lawyer call them after I initially had trouble getting helped, but I also think I lucked out as a result of Officer Bulowski being a truly decent person who'd recently been transferred down from Minnesota).  Nevertheless, previous to me (and my clever use of a website), nobody had been able to get a higher authority to investigate the local police and government officials for corruption. 

I honestly didn't set out to take on the police or local government.  When I decided to organize a neighborhood watch it was because of the creeps who'd begun boldly selling drugs to local teens across from the Post Office in my town never crossed my mind that these creeps pushing meth on my town's teens could be working for our local police!

I had to leave my nice country home in the scenic Mark Twain National Forest forever because of the good deeds I'd done for my community. 

After being run out, I only went back to my house twice, and both times I left quickly after hearing rifle shots from nearby hillsides whistle over my head (intimidation shots, these guys were all deer hunters and could have hit me if they'd wanted to).  The local KKK also used intimidation tactics to scare away anyone who showed interest in buying my house to such a degree that I finally agreed to sell it to a Klansman for a measly $55,000 (less than half it's value).  I couldn't afford to keep the house because they kept breaking all the windows and destroying the interior (they vandalized me about every two weeks or so).

In Kansas City I was celebrated as a hero by the local activist community.  Everybody thought after the FBI got involved and a federal indictment was issued against the leader of the suspected police drug-pushing ring (the county Sheriff), that the "good guys" were going to win one.

But the charges against this notoriously corrupt Sheriff were dismissed by a higher court ...and now he's a highly paid consultant working for another right-wing county police department to show them how to "maximize" their "drug enforcement budget" like he did in the county I used to live in.  I guess that means they want him to show their narcs how to trick all the non-right-wing families' kids into drug addictions, and then bust them and send them to prison as soon as they turn 18 ...because that's what I saw him do.  

What I witnessed gives me a whole new take on the term "Drug War".  Many news reporters and policymakers have begun to refer to the "War on Drugs" as the "Drug War" ...and I can't help but wonder if this might amount to a Freudian slip ...telling the truth unintentionally about a policy that turns out to be an intentional use of street drugs as chemical weapons against citizens who disagree with their fascist ideology.

Ever since that time I've been repeatedly set up for false criminal charges by clearly corrupt police officers ...and police harassment (as well as KKK-style community "vigilante" harassment) followed me to everywhere in the the U.S. I moved to!  Finally, my son was slipped a mystery drug cocktail in a piece of pizza by a new "friend" who turned out to be the daughter of a disgraced right-wing former politician.  

My son told me about the spiked pizza.  I was shocked and told him he shouldn't accept any more food from these people.  But my son was irresistibly drawn to his new girl "friend" from that point on.  Within a month my son was completely delusional and acting crazy (apparently addicted to something along the lines of meth).

A similar thing happened to my daughter at around the same time.  After my daughter suddenly became delusional and started acting crazy ...I checked her email account ...and discovered that an adult Internet stalker had been sending her cult indoctrination that had convinced her all the world's problems were the result of "Suppressive Parasite Entities" (spirits of aliens that supposedly possess us and cause us inner-turmoil).  In my daughter's emails I discovered that she'd been seeing (hallucinating) demon faces super-imposed over people's faces who she passed by in public ...and that she had been convinced by this cult indoctrination that I was possessed by a particularly demonic batch of "Suppressive Parasite Entities".

So I think this woman who emailed links to cult indoctrination to my teen daughter also gave her hallucinogenic drugs that caused her to "see" demon faces (or in a few cases angel faces) on people she interacted with.  She described what looked to me like drug trips in her emails ...although she didn't seem to realize she'd been given drugs ...she seemed to believe that she'd been gifted by this woman with psychic powers.

My reaction to this weird behavior was to restrict my daughter to our house, and the gym (I grounded her) ...and I planned to take her to talk to our Unitarian minister as soon as the holiday was over (it was between Christmas and New Year's in 2012).  But on New Year's Day 2013 the cult woman showed up with a group of people at my house.  I called the police on them ...but they all made false claims to the police that they were trying to save my daughter from an abusive family.  After about 3 hours of whispering in my daughter's ear across the street from my house ...just as the police were about to tell the cult people to go away and tell my daughter to get back in the house daughter finally made a false claim of abuse and the police took her into CPS custody.

One police officer on the scene told me they didn't believe the claim "for even a second" or they'd have handcuffed me and taken in to jail immediately.  Before leaving that evening, this kind police officer shook my hand while giving me a compassionate look and said, "Good luck!"  That was the last honest treatment I got from any government official in that town.  I've only briefly seen my daughter once in the nearly 3 years since ...and I was not permitted to speak with her on that occasion even though she contradicted her lawyer in court and said she very much wanted to talk with me.  They never brought my daughter to court again after that her lawyer could speak for her without being contradicted again.

My daughter snapped out of the spell this cult stalker placed her under shortly after being taken into CPS custody ...and retracted the false abuse claims ...but she was not given back to me.  She's in a very dangerous situation right now, under the control of corrupt CPS people who teamed up to lie in ways that did terrible harm to my family.  I worry that these cult people have kept in touch and will take total control over her as soon as she turns 18-years-old and is "free" to make her own life choices.

I'm forbidden by a corrupt court order to discuss any more of the details related to what's been done to my daughter.  So in a non-detailed way I'll just say that CPS and the family court ignored the mountain of evidence I showed them about the many attacks my family has been hit with over the years by teams of liars ...and ignored the email evidence showing that my daughter seems to have been drugged by cult stalkers and then convinced to make up lies to CPS.

So I can't discuss the details of the corrupt behavior of the CPS social workers, the family court lawyers and judge ...I'll just say that CPS in many parts of the U.S. has clearly been infiltrated by supporters of totalitarian right-wing ideology ...and these people routinely use CPS as well as corrupt police and judges to punish people who disagree with them.

What worries me the most is that a series of inexplicable actions taken by the family court judge left me with the impression that they might try to silence my daughter by killing her and making it look like a "suicide" ...I can't tell you the details ...but they repeatedly did some very creepy things that appear to be fabrication of "evidence" they can show to make it look as if my daughter committed "suicide".  They've set up similar evidence about me having some kind of inclination to commit "suicide" too.  

So I'll just say right now ...I'd never commit suicide and if anybody ever says I died from "suicide" that would mean I was murdered (also, if I die in an "accident", consider that I'm a very careful person ever since I was run down by a hostile driver).

I managed to get all the criminal charges dismissed, but as I was walking out of court I was warned that if I did anything other than disappear and stay quiet about the corruption ...which I have evidence of ...I'd be hit with more criminal charges, my U.S. passport would be revoked, and they would make sure that I never got out of prison (probably I'd be killed by another inmate I'm guessing).

In the U.S. covering up government corruption is as simple as ordering the victim not to discuss the details of the "case" with anyone or face a "contempt of court" charge.  A corrupt U.S. court has ordered me to not discuss the details of their corrupt behavior and has ordered me (and my father) to have no contact with my daughter ...we can't even ask other friends or family members to talk with her.

This is what inspired me to register and come up with the idea for the Passports for Peace Initiative ...if I didn't have to worry about having my U.S. passport revoked ...I'd be a lot more free to publicize the evidence of U.S. government corruption I possess.

I bet there are so many other people in situations similar to mine that if all of them could just smoothly move to a country willing to protect them from the U.S. ...evidence would come out that would topple the group of totalitarian criminals that have hijacked the U.S. government for far too long.