Update April, 8th 2017:

Alicia Nicole Titsworth, my beloved daughter, seems to have been found dead (with no ID) on I-40 on March 29th.  It is being presented as a hit-and-run accident, but I have extensive records (including recorded calls) in which Alicia complained to me that her "guardian" had beaten her up and threatened to beat her to death for trying to escape an abusive situation she was forced to stay in by an apparently corrupt family court.

Alicia says she called the Albuquerque police repeatedly for help, but she said her pleas for help were ignored and she was even threatened with criminal charges herself for complaining.

I recorded calls during an effort in which I tried to get the Albuquerque police to help Alicia, but all they did was threaten to charge me with "harassment" ...to which I replied that my accusers were lying ...at which point the Albuquerque police officer threatened to charge me with lying to a police officer.  I persisted by telling the officer that I had recorded all of my phone conversations and texts with my accusers and could prove they had lied to police (and I demanded that my accusers by charged with the crime of lying to police since I'd just been threatened with this criminal charged based on no solid evidence).

So the Albuquerque officer angrily said he was closing the case and ended the call.  I've tried desperately for months ...since April of 2016 ...to get Alicia to safety.  I got a little help from FBI agent Rudy Baca, but he has not replied to my most recent pleas for help. 

Initial reports said police were unsure of how the unidentified person had died or if foul play was involved.  I'm sure foul play was involved.  The "best" case scenario is that Alicia was hit by a car while trying to escape her abusers ...I'm more inclined to believe that Alicia was beaten to death and her body ditched on the highway to cover up her murder.  Alicia complained multiple times that her "guardian" had threatened to beat her to death and was either ignored or threatened by the police when she repeatedly begged for help!!

Click here to see a news story about this, and please consider the picture below and consider that it looks a lot like she was was beaten to death!

I began posting the content below while desperately trying to rescue Alicia in late December and made edits until early January.  After being ignored by the FBI, I sent out numerous letters, and in January I personally visited media offices, Trump Tower, the Trump Transition Team offices in Washington DC ...handing out cards to as many people as I could referring them to this website.  The Secret Service intercepted me at Trump Tower and the Trump Transition Team offices and ordered me to stop trying to contact President Trump about this. 

Back in January, the Secret Service agents said they would absolutely not refer my card to President Trump, or anyone in his administration, or even an assistant, and instead ominously told me that all I had done was attract "unwanted attention" to myself by trying to contact powerful people in my efforts to save my daughter.  I said that at that point I considered any law enforcement attention to the matter to be a good thing ...and this agent insisted that it was a bad thing.  So I asked how I could get positive law enforcement attention to this situation, and the Secret Service Agent said I should contact the local police.  I replied that when I'd contacted the local police they threatened me with abuses of power ...and that the local FBI office was ignoring me ...so the Secret Service Agent promised that he knew several honest FBI agents who had the power to help and promised to have one of them me call me.  I was never contacted by this promised FBI investigator.  So I've been trying since then to get Catholic Charities and a Kansas City Catholic parish to organize Catholics in the Albuquerque area to challenge the family court and get a kind guardian for Alicia.  I've been turned away by my Unitarian Church, and ignored all "Humanist" groups I've contacted ...the Catholics are the only group that has been at all helpful (other than brief help from FBI Special Agent Rudy Baca in Albuquerque).  When Alicia died I was in the process of being referred back and forth to different Catholic agencies because everyone I talked to said this kind of thing wasn't their department.  I couldn't get anyone to help when I described the situation directly, so I had begun attending Catholic Mass and was trying to establish relationships so that it would be harder for the next person I asked for help to turn me away.

This page below this point is the same as it has been since early January of 2017 and I'm also leaving the front page and news page content unchanged to show that I clearly published my concerns about having reason to fear Alicia was at risk of being killed by her abusers prior to her death...



~Let me know if you think up a way to get my 18-yr-old out of this trap~


Our last conversation makes me suspect she was "medically kidnapped" by a
corrupt Albuquerque family court.  I've called the FBI but haven't gotten a call back.

(Contact President Trump or Tricia Whitehill if you can.)

George A Titsworth IV

Humanist.tv Founder


Attn: religious people who think I don't deserve help because you've heard that Humanists are all atheists...

Please understand that I've been challenging that notion for a long time, and I've been suffering harassment ever since.

I believe in God very similar to how Albert Einstein believed in God.  Boiled down to its essence this definition describes "God" as all the known and mysterious forces of good in the universe ...beyond that we're both agnostic about what exactly God looks like or wants of us.  I go ahead and assume that my God simply wants me to do my best to add as much good to the universe as possible ...and I suppose this is what I have faith in.

Back when I was involved in the Humanist community, Humanists were sweet people who seemed primarily interested in protecting everyone's freedom to enjoy life as much as possible ...which entailed supporting religious freedom, human dignity, promoting peace, quality education, equal rights for all, and all those good things.  There was no particular focus on being opposed to religion or anti-God then (that appears to have started somewhere around 2007 or 2008).  My Humanist friends and I mostly just got together to have intellectual conversations and plan potlucks.  Humanist clubs were simply easy-going places a person could go to find kind, intellectual friends to enjoy fun activities with.

I was raised a Humanist, so I looked for Humanist clubs to associate with after I had kids, so my kids could associate with the kind of smart kids I associated with.  I started up a Humanist kids' group in Kansas City in the late 1990s and got together with other Humanist parents to coordinate fun activities and educational opportunities for our kids.

The attacks started when I decided to run for vice-president of the Kansas City Eupraxophy Club (now the Kansas City "Community of Reason") back in 2001.  I liked "Eupraxophy Club" better because it translates from greek to mean literally, "the art/science of living well" and I've always had that as my big goal ...to really refine my understandings about how to live the happiest life possible.  I see "Community of Reason" as a bit pretentious, and a name that dropped the focus on life celebration that I was originally looking for. 

At any rate, I ran for a leadership position in the KC Eupraxophy Club at the request of a sweet matronly Humanist lady named Theo Schubert.  Theo was concerned that a new member who didn't seem like a sincere Humanist was running for president of our club ...and said she could get me elected president if I'd run.  I turned Theo down, saying that I was a busy single father running my own company and wouldn't have time to be president.  Theo then suggested I run for vice-president, and promised that I wouldn't be expected to do anything but keep order at meetings.  Theo thought people in the group liked me well enough to vote for any ticket I ran on.

In January of 2002 the first of a long series of attacks began with my first false criminal prosecution.  I've been falsely charged with so many crimes since that time, it's seriously not even funny!  Shortly after I was elected vice-president, the members of our club voted to change the name to "Community of Reason" and our president died ...which made me president.  But the false criminal allegations kept up so intensely that I abandoned the group shortly after becoming its default president ...and I very abruptly moved to a remote house in the Ozark Mountains hoping to get some peace.  By that time (early 2003) I'd successfully defended against 7 false criminal allegations and I was completely out of money ...so I sold my house in Kansas City for the equity in it and got out of the area.

At that time I wasn't suspecting my involvement in the Humanist Community could possibly have anything to do with all the false criminal allegations I'd been hit with before heading for the hills.  I assumed it was just a freak occurrence that I could leave behind.  So in 2004 I registered www.Humanist.tv thinking I could keep in touch with my Kansas City Humanist friends from a distance by developing this site with them.  

Development of this site has been delayed for a long time though, because a few months later (on December 22, 2004) I barely escaped being killed by an armed gang that attacked my home.  I was fortunate enough to make contact with an honest State Trooper that night who escorted me to safety, but my home was destroyed after I left...

Nearly everything of value had been stolen, nearly everything else broken...

My dog died suddenly of unknown causes just prior to this attack...

The refrigerator and deep freeze were unplugged and food smeared all over the house...

I'd bagged my dog's body & put her in the deep freeze till I could pull myself together enough to manage a proper burial, so her corpse was rotting in the freezer when we got back...

My houseplants were uprooted and thrown all over...

My daughter's canopy (princess) bed was broken...

This was the last home my daughter ever really felt safe and happy in...

Ever since this home invasion my kids and I have been running from one place to the next, narrowly escaping various kinds of attacks...

On a few occasions since this I've gotten nice homes set up again, but within a few months we've always had to scramble from another attack...

This was my bedroom with the blue walls...

My son's bedroom I decorated in a cowboy theme to feel like the bedroom in Toy Story...

My kitchen and family room above and below from both directions...

The upstairs bedroom I'd fixed up for my mother when she visited (that's Mom sitting on the bed)...

The day I came back and took these pictures we had to leave pretty early, because toward dusk that evening I heard/felt a couple of rifle shots wiz just over my head from out of the hills, so we hurried out of there.  The next time we got back to my house somebody had broken the rest of the windows and poured bleach all over everything ruining the carpets and couches.

I didn't go back again, because of the rifle shots and such my mother and family friends took care of selling the house, so I didn't get pictures of the next round of damage.  I can't find pics of the damage outside to the trampoline at the moment, but I'll update when I locate them.

Initially I was planning to go back again, because the State Trooper who'd helped me was offering to meet me at my house, but Officer Mark Bulowski (as I remember it), who'd been protecting me ...disappeared!  It's a story worthy of a movie of it's own, so I'll give you the summary...

...the FBI investigated and found the attack appeared to have been coordinated by the County Sheriff himself.  The undercover FBI agent overheard plans by people associated with the Sheriff plotting to murder the State Trooper who helped me to end his investigation.  So the FBI took Officer Bulowski into the witness protection program and filed federal charges against the County Sheriff which included charges for a scam where the Sheriff was intercepting large drug shipments by checking all vehicles on I-44 with drug dogs, and selling the drugs to people in our County using his "narcs".

But that's not the worst of it!  The Sheriff was having his "narcs" give free samples to the teenage children of all the families who opposed him politically ...to make them addicted customers so he could get rich off them ...and then busting them all (giving them all felony records) as soon as they turned 18 as a way of politically persecuting people he disagreed with.  The kids of families the Sheriff disagreed with who didn't go for the drugs ...he just planted drugs on them when they turned 18 and busted them anyway!

Gives new insight to maybe why so many people stopped calling it the "war on drugs" and started referring to it as the "drug war" right about that time, huh? 

(Wonder if that's why several of my friends suddenly betrayed me after being slipped this mysterious new drug?)

I wouldn't have known anything about all this drug stuff if not for my mother's FBI updates about the indictments, and I'm not sure if anyone can verify this stuff now anyway because a higher court judge dismissed all charges against the Sheriff shortly after the indictments were handed down (reason given had something to do with immunity because of a secret drug enforcement investigation as I vaguely remember).

This Sheriff retired a "drug war" hero as far as the mainstream news media is concerned and went on to become a highly paid "consultant" for neighboring County Sheriff's Departments to show them how to "maximize" their "drug enforcement budget" the way he'd done where I used to live!  So I'm not mentioning his name or the County I was in because I figure he might come attack me right away if I did.  These people are not bound by the laws you or I must respect, and can get away with anything apparently.

I stay a little vague sometimes to keep violence at bay ...I've gotten them to back off a couple of times now as a result of having evidence of corruption I can show ...but I've gotten warnings that I'd better keep it to myself and just try to disappear.  Nevertheless, every so often a bad "accident" happens to me ...even though I'm a very careful person.  During this situation my best friend committed "suicide" right after we had an upbeat conversation and agreed to meet for brunch the next day to talk about leaving the area together to scout out places to move to in California (hoping to leave the police harassment behind)  ...and my other good friend (who was also meeting us for brunch the day after our friend's "suicide") was shortly after that slipped a mystery drug by a pretty girl that caused him to start hallucinating (and he's still hallucinating and delusional to this day).

So I'm pretty amazed I'm still alive.  Despite all this by the way ...I'm very optimistic and looking forward to a happy life in the future, and would never kill myself.  I am a very careful and coordinated person.  I have been knocked off the road down a steep raving ...but I was driving a very prudent 60 miles per hour at that time in a 65 mile per hour zone when a car hit me from behind going about 90 miles per hour.  I've also been hit from behind by a car while riding my bicycle ...but ordinarily I rode on the sidewalk ...just made a brief exception for that short distance in a highly pedestrian outdoor mall area of Santa Cruz bikes were prohibited on the sidewalks (and ordinarily traffic there is too slow for that to happen).

I can't publicly give all the details in many cases because (as I've said) I've been left alone by some of my attackers in exchange for me keeping evidence of their crimes to myself.  Some, like the corrupt Sheriff with immunity from federal prosecutions on open-and-shut FBI charges ...can get away with essentially anything ...so all that restrains him as well as several corrupt government officials in California is the worry that their reputations will take a hit as a result of all my corruption evidence being released after I die.

And I'm not all that sure that all of these corrupt officials are even particularly concerned about me being able to harm their reputations in the event I died ...so I try to keep moving whenever I'm in the U.S. ...and intend to get moved to the safest possible country as soon as I'm done with whatever business I have here.

My most urgent goal currently, is to save my daughter and get her to Ireland as soon as possible, so that she can finally enjoy some peace and happiness again.

BTW ...if anyone reading this would like to offer me enough money to live comfortably in Ireland for the rest of my life (and assistance getting my daughter there) ...in exchange for the www.Humanist.tv domain ...I'm interested.

I didn't realize what I was getting into when I registered www.Humanist.tv ...just thought I was going to be hanging out with a lot of nice Humanists to develop it ...but I've been attacked by crazy groups of liars backed up by corrupt local government officials everywhere I've moved in the U.S. ever since becoming a Humanist community leader.

It appears to have something to do with the powers the USA PATRIOT Act gave to the "National Neighborhood Watch" system (which is now integrated with the "USA Freedom Corps, the USA Citizen Corps, as well as Terrorism Liaison Officers and the "Citizen Patrols" they direct).  These programs were all put under the direction of the Department of Homeland Security (and the original package also included Operation TIPS - Terrorism Information Prevention System).  Operation TIPS was not passed officially, but when people call the "TIPS Hotline" or the  numbers on the "If you see something, say something" or "Report suspicious activities" signs ...they are tapping into the infrastructure set up during early implementation of this system.  

Despite opposition which killed the official implementation of Operation TIPS ...this domestic surveillance program appears to have been implemented for all practical purposes by hiring tremendously more Terrorism Liaison Officers than were originally called for ("by 2014, California alone had more than 14,000 TLOs") and using them to organize a vast network of "Citizen Patrols".  So now everywhere I go in the U.S. people (who I'm pretty sure are affiliated with this post-9/11 national "Neighborhood Watch" program) will routinely lie and pull tricks to try to set me up for crimes I didn't commit.  Each new group of liars has picked up where the last group left off ...as if they have national coordination.  Also these attackers have been immune from normal prosecution for their actions, and often display powers to hack my emails and track my movements that ordinarily only law enforcement personnel would have access to.  

People who have no way of knowing anything about my situation routinely refute all of this.  This in itself is actually a tactic commonly reported by people who've been watch-listed ...these people who always pop up and aggressively attempt to "debunk" any complaints by saying these things happen to everybody.  I myself actually shrugged off all the extraordinary "bad luck" I began having after 2001 as just that (bad luck) for a long time.  Only far, far more of these negative kinds of things have happened to me than ever happen to the average person ...plus I enjoyed a lot of good fortune and not much "bad luck" before 2001 ...and this has gone on for a very, very long time now.

If I listed out all of these odd events and displayed all the evidence ...I'd not only wear out any reader ...but I might stir up attacks that could cause more danger for me or my loved ones.  So to give a small example of the many odd things I've dealt with so often... above and below are pics of 2 tickets I was written in 2 days time back in 2005.  In the above case, I was going 60 following a group of other cars going the same speed, but was singled out and given a ticket for 67.  The officer above was very polite, so I'm still not all the way sure if he was harassing me with this ticket.  Maybe his equipment was in error and he picked me because I was driving a sports car.

It was the ticket I got the following day that made me think a little more about the fact that I was only going 60 in a 55, but got a ticket for going 67.  Police harassment works just like this ...they try to make it plausibly deniable ...so it is often hard to tell if it really is harassment.  All I know is that this sort of thing happens a lot to me in the U.S. ...but essentially none of this kind of thing has happened to me in any other country I've lived in.

In the case below, I did a still-rolling-a-little-bit-stop like most stick shift drivers prefer to do while taking a right turn at a stop sign in a totally dark and apparently deserted neighborhood.  I'd just left Tom Crane's house (Tom's one of the Humanist founders of KKFI 90.1 FM radio station) ...and "out of nowhere" a cop who'd apparently been following me with his lights off suddenly turned on all of his lights and blew his siren (in a quiet Victorian mansion neighborhood at 10pm)!

This cop's eyes were bugging out like he was on some kind of strong stimulant ...and he seemed to be trying to bait me into a fight!  I had a girlfriend in the car and "yes sir, no sir'd" him the whole time.  He grudgingly ended things with "only" a stop sign ticket after shining the bright lights on us for about half an hour.  It looked very much to this girlfriend like I was a victim of police harassment, and this scared her to the point where she apologetically ditched me after that.  If police normally followed people with their lights off in quiet neighborhoods at night, and then ticketed people for the kind of barely-still-rolling-stop I'd executed, most stick shift drivers would get tickets nearly every day.

A few days after this ticket below, the FBI let it be known that they were investigating the corrupt Sheriff in the Ozark Mountain town I'd just been run out of ...and I suddenly hardly ever saw police officers in Kansas City anymore.  Shortly after that I was offered a deal in which the tickets would be dismissed & removed from my record ...in exchange for me turning in the original copies of the tickets.  I'd occasionally gotten tickets erased by my lawyer prior to this, but all they normally wanted was for me to scan the ticket and fax it into the office (I normally was left with the original ticket).  

So I told my lawyer I thought it was fishy that I was being asked to hand over the original ticket slips this time, and said I was going to keep these tickets as evidence ...even if they went on my driving record as a result (in case I needed to use them as supporting docs in a request for FBI protection from attacks by friends of that corrupt Ozark Sheriff).  In the end, these tickets were dismissed and removed from my record, even though I still retain the original ticket slips.

Occasionally, people have hit me with simple assault-and-battery ...followed by police showing up and trying to charge me with battery for defending against the attack.  I figured out this trick right away, and stopped striking back while defending myself.  This has left me with a lot of chipped teeth from the sucker-punches, but I've gotten good at inflicting a lot of pain that causes no actual physical harm in the process of purely defensive moves (without ever making a fist) and nobody has tried this trick for a while (tactics switched to things like running me down with cars instead).  

After nearly all of these attacks, the responding police tried to find any plausible reason to arrest me ...but then always let my attacker(s) go ...even in cases where witnesses clearly established that he/they punched/attacked me unprovoked (even on 2 occasions when I was attacked by home invaders in my own bedroom).  I've defended against 3 assaults in my bedroom total, but police weren't involved in one of them because my attacker could see no way to twist the situation to police on that occasion.

During the second in an ongoing series of home invasion attacks (after moving to California because of being run out of my house in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri) ...a guy showed up at my bedroom door that led to my inside hallway as his partner showed up at the glass door leading to the outside from my bedroom.  My back door was locked, so it was only a one-on-one fight, and I tried to capture the guy who'd entered my home ...but he got away.  Incredibly ...both men simply went to their van and waited for the police to arrive!  When the police arrived, I was immediately placed in handcuffs ...and was nearly arrested for battery based on the word of my 2 attackers!

Fortunately a couple of my neighbors stepped forward to say they'd heard the ruckus and saw the man run out of my house.  My neighbors were confused as to why I was in handcuffs, because they had always assumed we all had the right to self-defense in our own homes.  My neighbors were shocked that based on clear evidence that these 2 men entered (or in one case attempted to enter) my home uninvited ...the police would automatically try to arrest me.

These (Santa Cruz county, California) police deputies let me go because neighbors stuck up for me, but did not arrest or charge the home invaders ...even though impartial witnesses were ready to testify against them!

The next attack I defended against in my own home (same home as the last one) I did not have witnesses to help me ...but I also did not strike my attacker back.  This attacker brought witnesses of his own who had already called the police before the fight started.  This guy's "friends" figured I'd really stomp this chump ...and had already told the police they'd witnessed me savagely beat the guy up.

So when the police arrived I was the only one who'd sustained injuries consistent with battery.  The other guy didn't have a mark on him except for his knuckles being noticeably bruised.  So the police decided not to arrest me ...and again did nothing to my attacker ...and did nothing to his "witnesses" who'd clearly lied to the police.

I recently discovered that the online "background check" sites people subscribe to to find old friends and find out about their neighbors' criminal histories feature fabricated profiles with my name and picture showing "criminal records" associated with me that seem (at first glance) to verify the lies that keep being spread about me everywhere I go. 

It doesn't really matter that I can show anyone willing to look closely enough that I couldn't have possibly committed any of the provably fabricated "crimes" on these profiles ...after all, what neighborhood gossip ever bothers to look closely to disprove a juicy rumor?  So a lot of people seem to have assumed I must be a career criminal,  and figure they'll do their neighborhood a favor by lying as teams to try to send me to prison (give me what they figure I deserve anyway).

There's no real way for me to know for sure ...and it's been really confusing all this time ...but I think maybe I've been attacked extra hard since 2004 because www.Humanist.tv has the potential to influence the opinions of a lot of people (if I were ever given the peace or backing to develop the site properly).

According to recent Pew Polls 23% of American adults answer "none" when asked what their religion is, and as older people die off and younger people reach voting age ...this percentage is growing rapidly.

These people with no religious affiliation are 21% of the registered voters in the United States!

If I provided cool video programming, and video games on an innovative video chat Social Networking site I could be influencing 23% of the population very shortly.

And by opposing this angry atheist (Satanist?) takeover of American mainstream Humanist organizations ...I might be able to attract much more than 23% because essentially every Christian who believes in religious freedom (including letting people be atheists if they're so inclined) qualifies as a Humanist.  I may be able to attract a lot of liberal Christians if I revive the version of Humanism people like Albert Einstein and John Lennon endorsed.

And speaking of Satanists.  Back when myspace.com was all the rage ...several of my girlfriends and a couple of guy friends were slipped drugs by out-and-out Satanists.  Anyone could see they were Satanists because of the Satanic imagery on their myspace.com profiles.

I'm not talking about rebellious kids trying to shock their parents either ...these people were into a lot of gory imagery that glorified human sacrifice and cannibalism ...as well as pedophilia.

I saved several myspace.com profiles and bulletin posts in 2007 to prove this to the father of a girlfriend I was trying to rescue from them (that I still have).  These people seemed to have law-enforcement-like abilities to hack into my email accounts and find out whatever I was up to ...or delete my contact lists as well as messages they didn't want me to be able to show people.  I've had Satanists show themselves to me (taunt me) regularly ever since then.

In 2010 a group of Scientologists took over a school I worked for (The Renewable Energy Training Institute) and then attacked me viciously when I refused to help them commit crimes or otherwise become their slave!  The FBI investigated the Church of Scientology in 2010 and had ample evidence to file charges ...but of course the lead investigator (Tricia Whitehill) was "re-assigned" and the case closed with no charges filed.

During my time working at the school this group of Scientologists took control of, I captured a video showing a chapter out of an upper-level Scientology training manual which appeared to be teaching Human Trafficking Skills ...and showed what looked like a Scientology instructor falsely imprisoning an old man who'd been beaten up when he tried to leave the class.  I don't dare post it though, because I figure if I did I'd be buried under a mountain of lawsuits, hit with several false criminal charges from the FBI people they're so cozy with ...and then I'd probably be killed at the first opportunity they got to do it!  I gave the video to the FBI within days of capturing it, but now the only way I can keep them at bay is by NOT posting this video.

If anybody reading this knows how to reach FBI Special Agent Tricia Whitehill ...she was an FBI agent who honestly investigated and refused to close the case against the Church of Scientology when ordered to by higher-ups ...so they had to  re-assign Agent Whitehill to get this case closed with no recommendation of charges.  Maybe after Donald Trump is sworn in, Agent Whitehill can be empowered to do the good job she obviously wants to do ...and maybe the people who submitted evidence to the FBI during that case can get reasonable protection from the retaliation we all suffered as soon as the FBI closed the case and abandoned everyone!

Since this FBI investigation into Scientology was closed, my daughter's been "medically kidnapped" on two separate occasions now by demonstrably corrupt family court officials in both California and New Mexico.  These corrupt government officials have corrupt cops working with them ...they lie through their teeth ...and brazenly violate any law they want to.  I haven't seen my daughter with my own eyes, or been able to give her a hug since January of 2013!

Organized Satanism seems to have a lot of power in the U.S. government nowadays ...I think it's really creepy, and I'd like to leave it all behind.  Would very much like to free my daughter and move my family to the back country of Ireland where everybody knows everybody else.

The American Humanist Association began their picking-a-fight-style anti-God/anti-religion rhetoric starting about 2007 to 2008.  I've seen a lot of pushing to go in that hostile direction since the 1990s from people in Humanist groups ...and I worked to try to change this attitude, to try to attract more friendly/reasonable people to my group when I was given a leadership position in 2001.

The AHA didn't come out and attack belief in God directly as far as I can tell until 2007.  The anti-religion campaign was kicked off by featuring books by anti-God atheist authors on the AHA site in 2007.  In 2008 the AHA paid for billboards that read, "Why believe in God?  Just be good for goodness sake." ...which was the first official anti-God position taken by this group.  In 2009 the AHA put up a billboard reading, "Don't believe in God?  You are not alone." ...re-affirming this concept that a person can't believe that God exists, and still identify as a Humanist.  The "How Humanist are you?" tests put out by the British Humanist Association now also poses questions that don't allow for someone to hold a belief in God, or even have an opinion about the possibility of life after death ...and also identify as Humanist.

They've made Humanism no fun at all.  These are both be subjects that should inspire at least one philosophical discussion for anybody.  I don't think it's very Humanist to not even have an opinion about something just because there's no evidence supporting it ...you can have an opinion about something without conclusively believing in it.  Frankly, I'm creeped out by some of the language on the BHA's "Humanist" test.

In 2010 the AHA started putting out the "...good without God" billboard series.  Some of the examples are, "Millions are good without God" and "I can be good without God." as well as, "Are you good without God?"

In mid-2011 the AHA added the tag line "Advocating progressive values and equality for humanists, atheists, and freethinkers" to their home page (actually linking visually the two words together and specifically representing atheism).  And in early 2012 they added the motto: "Good without a god" right under the American Humanist Association logo on their home page.

In my opinion, if a person feels my simple definition of God is not valid ...and thinks accepting the word "God" as meaning "the totality of all goodness" forfeits my right to call myself a Humanist ...then I don't think they can accurately self-identify as Humanist.  Many of the most well-respected Humanists of the past shared my opinion that there's nothing about Humanism that forbids a simple belief in a definition of God like that.  I promote the kind of welcoming, inclusive Humanism people like Albert Einstein and John Lennon subscribed to ...and I question the legitimacy of the anti-religion/anti-God ideology (and apparent requirement to be an atheist) that has been adopted in recent years as mainstream "Humanism".

My dear old Humanist friend Theo Schubert has noticed this atheist invasion phenomenon too.  Theo has been the most influential organizer of the Kansas City "Community of Reason" since back when it was called "The KC Eupraxophy Club".  Theo agrees with me about how weak-minded it is for somebody to believe they know there is no God, but charitably tolerates atheists out of compassion for those who simply adopted anti-religious attitudes as an emotional reaction to abuse from their religious leaders when they were children.

However, Theo didn't realize her group ...which really wouldn't exist without her efforts ...presents itself as an atheist organization online! 

Theo was shocked when I told her what people see when they enter "Kansas City Community of Reason" into google...

...it actually says in the search description, "Non-profit organization for humanists and other atheists in the Kansas City Area."  

Theo's most comfortable with pre-1990s technology, and she's never gotten the hang of computers ...so she gave me her webmaster's email address and asked me to ask him to remove this false reference indicating that Humanists are simply a subcategory of atheists right away.  COR's webmaster replied, "I agree with you and share your concerns.  The problem is how to get it off the Internet.  The sites you mention are not under my control."

So my old Humanist group seemed to us to have been infiltrated by anti-Humanist atheists...  

In our efforts to prevent these hostile atheists from taking control of the group, I ran for vice-president of the club in 2001 on Theo's behalf, and Theo ran her closest friend Todd Kelso for president (a retired physics professor).  We won and "saved" the group, but shortly after that Todd Kelso was found dead in his car on the side of the highway just after having met with the person who ran against us in the election.  The police said Todd died of a sudden heart attack.  So I was suddenly the unwitting president of the Kansas City "Community of Reason" ...but I abandoned the group shortly after that to go hide out in the Ozark Mountains because I was hit with a series of false criminal allegations, and other attacks from crazy liars, which forced me to spend all of my time and money defending.

Shortly after this I registered www.Humanist.tv and was run out of my home (as I described above) and the first www.Humanist.tv webmaster (Jeff Greer) was found with his head blown off in a hotel room shortly after the federal charges against the corrupt Sheriff who'd attacked my home were dismissed.  Jeff's death was ruled a suicide, but it seems odd to me because we'd had an upbeat phone conversation just about 3 hours prior to his death about the trip we were planning, in order to scout out places to live in California (to get away from the intense police harassment that had followed me to Kansas City).

The loss of my friend and webmaster was overwhelming enough, but within a week of Jeff's death my daughter was "medically kidnapped" and I was hit with false child molestation charges (not related to my daughter) that forced me to spend 4 months defending against being sent to prison (and I was separated from my daughter for the first time in her life).  I barely escaped this situation as a result of the boy who made the false allegation breaking down and describing in detail who exactly put him up to making the false claims against me and why.  So the charges were dropped against me, and my daughter was returned ...but nothing was done to the adult predator who convinced an 11-year-old boy to lie to the police in such a way as to nearly convict me of a despicable crime I was innocent of!  As soon as I got my daughter back I received a letter at my (hideout) apartment in KC (which I'd given nobody the address to) from Jackson County Missouri's CPS (Child Protective Services) agency saying that another investigation had been opened because someone had made an anonymous claim that I was abusing my son!

My son had been staying with his mother ever since our home in the Ozarks was destroyed ...so I had my parents hide-and-homeschool Alicia while I went on an international trip for a couple of months to try to figure out somewhere safe we could move to.

The only breaks I've gotten from this kind of harassment ever since then are when I was/am living in a country other than the United States.  Every time I've attempted to move back to the U.S. and make a home for my kids, I've been attacked and forced to move within a few months of setting up each new household.  Thanks to laws passed in the late 1990s ...supposedly to prevent one parent from kidnapping a child from the other, I was unable to get my daughter out of this crazy situation (out of the U.S.) until she turned 18 (even though I could prove with her mother's own diary which she left in a car she'd stolen from me that someone had given her a hallucinogen that had turned her crazy/evil).  And we've both really been put through Hell as a result (I am very strong emotionally though and would never commit suicide ...so please refer to this declaration if I'm unfortunate enough to die and it's ruled "suicide").

Anyway, I refute the notion that Humanists are simply a subcategory of atheists.  During a time when atheists were trying to take control of my Humanist group, some kind of bad thing or another happen to all it's legitimately Humanist leadership.  Also, during and after this time, I saw most of the other true Humanists in my circle die suddenly, or go crazy after someone slipped them a mysterious new drug, or suddenly become reclusive and avoid the Humanist community without offering a reason.

Carl Sagan was American Humanist Association's "Humanist of the year" in 1981

And all these instances of government-backed harassment and law enforcement double-standards I've been hit with started getting really noticeable right about the time the USA PATRIOT Act was implemented and all those Terrorism Liaison Officers where hired to direct the new National Neighborhood Watch System.

(Wikipedia excerpt) "...by 2014, California alone had more than 14,000 TLOs.  While some of these individuals are members of local law enforcement agencies, others such as paramedics, utility workers, and railroad employees have also been recruited into the program.[3][4] TLOs have been used to monitor Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter protests and activists."

Any time I've tried to describe the corrupt government-backed harassment I've suffered in my old "Humanist" group, some angry atheist has interrupted right away to call me a "conspiracy theorist" and accuse me of being a paranoid delusional kook with a persecution complex.  This is behavior that is totally at odds with Humanist principles, but at this point the "Humanist" brand seems to have been taken over by atheists, and is now presented/perceived as a synonym for "atheist"!

In actual fact, the modern Humanist movement was founded by a group of Theology professors, ministers, psychologists, and a Rabbi as an idea for helping people of all religions to get along (stop fighting each other) and work together for the good of everyone in the world.  A lot of thought has gone into how to keep Humanism's stated ideals as religiously neutral and appealing as possible. 

Anyone who wants to find fault can always find a way to twist the words, but I think the International Humanist and Ethical Union's Amsterdam Declaration of 2002 really boiled Humanism down to its essence.  The part that tweaks some religious people is this statement, "Humanism is undogmatic, imposing no creed upon its adherents.  It is thus committed to education free from indoctrination." 

But this stance is necessary for Humanism to be a religiously neutral belief system.  This doesn't promote atheism or raise any objection to learning about religions, just opposes the idea that kids should be forced to believe one religion over another. 

Humanism is not a religion ...it's an idea for helping people from various religions/belief systems get along with one another.

I'd like to have the old Humanist community I used to enjoy being a part of back ...but all these angry atheists are standing in the way ...and life's been very difficult for me since the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act.  So mostly now I just want to be left alone so I can enjoy some peace with my family.

So if anyone reading this has enough money and/or power to start an Alt-Humanism movement ...I've got this great domain name that could help with just such a project (www.Humanist.tv), which I've been unable (so far) to develop because I've been kept too busy running for my life and scrambling to rescue my children (from attacks by corrupt government officials and drug-slipping Satanists).

If you can figure out a way to help my family enjoy safety and peace, I'm open to giving you www.Humanist.tv in return.

Many hostile atheists (who call themselves "Humanists") have (with unintentional irony) characterized my peaceful "God"-can-mean-"Goodness" definition as me somehow abusing semantics to capitulate to believers.  They seem to treat the issue as an assumed conflict or war in which an enemy must be defeated.

But I say a sincere Humanist wouldn't nit pick semantics in an effort to be at odds with others, and would be more concerned with what good could be accomplished for the world.  We don't want anyone getting away with requiring that everyone obey what one or another group says their particular vision of God demands ...but a Humanist would want to be as diplomatic as possible about resisting this, in an effort to help as many people as possible get along with one another.  So I think the American Humanist Association was very misguided in adopting the "Good without God" (and later) "Good without a god" mottos.  I'm sure the more intellectual among them pointed out that this motto would almost certainly stir up hostility (and retaliation in some cases) from devout Christians, Jews, and Muslims.  And this motto also appears on its face to exclude from the ranks of the AHA all Humanists who believe in God.  It is my opinion that atheist organizations should just self-identify as "atheists" ...and let Humanists use the word "Humanist" without causing the general public to become confused about what a Humanist actually is.

Some surely rationalize that the AHA motto refers to a quote from Albert Einstein when he famously said, "If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed."  But the fact remains, that this "Good without God" motto stirs up hatred from many religious people who point to it as proof that anyone identifying as a Humanist is actually an atheist (this almost literally demonizes Humanists in the eyes of many religious people).  By now actual Humanists would have recognized a misunderstanding, changed the motto, and worked to clear up any other misunderstandings caused by this mistake so that an ordinary person could self-identify as Humanist, and not be hit with so much hostility from religious people.  But I'm not sure it is a misunderstanding, because when I bring this kind of thing up in American Humanist Association affiliated groups (and some Humanist meetups) I'm often confronted by an angry atheist who insists that I can't really be a Humanist if I haven't decided there is no God. 

When I was a kid, the Humanist groups I associated with were really welcoming to a lot of different ways of seeing things, but I've noticed as I've gotten older that atheists have more and more been using the word "Humanism" as essentially a synonym for atheism.  It's become sort of Orwellian ...and I feel downright disenfranchised by it!

Albert Einstein believed in God, and so do I ...and we were both Humanists long before the misguided anti-God mottos were adopted in the name of "American Humanists".  In fact, Albert Einstein was one of the founding fathers of modern Humanism, and is my primary inspiration for deciding to call myself a Humanist.  Albert Einstein and I have both expressed beliefs about the importance of being willing to be good without fear of punishment or promise of reward from God.  But if one of the definitions of "God" is "the totality of all goodness in the universe" then "Good without God" doesn't make sense, and looks a lot to me like an attempt to pit Humanists and religious people against each other.  I challenge the notion that any sincere Humanist would do such a thing or perpetuate this state of affairs once it is obvious that the motto has caused disharmony and misunderstandings.

This is one of the reasons I don't affiliate with the American Humanist Association.  I have reached out to the AHA in a friendly way a few times, but haven't ever gotten any communications back from them. 

It seems like about all they do nowadays is bait religious people in ways that have inspired a lot of religious people to hate Humanists.  I especially question this campaign of encouraging children to boycott the Pledge of Allegiance, merely because it contains the phrase, "...under God".  I would think the sincerely Humanist thing to do would be to teach these kids about why separation of church and state is important ...let them know that this is still a hotly contested issue in the U.S. ...and then encourage them to stay out of it.  This lesson could go on to teach that many people think of "God" as simply "goodness" and counsel them to adopt the word "God" as a way of saying "all goodness" in schools that require students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  An organization can take issue with schools requiring the recital of the Pledge by simply suing and keeping it on the record why they oppose the practice.  I feel like encouraging children to take part in a Pledge Boycott initiative amounts to using children as cannon fodder in a cultural war!

Among my childhood activities with our family's Humanist groups was the respectful study of all religions.  This is why I thought Humanism  was supposed to be secular ...because we are supposed to be welcoming and respectful to people of all beliefs.  I was taught Humanism is secular because to affiliate with any particular religion(s) would not be inviting to people of all other religions, or to those who choose not to be religious.  Secularity doesn't mean anti-religious ...it simply means "religiously neutral".  Secularity is what makes it possible for Humanism to welcome all people by not putting one religion (or lack of religious belief) above or below any other way of seeing things.

So I can (of course) see why it's important to maintain separation of church and state ...but I think the Pledge Boycott might actually be undermining public support for this constitutional principle.  When I was in public school as a child, nobody was required to say the Pledge, and I never saw anyone harassed for opting out (as all the Jehovah's Witness kids did).  So I'm not sure I see the point of this initiative, and I can't see what good can be accomplished by having kids take risks for it.  

I can see a lot of potential for bad results though.  In some places school administrators are so fanatically religious that they'll punish students for opting out of the Pledge of Allegiance ...and that certainly is wrong ...but that's not a good reason to encourage a kid to invite mistreatment from corrupt government officials!  I think this kind of thing should be addressed in a way that is safer for the children involved (and their families).

The AHA offers free legal assistance to any child who is officially retaliated against for the Pledge Boycott ...I'm gathering in an effort to show that religious discrimination is occurring, and to show they're doing something about it ...but what about kids who are later bullied by religious kids who never mention that it's retaliation for the Pledge Boycott?  This kind of retaliation can go on for the rest of a child's time at school and be very serious.  What does the AHA do for kids they put up to boycotting the Pledge who end up being taken by CPS based on (non-Pledge-related) bogus allegations of child abuse made by fanatically religious people this publicity stunt offends?  In many U.S. counties, everybody who works for CPS and the family courts are fanatically religious and would see it as child abuse simply for a parent to fail to teach a child to believe in their specific God (but will think up some other official reason for taking a child from parents who disagree with them).  I bet many Pledge Boycotters (likely most) are retaliated against in ways that don't show any connection to the Pledge Boycott.  And I doubt the AHA could properly protect everyone who's participating in this misguided fight even if they wanted to.  

So I don't think anyone who can legitimately self-identify as Humanist would involve children in anything that has as much potential to result in participants being harmed as does the Pledge Boycott.  I question why the AHA would keep promoting these things with the potential to cause so much harm to the Humanists involved, and which inspire so much hatred for all who call themselves Humanists.

The Humanism I enjoyed as I was growing up opened the world to us ...we got to celebrate Christmas with our Christian friends, celebrate Hanukkah with our Jewish friends, and so on.  Humanism gave us abundant opportunities for friendships with people of various beliefs.  Now being a "Humanist" seems to tie a person to a small community of angry atheists who stay so busy baiting hostile religious zealots into attacking us, they seem to have no time left over to protect Humanists who are being attacked!

Humanism is supposed to be about doing positive things for the world and bringing people together.  Humanism promotes resisting the efforts of religious totalitarianism so that we are all free to believe what we choose to believe ...even if that might be to protect a person's right to believe in an outlandish vision of God, or to believe there simply is no God.  But that doesn't mean Humanists must oppose religious expression ...or that Humanists are atheists.  I personally believe that all (non-violent/non-harmful) religious expression is culturally important and should be respected.  I think that holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc. should be learned about and celebrated in schools (as long as the study and celebration of all other beliefs are welcomed equally).  School is a place to learn about the world and these things are in our world.  I think people should also have the right to object to the study or recognition of anything to do with religion in the schools if they wish ...but it doesn't make sense to me that this would be a priority of organized Humanism ...seems more like an angry atheist agenda to me.

What I've always hoped to do with this website is get Humanists back on track bringing people together to do good things for the world.  I want to get back to being a community of positive intellectuals who really know how to celebrate life ...who respectfully discuss the world's most serious problems and come up with brilliant solutions to them ...and who have the integrity to stick up for anyone who's being treated unfairly.

And on that note, I ask you to please put some compassionate thought into the horrible situation my daughter is in, and contact me if you come up with any ideas you think might help her...

~Let me know if you think up a way to get my 18-yr-old out of this trap~


Our last conversation makes me suspect she was "medically kidnapped" by a
corrupt Albuquerque family court.  I've called the FBI but haven't gotten a call back.

(Contact President Trump or Tricia Whitehill if you can.)

George A Titsworth IV

Humanist.tv Founder


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